Where To Buy Succulents? – The Best Place To Buy Succulents Revealed In This Article

Where To Buy Succulents

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re more than a little obsessed with succulents! While we’re not tending to the ones we have, we’re scouting out the best places to get more and write about what we learn.

The great thing about the sudden boom in the popularity of the humble succulent is that we have an ever-growing list of places and ways to get hold of them. No matter your location, preferences, or budget, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

To help you in your hunt, we’ve put together this no-fail guide for where to buy succulents featuring some of our favorite places, tips, and tricks.

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If You Buy Succulents From These Online Stores …

Then, congratulations! They provide the exact service you want.

Online shopping can be an absolute godsend, mainly if you have limited transport options or are looking for something quite specific. Not to mention that you get your purchases delivered right to your doorstep – does it get any better?

There are some fantastic online succulent retailers, each with their specialties and services, who I got a chance to talk to through emails.

#1. MountainCrestGardens

I met Annie from MCG in 2022. Since then, Mountain Crest Gardens is a consistent list-topper when it comes to favorite online succulent retailers. They not only have all of the staples (think echeverias, sedums, and aloe veras), but they also offer a fabulous ‘rare finds’ category featuring beauties like crassula ‘Red Pagoda,’ Indian Corn Cob, Baby Toes, and the Tanzanian Zipper Plant.

If you like your succulents in bulk, Mountain Crest Gardens offers a wholesale option, where you can buy mixed packs, sample trays, or a selection of over 100 succulents (which honestly sounds like our idea of heaven). In fact, MCG started as a nursery in 1995 and later became a retailer.

I’ve come across Succulent City before and was very impressed. You’re sharing a lot of great technical information and covering some topics that don’t always get mentioned in the echo chamber of online succulent care. As a nursery that prides itself on growing a huge diversity of named varieties, we love to partner with succulent enthusiasts who are helping to spread information along with a deep passion for succulents.

Annie Schreck – Mountain Crest Gardens

#2. TheNextGardener

The Next Gardener is an online succulent garden shop focusing on vibrant Korean succulent varieties and wholesale customized service. The store aims to build a professional and unique gardening shop and provide friendly, prompt, and customized service to all customers.

“I think growing succulents is a relaxing hobby, and succulents are just like flowers to make our lives vibrant. We all must be patient and positive in gardening to thrive and harvest. That is interesting for me. As for the inspiration for me to start the business. I want to share a story with you. Honestly, my business plant was lucky bamboo before succulents. Growing succulents is just one of my hobbies. One of my friends encouraged me a lot, and he showed me how important to see colors in life, especially since he went back from his job business trip in Detroit. He said people need fresh plants, and we need to see fresh plants. So succulents are a friendly choice as they are super easy to care for.”

Ken from TheNextGardener

What makes THE NEXT GARDENER stand out? Besides traditional succulent varieties, they’ve been offering a lot of Korean succulents at a decent price to welcome more and more people who bring color to their lives and gardens. That is the unique point.

Ken also adds: “Being patient, consistent, and creative. In addition to insisting on optimizing our existing gardening content, we are willing to explore and try more differences.” TheNextGardener is striving to become your next succulent store!

#3. Succulent Bar

The story behind Succulent Bar is interesting, told by the owner herself:

Hello, Jessica Siefert, owner of Succulent Bar here 😊.  Popping in to say hello and give you a quick introduction into what we’re all about.  I started this company about 7 years ago, completely by accident.  What was just intended to be a side hustle, quickly turned into a full-throttle business overnight.  I guess you could say I was in the right place at the right time. Succulent Bar has since grown into a multi-faceted company, with the Events side of our business and also the Gifting side. The Events side focuses on in-person and virtual planting experiences, while the gifting side is all things products. Although we operate these two sides of our company under the same LLC, they are kept pretty separate from each other, with their websites, social media accounts, and more. What these two areas of our business have in common, is that their main priority is creating memories that grow.

Jessica Siefert – Succulent Bar

Succulent Bar started as a hobby that unexpectedly turned into a business. The founders didn’t originally plan to be business owners, especially in plants, and weren’t financially ready. Yet, seven years later, Succulent Bar is more inspired than ever. It’s not about becoming the biggest succulent company or earning millions. Instead, they’re driven to add meaning to their work and impact people’s lives. They dream of hosting planting sessions for non-profits like cancer support groups, balancing this goal with the need to make a living. What makes Succulent Bar unique is their attention to every detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. They’ve had very few complaints over the years, showing their dedication to quality and improvement.

Jessica also said more:For me, it has been challenging to figure out what I want from this brand. I tend to be over the top in whatever I do, nothing is ever done on a small scale, which has resulted in some obvious pros and cons. We offer A LOT. On the Event side of our business, as well as the gifting side.  Sometimes I think it’s too much and we need to really scale back our offerings and highly fine-tune what we offer overall.  That is going to be a huge focus of mine in 2024.  I need to remember that I don’t need to be everything for everyone. Therefore, I will never be the plant store that sells the most exotic succulents and cacti out there. I LOVE being able to provide a sentiment through our gifts (birthday, get well, congratulatory, etc.) and also being able to create grounding memories through our planting events. So to answer your question, those are the critical factors that help me enjoy what I do.

#4. RamseySucculents

ramsey succulent featured image

My name is Daniel Ramsey, Co-founder of Ramsey Succulents. Founded in 2018, Ramsey Succulents started selling live succulent cuttings on amazon, then made our own website in 2021. I was 18 years old when I started Ramsey Succulents. Started selling bible verse wristbands on amazon, and I needed more products to sell. I then was thinking of ideas and I looked down at my huge succulent garden in my front yard. Next thing you know they shined at me and something told me to sell them. That’s when God founded Ramsey Succulents and I then got to work. Creating several listings for succulent cuttings, and potted 2 inch succulents. What makes us unique is that we are Family owned and operated online business, we ship Monday-Saturday and our goal is to get you your succulents QUICKLY.” – Daniel Ramsey from RamseySucculents.

The most critical factors for a well-established succulent store would be great customer service, fast shipping, and providing customers with the most beautiful, healthy, happy succulents possible. Also, great pricing plays a huge role, allowing so many customers to buy beautiful succulents at a very affordable price online. This all is great, but the most important would be to trust in the Lord with all our heart, to give us strength, and opportunity, to seek growth, and to rely on him to build our business so we can deliver several more succulents to amazing customers all over the U.S.

#5. “Your one-stop Succulent Shoppe!” – The Succulent Source

The Succulent Source is a 4-generation family-owned and operated succulent nursery; blessed to sell succulents and cacti online for almost 15 years.

“The Succulent Source pioneered the industry of shipping succulents and cactus long before the the succulent rave hit this nation! We have offered a wide array of succulent plants shipped to your door for over 15 years!! From events that require 100’s of succulents to an order of one~ we make sure to pick the best and more beautiful plants for every order! We also offer full service corportate gifting with logoized options and now can ship almost anywhere in the WORLD! In addition: any avid cactus collector would tell you on a review scale from 1-10 ~ The Succulent Source is an 11! Although we rooted our name in Succulents for events years ago~ we always offer new listings for rare and beautiful specimens on our site. We believe with our trichocereous expert, DARREN IRWIN, on board we will continue to bring giant smiles to our customers seeking the best cactus in the world! We generally ship orders same day for the fastest delivery in the market place!! However, we also offer a delayed shipping option for those who need perfect plants for their events months or years out. Our shipping department is top notch and we have perfected the art of shipping plants nationwide. As a small family owned business we rely on customer satisfaction and encourage our customers to leave feedback on all of our products! They may leave a review here:_ _https://thesucculentsource.com/pages/reviews/__. We hope to be blessed enough to continue to serve our customers with low-cost, beautiful, drought-tolerant plants for years and generations to come.”

From the review with the Succulent Source team

Other Ways To Get The Perfect Succulents You Need

Sometimes, online doesn’t cut it; you must see and feel what you’re getting before purchasing it. Not to mention, no waiting for shipping!

Buying succulents near you also means that you often support smaller businesses or individuals, which is a great way to shop.

Local Nurseries

Something is to be said about the passion for local, family-run nurseries. There’s nothing quite like browsing the aisles, picking up and inspecting the plants you’re looking to buy – you might even find you like certain varieties more in person than just seeing pictures of them online!

Due to the popularity of succulents, you won’t often find a nursery that doesn’t stock at least some. If you’re after something specific, it’s often worth chatting to the staff there – they may be able to order in plants that you would otherwise struggle to find.

Succulent garden
Succulent Garden @olivra.cactusucculents

A succulent subscription box is as fantastic as it sounds. For a low price (starting at around $12 for basic boxes), you will receive a box of succulent cuttings and accessories, care tips, and how-tos delivered to your door each month.

Succulent Trading

Often, the cheapest way to buy succulents is not to buy them! If you’re friends with other succulent fans or part of a local group, how about arranging a succulent swap? Due to their ease of propagation, succulent swaps can be a fantastic way to get hold of some weird and wonderful varieties and share your collection with others.

Be sure you know if you’re trading for a healthy succulent. Read our in-depth article about why your succulents are dying so you’re not trading for bad ones.

Succulent subscription box
Image from The Succulents Box. Instagram: @thesucculentsbox

Final Words

We hope this guide helped you in your succulent-buying journey! As you can see, there are so many options for purchasing succulents, which are not only exciting and fun but incredibly convenient. Once you find your next succulent plant to purchase, be sure to read our propagating article to learn the tips and tricks that thousands have already benefited from.

Where is your go-to place to buy succulents? Let us know!

If you are a succulent store that confidently claims you have the right service, don’t hesitate to contact us to be included in this list.

Succulent City chief editor


Succulent City

Hey everyone! Welcome to Succulent City! We are all about succulents, cacti, and a bit about air plants. Ten years back, in 2013, we began the journey with succulents. It started as a simple hobby, crafting and selling charming succulent-themed pins and decorations. But as time passed, our fascination with these remarkable plants grew, and we gained extensive knowledge about them. Therefore, Succulent City is the blog as you see it is now. Enjoy your visit and happly planting!

6 thoughts on “Where To Buy Succulents? – The Best Place To Buy Succulents Revealed In This Article

  1. Hi, i read your articles online and hope you can advise on my succulents. I ordered some online and they arrived in very poor condition. I thought the supplier is local and had requested for the succulents without pots. They came wrapped in wet tissues and packed in a small box. All 26 of them. Most of the leaves had fallen off. I’ve put them in soil and left them under artificial sun lamp. Any advise on what to do? Thank you.


    1. Hi Lily,

      I am sorry to hear that. If the box is wet, that affects the plant. You must separate the succulents from the wet soil or anything related. Use absorbent tissues to reduce the humidity and place the plant somewhere spacious and clear. Check if there is any healthy leave to propagate. Grow lights (artificial sun lamps) are okay but keep them in an open space.

      Here are a few guides on my blog that I think might help you:

      Also, you can contact the seller for any compensation for any damage the delivery created. They will have a policy for that (I think).

      I wish you all the best.

      1. Hi,
        Thank you for your advised. Have done as suggested so keeping fingers crossed. Some of the plants have turned black. I snipped away leaves and dried the stems with tissue. Most of the dropped leaves also turn black and wet but some are good and I’ve put them in propagation pot. Again cross fingers. The supplier is refunding a quarter of the total bill so guess it’s not total loss.

        Again, thank you.


    2. Hi again,

      Just want to thank you again and give you an update. I managed to save 5 of the 26 succulents. Still sad about the way they treat plants. I have also propagated some and most have rooted. Some are showing new babies. Hope this makes your day as it for me everyday. Pics for your eyes only.


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