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How to Grow Hens & Chicks Succulents

Hens and Chicks succulents are very popular, and we can see why! They have beautiful rosettes that come in colors[…]

Everything You Need to Know about Snake Plants

Many succulents are short and squat because they’ve adapted to grow in arid climates, but not the snake plant! It’s[…]

Why Your Succulents Are Dying

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How to Propagate Your Succulents Successfully

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12 Stunning Minimalist Succulent Planters

Minimalist designs have become increasingly trendy in recent years, and no plants are more minimalist in nature than succulents. As[…]

Super Cute Bear Paw Succulent (Cotyledon Tomentosa)

The appearance of the succulent gives it its lovely names that all point in one direction- it adds beauty to its environment where it is grown. Read on!

Thanksgiving Cactus – Schlumbergera Truncata

The Thanksgiving cactus is a tropical cactus with its native home being in the gigantic rain forests of South America. It’s a fantastic plant. Read on!

Twisted Succulent: Spiral Aloe (Polyphylla)

These Spiral Aloe (Polyphylla) succulent’s feature tightly packed leaves that grow in a fascinating rosette spiral pattern and known as a twisted succulent

8 Beautiful Succulents That Flower

They not only attract humans but insects too, resulting in pollination. Succulents that flowers come in different shades & colors, with exclusive details.

Totem Pole Cactus (Pachycereus Schottii Monstrosus)

Totem pole cactus, botanically known as Lophocereus schotii var. monstrosus, is a hardy succulent. It is resistant to pests and diseases. Read on for more!

6 Succulent Cakes You Wish You Tasted

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best delicious succulent cakes you wish you tasted and honestly, they are far more drool-inducing