A Collection Of 56 Air Plants On Succulent City

56 tillandsia plants on Succulent City

Have you seen those plants that look like they are growing from nothing? With no soil anywhere near them and no visible roots, they are sight-for-sore eyes as they dangle in the air from wire baskets, hooks, and chandelier-like containers! You may have spotted some with furry, silver leaves or others with glossy leaves, while some present the most vibrant colored flowers.

These tiny, floating, evergreen perennials are known as air plants.

Air plants go by the scientific name Tillandsia, and there are over 650 varieties of this species! They are found initially hanging on for dear life in the tropical climates of South and Central America and southern parts of the United States.

Tillandsias have the unique feature of being epiphytes, which means they do not require soil but rely more on water and air to grow. This attribute has Tillandsias attaching themselves to trees, shrubs, rocks, fences, and telephone posts, but they do not feed off the host.

These fantastic, un-demanding plants are brilliant for decorating small spaces and look adorable, peeking out of seashells against a piece of driftwood suspended on wire baskets and vases or semi-enclosed in glass baubles. Also, raising these plants can bring many benefits to your home, such as cleaning the air, decorating spaces, …

If you are looking for a plant that looks more like a pet without the hassle of cleaning up after it, here is a compact list of air plants to add a kick of personality to your home or office.

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A Collection Of 56 Air Plants On Succulent City

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