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Hey everyone! I’m Richard. Welcome to my blog, which is all about succulents, cacti, and a bit about air plants.

Ten years back, in 2013, I began my journey with succulents. It started as a simple hobby, crafting and selling charming succulent-themed pins and decorations. But as time passed, my fascination with these remarkable plants grew, and I gained extensive knowledge about them.

This passion drove me to take a significant step. I decided to share my growing expertise with the world. That’s when I founded “Succulent City,” a thriving blog dedicated to succulent things. Through Succulent City, I provide valuable advice and insights on succulent care and propagation, making it a valuable resource for fellow plant lovers.

With a decade of experience behind me, I continue to nurture my passion and connect with an ever-expanding community of succulent enthusiasts.


I am happy that SucculentCity has been included in the list of the best 40 succulent blogs/ websites on Feedspot. Also, we are honorably featured on:

I get that you might want to know a bit more about the person behind this page. Here’s the thing – I like to keep my stuff on the down-low. But no worries! I’m super active over at Succulent City on our social media channels.

Why not join us there? We chat, share cool pics, and generally have a blast talking about our love for succulents. See below:

If you have any questions/ inquiries, contact me through this email: [richard.succulentcity [at] gmail.com].

Have fun reading & planting!

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