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Welcome to Succulent City, your trusted source for all things succulent! We’re delighted to have you join our thriving community of succulent enthusiasts. Here is a brief introduction about our team and the history of SucculentCity.

Our Stories

The Root

Succulent City has a rich history dates back to 2013, when we first embarked on our succulent journey. Initially, we started as a shop, offering a delightful collection of succulent-themed decorative items and pins. We were passionate about bringing the beauty of succulents into people’s lives, even if it was in the form of charming decor.

Succulent City 2016
Succulent City 2017

Succulent City back in the day…

The Transformation

However, as time passed, our fascination with succulents deepened. We were drawn to the world of real succulent plants, captivated by their unique characteristics and diverse varieties. That’s when we decided to evolve from a decorative shop to a comprehensive succulent resource.

This passion drove me to take a significant step. We decided to share my growing expertise with the world. That’s when we founded “Succulent City,” a thriving blog dedicated to succulent things. Through Succulent City, I provide valuable advice and insights on succulent care and propagation, making it a valuable resource for fellow plant lovers.

With a decade of experience behind me, we continue to nurture my passion and connect with an ever-expanding community of succulent enthusiasts. Though we never have the chance to own all succulents, cacti, or air plants in the world, we are happy to share the big inventory of plants on Succulent City:

SucculentCity has been included in the list of the best 40 succulent blogs/ websites on Feedspot. Also, we are honorably featured on:

What We Offer

At Succulent City, we are committed to providing you with the knowledge and expertise needed to cultivate and care for these remarkable plants. Whether you’re a seasoned succulent connoisseur or just starting your succulent journey, you’ll find a wealth of information on our blog.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to share the beauty and joy of succulents with the world. We believe that succulents are not just plants; they are living works of art that can transform any space and connect people with the wonders of nature.

Join Us!

We invite you to explore our blog, connect with fellow succulent enthusiasts in our community, and embark on your own succulent adventure. At Succulent City, we’re here to inspire, educate, and support you every step of the way.

Thank you for being a part of our succulent-loving community. Together, we’ll make the world a little greener and more beautiful, one succulent at a time.

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