“Kalanchoe” Genus

kalanchoe genus

Is a Kalanchoe a succulent? Kalanchoe is a succulent plant mostly grown due to its tiny and colorful flowers. This kalanchoe plant is also known as window’s thrill. It is pronounced as “Ka-luwn-kow-ee” if you are unsure how to pronounce “Kalanchoe.” Asking, is Kalanchoe a perennial succulent? The answer is yes; most Kalanchoe types are perennials. Most plant lovers wonder if Kalanchoe is annual or perennial.

This plant is trendy for its bright-colored flowers in shades of red, magenta, yellow, orange, and even white. Generally, Kalanchoe types are low maintenance, can survive and thrive in any environment, and are known for their physical appearance. Even with little care, Kalanchoe plant care indoors and Kalanchoe plant care outdoors are relatively easy to accomplish. Below, there is a list of Kalanchoe plants on Succulent City. Please take a look!

Kalanchoe Plants On Succulent City

FAQs About Kalanchoes

1. Can Kalanchoe be planted outside?

Absolutely yes, outdoors Kalanchoe plant care is not complex at all.

2. How long do Kalanchoe plants live?

An average Kalanchoe plant can reach up to a 7-year lifespan if you care for it well.

3. Is a Kalanchoe plant indoor or outdoor?

You can grow Kalanchoe both indoors and outdoors.

4. Is Kalanchoe perennial or succulent?

It’s a perennial succulent. However, most of them are perennials.

5. Is Kalanchoe poisonous to cats or dogs?

Yes. Kalanchoe is poisonous to cats, dogs, and children. Make sure you keep them away from the plants.

6. Kalanchoe leaves turning yellow – What does it mean?

Kalanchoe leaves turning yellow means they are dead and not getting enough sunlight. You may snip off the pale blossoms and dead foliage.

7. What to do with Kalanchoe after flowering?

It’s simple, prepare for it to bloom again! How to do this? Remove the spent bloom by cutting them. Maintain other conditions like sunlight, temperature, and moisture, … All you have to do now is wait for the Kalanchoe to bloom again!

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