Xerosicyos Danguyi (The String Of Coins Plant)

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GenusXerosicyos danguyi
Scientific NameXerosicyos
Other NamesString of Pearls, Silver Dollar Plant, Dollar Vine, Penny Plant
Growth SeasonIt grows best in spring and summer.
Hardiness ZoneUSDA Zone 9b-11b
Average Mature Height & WidthIt can climb up to 10-15 feet and has an indeterminate width because the vines can go in all directions.
ToxicityXerosicyos danguyi is non-toxic to pets and humans.
Xerosicyos Danguyi – The String Of Coins Plant Summary

Dollar Vine Physical Characteristics

The plant is bright yellow-green and looks attractive. It produces many flowers that turn into seeds. The seeds are often used to grow more plants. The roots spread wide like other succulents and can get damaged if the soil is too wet.

The plant’s stem wraps around its support, looking like a cylinder. Its leaves are flat, round, and silvery-green, earning it the name ‘silver dollar.’ Small fruits, about two centimeters long, grow on the plant and produce seeds as they mature.

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Images About Xerosicyos Danguyi

Xerosicyos Danguyi Plant Care

When your Dollar Plant is in a pot with holes, give it a little water. Use a mix with lots of small rocks so water can flow out easily. Also, add some soil that keeps a bit of moisture.

Water the plant when the soil from the last watering has dried out. During its growing seasons in spring and summer, it will need more water. Place it in abundant sunlight, either direct or indirect. If kept indoors, make sure it’s close to a window. Occasionally, add fertilizer by feeding it with liquid, half-strength NPK 20:20:20 about once a year.

This plant’s best temperature range is 68°F – 80°F (20°C – 27°C), which supports optimum growth. This succulent is not frost-hardy and starts to die when temperatures are below 6°C – 8°C. The plant goes dormant when temperatures drop. Keeping it at temperatures around 9°C makes it difficult for it to grow.

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Penny Plant Growth

To propagate this plant, use seeds or stem cuttings. The vine produces plenty of seeds, which you can collect from mature plants. Ensure the cuttings are healthy for successful propagation. Repot the plant if you notice the roots becoming root-bound. You can also prune or trim the vine if it outgrows its intended space.

Before you go …

To sum it up, the Dollar Plant is a neat succulent with round, silver-green leaves that resemble silver dollars. You can grow it from seeds or cuttings, and it’s good at reproducing. Just avoid overwatering to keep its roots healthy. Caring for the Dollar Plant is a simple and enjoyable way to enhance your plant collection!

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