Xerosicyos Danguyi (The String Of Coins Plant)

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GenusXerosicyos danguyi
Scientific NameXerosicyos
Other NamesString of Pearls, Silver Dollar Plant, Dollar Vine, Penny Plant
Growth SeasonIt grows best in spring and summer.
Preferred TemperatureThe best temperature for this plant is 68o – 80o F (20o – 27oC). This is the temperature range that supports optimum growth. This succulent is not frost-hardy and starts to die when temperatures are below 6°C – 8°C.
Hardiness ZoneUSDA Zone 9b-11b
Average Mature Height & WidthIt can climb up to 10-15 feet and has an indeterminate width because the vines can go in all directions.
DormancyThe plant gets dormant when temperatures get low. Keeping it in temperatures around 9oC makes it difficult for it to grow.
ToxicityXerosicyos danguyi is non-toxic to pets and humans.
Xerosicyos Danguyi – The String Of Coins Plant Summary

Dollar Vine Physical Characteristics

The plant has yellowish-green and is quite showy. Each plant produces a large number of flowers which in turn mature and produce seeds. Its prolific nature is why the seed is one of the main propagation methods. Its roots grow wide like most succulents and are susceptible to root rot if the plant is in soggy soil.

Its stem is a vine that grows and weaves around its support available. The stem is cylindrical. The leaves are flat and round with a silvery-green hue. Its leaves’ appearance gives the plant the name ‘silver dollar.’ Its fruits are two centimeters long, and it is from these fruits that seeds grow and mature.  

Xerosicyos Danguyi Plant Care

The Dollar Plant should be watered sparingly while growing on a porous substrate. The pottage in which you grow your Xerisicyos danguyi should have a good measure of gravel to create enough air spaces to allow water through. Also, it should have some loamy content to retain a measure of moisture.

You should water the plant only after moisture from the previous drink is depleted. The plant will need more water in spring and summer, its growing seasons. It requires abundant sunlight, direct or indirect. It does very well outdoors, but if you keep it indoors, ensure it is near the window. It was sometimes necessary to add fertilizer. Feed the plant with liquid, half-strength NPK 20:20:20 once annually.

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Penny Plant Growth

The best propagation methods for this plant are seeds and stem cuttings. This vine is quite prolific in seed production; you can gather them from mother plants. Cuttings should be healthy to qualify for propagation. Repot the plant when you find the roots getting root-bound. You may prune and trim the vine if it grows too big for the space you intend to keep it.


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