Will (Systemic) Insecticide Be Safe For Succulents? – If Yes, Which Insecticide and Where To Buy It?

Systemic Insecticide

Like other plants, succulents can become damaged, diseased, and infested. Succulents may encounter common issues such as bugs, insects, discoloration, ants, etc. And although succulents are considerably easier to care for than other plants, these pests and diseases can be challenging to mend, especially if they are not noticed and treated shortly after.

But how can you identify whether or not problems are occupying your succulents? That’s a ubiquitous question among succulent owners. Luckily, this article will provide an in-depth answer and how to treat these damages. As with any plant, there are multiple ways to solve these problems. However, one method appears to be the most proactive in saving plants – systemic insecticides. But, what are they? Are they safe for succulents?

succulent damaged by pests
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What Is A Systemic Insecticide & What Does It Do?

If you enjoy gardening, there’s a good chance you have heard of and seen various pests and plant infestations. These can cause damage to the plant’s features and even take a toll on its ability to thrive. That’s where systemic insecticides come into play. A systemic insecticide is placed within the plant’s soil to create a barrier that bugs and other pests cannot intrude past without harm. This barrier is created when the insecticide seeps into the plant’s leaves, roots, and stems. This treatment is straightforward because the plants can easily absorb the insecticide, as they would with food. Once this process has been completed, pests are less likely to bother the plants.

These treatments best apply to the plant’s soil when you see pests. However, if they do, the insecticide will kill them once consumed. Systemic insecticides have been one of the most reliable solutions for many years. Even the experts have used them. However, while applying this insecticide to standard plants is excellent, it often leaves many pondering valued questions: are there any succulent insecticides? Could systemic insecticides be safe for succulents?

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Are Systemic Insecticides Safe For Succulents?

The short answer is yes. But it depends on your succulent and the kind of insecticide you purchase.

It’s often a common misconception that many believe any insecticide will work with any plant, but that is untrue. Just because it’s made for plants doesn’t mean it will benefit any plant. Protecting succulents from pesky pests is not “one size fits all”! Depending on the succulents you have, some insecticides may be potentially harmful. As mentioned earlier in the article, succulents are also exposed to insects. However, some bugs can be beneficial to your succulent.

It can be helpful to explore which ones are. Although bugs don’t usually interfere with a juicy lifestyle, certain ones cause harm and should be taken care of immediately. Since some bugs are harmless, you should always read the labels on the insecticides before use.

When Will You Need Systemic Insecticides?

Noticing the minor bugs or damaged areas within your succulents can be challenging. Even if you cannot locate the bugs, you will eventually see your succulent’s features changing negatively, showing you that a bug has intruded and caused harm. Not to mention that the bugs usually like to hide under the leaves or within the soil.

snail on light green succulent
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Systemic insecticides are capable of getting rid of pesky succulent pests, such as:

  • Mealy Bugs
  • Thrips
  • Spider Mites
  • Whiteflies & Various other flies, like blackflies
  • Aphids
  • Beetles
  • Caterpillars

Systemic insecticides are also great for pest infestation prevention, as the insecticide can trap and harm any pest within the succulent area. We have done an article about pest control common knowledge, which identifies why succulents attract pests, types of common pests, and how to prevent them from coming. Please read on for more!

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Best Insecticide For Succulents

Although many choices are available, acidic water is the best succulent insecticide. Acidic water is one of the safest solutions because it doesn’t cause any harm or damage to the plant. This treatment is excellent for eliminating pesky, unwanted bugs while ensuring your succulent will remain healthy. This water can be sprayed on the soil and the plant’s leaves. However, you should ensure that the water is not overpowering with acid. Too much acid can cause damage to the succulent. In addition, for any bugs or spots that cannot be reached with acidic spray, using insecticide brands such as Neem or Imidacloprid is best.

#1. Trifecta Crop Control Ready to Use Maximum Strength Natural Pesticide

trifecta crop control natural insecticide

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Trifecta Crop Control is a great option when looking into insecticides for succulents. It is also effective on other plant variations, such as fruit trees, hydroponics, etc. This pesticide protects succulents from common issues like fungus, mildew, and aphids. Along with that, it’s straightforward to use as it doesn’t need to be mixed with additional ingredients or diluted. To use this insecticide, thoroughly spray the substance onto your succulent leaves until it appears dripping. Then, let the insecticide do its job and fight to keep your plants healthy!

#2. BioAdvanced Insecticide Fungicide Miticide 3-in-1 Insecticide

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This insecticide made my BioAdvanced another highly effective solution to cure succulents. It protects your plants from pests, rodents, and many diseases. Like the previous insecticide, BioAdvanced Insecticide must be sprayed onto the succulent leaves โ€“ rain or shine! Thus, BioAdvanced Insecticide can continuously treat and protect your plants for up to 30 days in wet weather.

#3. Mighty Mint 32oz Plant Protection Peppermint Spray

mighty mint plant protection peppermint spray

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We all want the best for our succulents. So why not use a healthier, more organic approach to protecting our plants? Mighty Mint plant protection is a plant-based solution to fighting against those pesky pests and diseases. Mighty Mint is naturally a safer and healthier insecticide because of essential oils and a peppermint aroma.

Read more: If you are interested in Pest control for succulents, we have one full article here!

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Where To Buy Insecticide For Succulents

Whichever insecticide you purchase can easily be found at big-box retailers like Walmart and any other store that sells gardening supplies. The stores where these items will be available may vary depending on where you live and the variation of prices. If you’re unsure where to purchase these products or if they’re out of stock near you, consider checking out online retailers as a secondary option.


In conclusion, if you are a succulent owner or are interested in becoming one, I hope this article has provided enough information to protect your plants. Some bugs can be healthy for your plant’s environment, even if annoying! However, it is vital to remove any harmful ones before they can cause too much damage. If they overly damage your succulents, removing the bugs and re-pot the succulent is recommended, or starting fresh with a new one and some systemic insecticide!

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