When Can I Plant Succulents Outside in the Spring?

When to Plant Succulents Outside in the Spring?

Springtime is a period for your succulents to bloom again after resting during the winter months. But you cannot just plant any succulent anywhere during the spring. It is because the light, water, and soil needs of succulents differ. In light of this, we have put together this comprehensive piece to plant succulents outside in the spring successfully.

When Can I Plant Succulents Outside in the Spring

Succulents Lighting Requirements During Springtime

Succulents require a lot of sunlight and warmer temperatures to grow well during the spring. But then, it would be a bad idea to expose your succulents to direct sunlight as soon as winter is over. Exposing your succulents to direct sunlight can make them suffer from sunburns, which they may not be able to recover from easily.

You have to start the exposure process gradually. For instance, you can start bringing out your succulents to receive the morning sun with mild intensity. After a few weeks, you can then expose them to the afternoon sun. Once your succulents acclimate to full sunlight, you can then leave them outdoors for the remaining spring months. But bear in mind that spring temperatures fluctuate a lot. So, you may have to take your succulents indoors during cold days in the spring.

Repotting and Fertilizing Succulents During the Spring

If your succulents have been dormant during the winter, they will grow and bloom during the spring and summer months. With this growth comes the need for repotting. Succulents have different ways of telling you they are due for repotting. If you see that the succulents’ roots are sticking out of the pot. It is a sign that you need to repot the succulents. If you notice the pot is too tight for the succulents or the soil starts draining too fast, you must repot the succulents.

If your succulents suddenly become too heavy, you have to consider repotting them. When repotting your succulents, ensure you have a larger pot, well-draining soil, and the right soil composition. If you repot your succulents appropriately, you will witness their fascinating growth during the spring. Meanwhile, spring is the most appropriate time to fertilize your succulents. You want your succulents to stay dormant during the winter, so there is no need for fertilizing them. Applying fertilizers will help your succulents grow better and faster.

The best time to apply fertilizers is at the start of spring. Also, the best fertilizers to use are those with a high concentration of phosphorus. You can apply these fertilizers once a month during the spring and stop applying in the late summer or early fall.

Watering Succulents During the Spring

During the spring, succulents experience active growth, and so their water demand is high during this season. As succulents develop new stems, roots, and leaves, they tap from the soil’s water, making the soil dry out pretty quickly. You have to water your succulents three or more times a week during springtime, depending on the environment’s temperature. But ensure you do not overwater your succulents during this period to avoid rot.

Your succulent pot size also determines how much water your succulents need. The larger the pot, the less you need to water your succulents. If you often forget to water your succulents, consider using a large pot.
If your succulents receive more than 10 hours of sunlight daily, you will need to water them more often. Also, outdoor succulents demand more water than indoor succulents because they get exposed to harsher environmental conditions.

Succulents planted in high humidity areas require watering less often than succulents in dry, hot areas because they retain moisture for a longer period. If you live in Phoenix, you may need to water your outdoor succulents daily during the spring. But then, if you reside in San Francisco, watering your succulents once a week will suffice.

When Can I Plant Succulents Outside in the Spring

How to water your succulents properly

Besides knowing the factors that affect your watering frequency, you also need to know how to water your succulents properly. If you do not properly water your succulents, chances are high they will die of dehydration or become too plump. First off, you need to understand that succulents are typically desert natives. And so, you need to follow the pattern of desert rainstorms when watering your succulents, so it is as if the succulents are in their natural habitats. You can do this by drenching your succulents when watering them. Do not stop watering until you notice water running out of the drainage hole.

Generally, succulents prefer deep, periodic watering that reaches the soil’s bottom to frequent, light watering that only wet the soil’s top section. If the soil is completely dry, drench it and wait until it is dry before drenching it again. Follow this watering pattern, and your succulents will bloom throughout the spring.

The Best Succulents to Grow During the Spring

Some succulents do well than others during the spring. So, it is only wise to plant that has a higher chance of thriving during springtime. Some of these succulents include:


Aloe has over 250 different succulents species, with many capable of surviving up to a century. If you live in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 9, your Aloes can survive outdoors during the spring and summer. But they need special care to thrive in most temperate regions.


Echeveria has over 150 species that are native to Central America. Its elegant rosette leaves blooms if given an adequate supply of sunlight during the spring. Echeverias require lots of sunlight; otherwise, they will start stretching out and lose their gorgeous leaves.


Crassula has a wide succulent variety that is native to South Africa. The Crassula variants with thick stems require less watering. They are more drought-tolerant, while the varieties with soft stems need constant watering. It would be best if you do not expose your Crassula succulents to direct sunlight. Instead, find a way to shade them if you want to see their deep green, healthy appearance.

Quick Recap

Not all succulents thrive in the springtime, so you need to know what succulent to grow in certain regions during this season. Succulents require lots of sunlight and water to survive. Still, you have to be careful and not to overwater or expose them to too much sunlight. The best succulents varieties to grow in spring include Crassula, Sedum, Echeveria, and Aloe.

When Can I Plant Succulents Outside in the Spring

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