What To Consider When Choosing a Flower Delivery Service

What to Consider When Choosing a Flower Delivery Service featured image

Flowers convey emotions, feelings, and messages, from the classic bouquet of red roses to a colorful arrangement of flowers hand-picked for the recipient. It’s a nice gesture, but doing so much better is possible. However, it isn’t always enough to pick up some blooms at a supermarket.

That’s where flower delivery services come into the picture. From one-time deliveries to subscription flowers delivered to someone’s door, these services offer way better quality and variety than at the average supermarket. The question is, how do you know you’ve chosen the best flower delivery service? Here are the questions you should ask as you consider your options.

Do they sell only the freshest blooms?

There are many vital factors in choosing an excellent flower delivery service, but this might be the most important one. Things like reasonable prices or excellent customer service won’t matter if the delivery contains drooping flowers or wilted leaves. To find this out, it’s best to visit the delivery service’s physical location if possible. That isn’t a good sign if you see that they’re selling flower arrangements that look less than fresh. A flower store selling old arrangements directly to customers probably wouldn’t have a problem delivering them, either.

flower harvest

One way to ascertain how fresh the deliveries will be is to ask how often the store restocks their flowers. If they wait to restock until just before the flowers expire, that’s a red flag.

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Do they offer a wide variety of flowers?

If you’re choosing a flower delivery service over a trip to Walmart’s flower section, this should be one of the reasons why. Rather than choosing from the same 15 to 20 options, you should be able to select from various flower types, colors, smells, and so on. Extra points if they focus on in-season or local blooms! Those flowers tend to stay fresher longer since they weren’t grown at a distant location and then shipped to the flower shop. This won’t be possible in every city, but flower shops in milder climates should have access to various flowers grown in their area.

Do they sell only the freshest blooms?
Many types of flowers you can see in the market.

Are their flowers and delivery fees reasonably priced?

Let’s say you had a specific order and called a flower delivery service to get a quote. Sadly, you were surprised when the quote was much higher than expected. There could be a few different reasons for this:

  • You may have been ordering very rare or out-of-season flowers. It could be that most of their flower arrangements wouldn’t have been that pricey.
  • You asked for a faster-than-average delivery time, which would have driven the total cost.
  • The recipient lives far from the flower shop, which would also drive up delivery costs.

What’s most likely, though, is that the store is simply expensive. It wouldn’t hurt to ask for the cost of their most popular items to ensure you aren’t inadvertently asking for something unusually pricey. These are likely to be on the affordable side and probably won’t be made with rare blooms. You could also ask how much the price is for the flowers, and how much it is for the delivery. That would give you insights into how the money is being spent.

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Are their arrangements beautiful and creative?

At their most basic, flower arrangements could be composed of several flowers tied together in a symmetrical bunch. However, a top-notch flower delivery service won’t just offer basic bouquets. They should have many different arrangements and let customers personalize the bouquets with custom orders.

Some popular arrangements you can see in the flower shops
Some popular arrangements you can see in the flower shops.

Experienced florists can create excellent arrangements for any occasion or purpose worth spending money on. You aren’t just paying for flowers to be delivered; you’re also paying for the expertise of the person who arranged them. Well, that’s the idea anyway! This takes a certain amount of skill, so checking on that before committing to a purchase would be brilliant.

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What do their online reviews say?

If you ask a flower delivery service about the quality of its offerings, you’re most likely to get a positive description of the business. After all, you can’t expect the employees of a business to describe the company’s problems to a random customer willingly. However, online reviews will help you determine if a flower delivery service is as good as they say.

You’ll find out whether they make deliveries on time, how long the flowers last, how original the arrangements are, and so on. You’ll likely find bad reviews for even the best delivery service; nobody is perfect. That being said, most reviews should be positive if you consider it. One thing to pay attention to is how former customers describe the customer service. Was the company easy to get in touch with? How helpful were the customer service representatives? Did the company take responsibility for mistakes? Excellent customer service often sets one business apart from the competition, as it can make your experience (and that of your recipient) better than you ever expected.

Do they offer convenient payment options?

Like most businesses, the standard flower delivery service accepts all the standard forms of payment. However, this doesn’t mean that all of them do. For example, you can still find mom-and-pop establishments that aren’t set up to process credit card payments. Before placing an order, it might be a good idea to double-check that they accept your preferred payment method.

The Takeaway

Flowers are an excellent way to send a sweet message, express your feelings, or say “thanks” to someone special. To ensure that the recipient gets the freshest, most beautiful flowers possible, consider the criteria above when selecting a flower delivery service.

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