What Is A Fairy Garden? – A Complete Definition & A Suggestion For Your Succulent Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

If we were to take a trip down memory lane, back to our earlier days when our imagination would run wild and free, a distinct memory of fairy tales stands out. From the memoirs of Snow White, Cinderella, and the like, we always got the picture of a magical wonderland with fairies, wizards, witches, and other mystical creatures.

But have you ever wondered what the landscapes in those stories looked like? What colored flowers graced the hills? Which kind of trees stood tall in the woods so mentioned? The types and sizes of houses, bridges, or ponds within the scape? So on and so forth. Now imagine scaling all that down to a miniature structure mirroring every detail of what you have just pictured!! Quite a spectacle. Now that is what we call fairy gardens. Read on to know, what is a fairy garden?

What Is A Fairy Garden
Beautiful fairy garden @fairytalegardens

Types of Fairy Gardens

Outdoor Fairy Garden

Outdoor fairy gardens could be placed as the centerpiece of your garden, on your patio, or at the heart of your open-air gazebo. Any area within your yard that is wholly or partially exposed to the outside environs poses as a suitable position of your fairy miniature garden.

The size will solely depend on what you desire. But the integrity of it being relatively smaller to a typical garden is preserved. Check out “5 Best Outdoor Succulents” for ideas on which succulents to get.


Fairy gardens located in any confined space qualifies as an indoor fairy garden. Their dimensions will vary, but that is all dependant on what you desire. However, the spot you decide to place your garden must be well illuminated with sunlight or by grow lights.

Take a look at “6 Best Indoor Succulents” for ideas on which succulents to get for inside. Also, check out our Ebook “All the Types of Succulents for Indoor & Outdoor for more helpful insight on options for succulents.

What Is A Fairy Garden
Lovely indoor fairy garden @hilltopsandthreads

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Features Of a Fairy Garden


A miniature garden would lose the word ‘garden’ from its title if succulents were absent. A garden by definition is space set aside where grass, shrubs and other succulents may be grown. Therefore it goes without saying that succulents in a fairy garden are a must-have. You may indeed include any succulent within your scenery, but keep in mind its a miniature garden. Accordingly, you should limit your choices to tiny plants such as succulents, cacti, and mosses. Go to “8 Blue Succulents You Need in Your Succulent Garden” or “Top 7 Succulents You Need in Your Succulent Garden” for amazing variation in succulents for your garden.

The whole idea is to make your garden as realistic as possible. For instance, for a forest, you may grow multiple Jade plants. You may also use Lithops that look like flat-topped pebbles or rocks to represent stones.

What Is A Fairy Garden
Succulent fairy garden @thefairygardeners

Architectural Structures

This involves minute built structures like apartments, huts, bridges, castles, roads, and buildings, just to mention a few. These objects that are made in small dimensions add life to your landscape. They are meant to make the scene appear as realistic as possible. And your selection will depend on the theme you choose to use.

Tiny Dolls and Miniature Objects.

Additional fantastic additions in your fairy garden are little dolls and small objects. These dolls may include human personalities, animals, cars, buses, electricity poles, and fences. These wonderous small relics add character to the scenes you fancied to use within your fairy garden. They do tell a story, your story.


What Is A Fairy Garden
Tiny fairy dolls enjoying the succulent garden @enchanted.fairy.garden

Miniature Water Bodies

You may also use scaled-down replicas of water bodies to represent rivers, ponds, lakes, wells as well as oceans. To get the exact picture of the sea, one may use a blue painted hollow vessel. The container is dug well into the landscape, and clear water fills the space. From above this will look exactly like an ocean. Additionally, small trenches may be made to resemble rivers flowing into the sea made.

Soil and Other Accessories

Earth is a must when it comes to making a fairy garden. It is to act as the anchorage to the plants you decide to use. Additional objects such as roads made of gravel or tarmac may be used to make your scenery more lifelike. You may also include pebbles, wooden artifacts, metallic relics, so on and so forth.

What Is A Fairy Garden
Fairy garden using pebbles and dolls @jensucculents

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Unique Themes for Your Fairy Garden

Deciding on the theme is probably the most exciting part of making your fairy garden. Undoubtedly, here you are at liberty to do whatever you wish to. Everything you can imagine goes!

Below are some of the ideas that may look amazing as a miniature garden.

Medieval Mural

If princesses, princes, kings, and queens stimulate your imagination, you must consider making medieval-inspired scenery. You may use relics such as castles with flags and small clusters of huts and bridges as architecture. Consider using horses, knights, little princesses, or princes dolls for imitative characters.

A great addition is to place forests filled with plants, a pond, and maybe a river. You may even add a fountain next to the castle in the middle of your fairy garden. Place them so that new eyes will comprehend your tale by taking one look at your little backyard project.

What Is A Fairy Garden
A royal fairy garden @fairygardenchest

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Metropolitan City Scenery

City life could also be a source of inspiration for your little piece of heaven. You may use replicas of large urban buildings made from legos within your panorama. You can also use small cars and trucks strategically placed on the roads you might have included. You may also incorporate a highway with roundabouts, car parks, and not forgetting your plants. The plants may be combined to align your roads and be part of the park you have created at the core of your garden. You may add small benches and umbrella figures to resemble a picnic display within the park.

Botanical Garden Park

A botanical garden scaled down to pot size is truly a sight. You fill your fairy garden with unique plants, from succulents, air plants, grasses, mosses, and so much more. Let nothing hold you back to create the spectacle you so covet. The sky is the limit.

What Is A Fairy Garden
Botanical fairy garden Little Tudor on the Prairie

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Thank you for reading with us today! Let us know in the comments below if you have a succulent garden at home and have it themed a certain way. Check us out on Facebook or Instagram for more succulent-loving fun.

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Happy planting!

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