7 Wedding Succulents You Will Consider For This Special Occasion

Wedding Succulents

Flowers, move over! Succulent wedding bouquets are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why. Succulents come in various colors and textures and make beautiful, unique bouquets. They’re the perfect choice for brides who want something different from the standard rose, tulip, and peony arrangement.

Summer is the wedding season, so we thought we’d share the best succulents for wedding arrangements with you today. If you’re getting married soon and you need some bouquet inspiration, or you want to admire some beautiful succulent arrangements, then keep on reading!

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7 Succulents for Wedding Arrangements
The 7 Best Succulents for Wedding Arrangements @shindigchic


Echeveria has beautiful rosettes that make them look similar to flowers. They’re one of our favorite succulents for bouquets because they’re super elegant and classy!

Echeveria comes in various colors, including blue, pink, purple, black, and green, so they’ll match any color scheme. Some Echeveria have different shapes and textures, so you can make a bouquet with this succulent and still have a visually interesting result.

See the wavy succulents in the photo below. Those are ruffled Echeveria! Aren’t they beautiful? We think they look like peonies and add much texture to that bouquet.

Echeveria looks excellent on their own and mixes well with flowers too, which is why we think they’re the perfect wedding succulent!

The 7 Best Succulents for Wedding Arrangements
cool-colored Echeveria bouquet @davidorrweddings


We think Aeoniums are the perfect addition to any fall bouquet. Do you see that gorgeous dark maroon/purple succulents in the photo below? Those are Aeoniums! It has a dark, rich color that adds a little extra drama to any fall bouquet.

If that beautiful Bordeaux color doesn’t mesh with your color scheme, don’t worry! Aeoniums come in other colors that might suit your fancy. One of our favorite Aeoniums is pale yellow with green stripes and pink tips— check them out at the bottom of the bouquet in the photo below! It’s called Sunburst and looks gorgeous with other pastel succulents or flowers!

We also have a guide about the beautiful Aeonium succulent!

7 Succulents for Wedding Arrangements
are Aeoniums a fit for you? @succycrazy

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Air Plants

OK, so air plants aren’t technically succulents. But they look so good mixed in with succulents and flowers that we had to tell you about them.

Air plants are epiphytes that grow on other plants and trees. They’re native to tropical rainforests and don’t need to be planted in soil to survive— for care questions. You can refer to our ultimate guide on how to care for air plants.

Air plants are hardy and will hold up nicely in any wedding bouquet. They’d also do great as centerpieces for receptions! We’ve all heard horror stories of a bride’s flowers wilting right before her wedding—with air plants, that won’t happen! You can find a great selection of them to choose from. When going with succulents and air plants, you can rest easy knowing your wedding decor will look exactly as planned.

In addition to being hardy, they’re gorgeous! See the palm-looking plants in the bouquets below? Those are air plants! They add an unexpected lush greenery and texture to that otherwise conventional bouquet. It’s the star of the arrangement!

Air plants play nicely with flowers but can also be used to make an extraordinary, unique wedding bouquet. That’s why they’re one of our absolute favorite plants for weddings!

Do you love the idea of having a succulent bouquet?

7 Succulents for Wedding Arrangements
simple and elegant Air Plant arrangements @airplantdesignstudio

Burro’s Tail

Burro’s Tail is such a gorgeous succulent! It’s a trailing plant whose long stems cascade down whatever pot or planter you put it in. Each stem has lots of pale green, teardrop-shaped leaves. It’s one of the most visually exciting and beautiful succulents, so hanging down from your bouquet will look amazing! Check them out in the photo below!

Your Burro’s Tail might bloom on your wedding day if you’re lucky. This succulent doesn’t bloom often, but when it does, it sprouts gorgeous pinkish-red blooms that add extra prettiness to your arrangement! They’d also add a unique pop as part of your centerpieces.

We have a whole article about the glorious Burro’s Tail.

7 Succulents for Wedding Arrangements
add a string of Burro’s Tails to your wedding bouquet @omniasucculents

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String of Pearls

The string of Pearls is another trailing succulent that resembles Burro’s Tail. It has leaves shaped like pearls instead of teardrops, so it looks like a long, beautiful strand of pearls. This plant is elegant and delicate, just like the pearl necklace you might wear on your wedding day!

Look at the arrangement below—doesn’t the String of Pearls look stunning in that bouquet? The nice thing about them is you can have a new hanging plant for your home after the wedding. You can refer here to our article about the Top 5 Hanging Planters. You can beautifully display your String of Pearls in your home for years!

cascading String of Pearls @inspiration_floristics


Pachyveria is another type of succulent that has beautiful rosettes. However, this plant has plumper leaves than an Echeveria, giving a slightly different look to bouquets. Small Pachyverias would even look great on your groomsmen.

Pachyveria comes in many colors, from pink to blue to green, so you can find one that matches your color scheme. Our favorite Pachyveria is called Jeweled Crown. It has pale, bluish-green leaves tinged with red around the edges. It would look gorgeous in a spring or summer bouquet!

7 Succulents for Wedding Arrangements
colorful Pachyveria bouquet @the.dusty.jewel


Haworthias are an unexpected addition to a bridal bouquet, but we think they look great! Just look at the Haworthia in the photo below (it’s the pointy, spotted plant in the top-center). We think it shines in that bouquet! It adds beautiful texture to the arrangement and makes it more unique overall.

Haworthias come in many shapes, so if pointy leaves aren’t your thing, you’ll find one you love! Some look like Pachyveria and have plump green leaves arranged in a rosette. Others look a lot like Aloes and have triangular leaves. Any Haworthia you choose will add something special to your bouquet, so you can’t go wrong!

7 Succulents for Wedding Arrangements
Haworthia arrangement @cool_clayflowers

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There you have it! According to us here at Succulent City, those are the best succulents for wedding arrangements. Which one is your favorite? We’re partial to the Aeonium and Burro’s Tail, but let us know which one you love in the comments section below! And if you’ve had your succulent bouquet, share your photos with us! Share them in our Facebook group— Succulent City Plant Lounge.

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Happy planting, friends!


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