Waterwise Botanicals

Waterwise Botanicals

Who are they?

Waterwise Botanicals Nursery and Garden Center is a large piece of land nestled in North San Diego County’s scenic rolling hills. It is a nursery, and many would say it is also a plant lover’s paradise. These are not only a production company that sells directly to the trade, but they are also open to the public and offer different tours, events, and services.

But Waterwise Botanicals is more than just a nursery; They welcome both homeowners who love gardening and people from the landscape trade industry. While striving to ensure convenience and trust they offer us quality products and services and a wide variety of plant material. They boast beautiful acres home to nurseries and farmland. Which includes everything from demonstration gardens to ponds and even a shade house filled with creative treasures to inspire you.

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Its location in the countryside is ideal for being away from the stress of daily life. Once we explore all the terrains that Waterwise Botanicals offers us. One of the best ways to describe the whole environment and experience is the perfect mix between rustic elegance and an incredible plant paradise. Thanks to the fact that its facilities have many different areas, we can intermit the entire tour to sit on the benches near the cabin’s garden. We can also enjoy the picnic tables near its ponds. It can be eating lunch or snacks while enjoying the view and the atmosphere.

Waterwise Botanicals has previously been referred to as a “plant lover’s paradise” and beautifully fit this description. When touring their facilities, accompanied by the beautiful scenery under the blue sky of the hills in the north of San Diego County, we will be able to observe the fascinating beauty in the extensive selections of plants that they offer us. From succulents and their tolerance to drought to the dynamic impact of cacti. We will be able to walk through endless rows of romantic roses. In fascination, we observe the grace of the colorful perennials and appreciate how the great variety of ornamental grasses that are filled with their grounds dance in the breeze. We can even explore its majestic shadow house.

At Waterwise Botanicals, they are not only beautiful plants and landscapes that will take your breath away, but they are also very loyal to their name. With “Waterwise Without the Compromise”, being their motto and the ideal of work. There they have addressed water restrictions with selections of drought-resistant plants. This restriction shows us that exuberant amounts of water are not needed to develop a beautiful garden and an exceptional landscape.

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Their facilities are spread over more than 20 acres of plants of different species and classes to appreciate. There is something for everyone who visits as they take a walk around the nursery and garden center. Upon arrival, one of the first things to see us will be a shade house. This is located near the entrance. It is filled with small succulents of 2, 3, and 6 inches, thus creating a succulent container garden.

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Display Gardens

They have beautiful, exquisitely designed display gardens, which are attractive. And they serve to demonstrate the types of plants that grow well in the area. As well as what kinds of plants we can pair with each other to inspire your visitors to try it for themselves at home.

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Fields of Roses and Succulents

The fields of roses and succulents are arranged in long neat rows. These rows immediately attract your attention, inviting you to walk through them. At the same time, you delight in every one of them, as well as being surrounded by large groups of shrubs and perennials full of flowers sway in the gentle breeze from the hills. We can also find various exotic bromeliads in wonderful and striking colors and planted garden gifts and driftwood.



Beautiful trails will guide us to the different areas of the area. Which includes a bench for shaded pots near ponds, full of fish and turtles, which reflect the beautiful sky. These are ideal for taking a break or sitting and appreciating the natural beauty of everything that the stunning landscape created by Waterwise Botanicals gives us.

Other Features

Something unique that Waterwise Botanicals offers us in its extensive gardens is that, in addition to being surprisingly beautiful, they also provide a surprising amount of information. The plants in their vasts parks are specifically labeled, so you know what you are looking at during your walk. And it doesn’t stop there. They also have a fantastic database. It has information on its website to learn even more about the plants you loved during the visit.

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Products and services

At Waterwise Botanicals, they offer us a retreat filled with a surprising amount of beautiful selections of plants, as well as a day in the country and a place to ignite our creativity. At the same time, we find attractive and practical options to incorporate into our garden or green areas.

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Waterwise Botanicals has a vast selection of succulents, cacti, and roses. This sets this nursery apart from any other in the area. This facility is also a nursery specializing in an extensive list of perennials, ornamental grasses, and even exotic shrubs and trees. The dedication to the public and to the trade that they show us through the environment they have created in their facilities. It makes us understand why this nursery is so unique in its class.

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Waterwise Botanicals offers us two events during the year: The Succulent Celebration and The Fall Garden Party. On both occasions, we will have a day dedicated to learning and having fun while doing it. Throughout the year, they offer workshops, or occasional demonstrations on Saturdays, advertised on their website. The events feature speakers, workshops, and demonstrations. Even authors, artists, food trucks, and vendors come with unique gifts. On their website, they also offer us different articles and reports about their many species of plants together with their care and decorations that help us revitalize and beautify our spaces.

We cannot only appreciate the plants at Waterwise Botanicals, but we can go home with some. We can buy any of the incredible variety they offer to the public. Although they also sell perennials, including roses, most of their inventory is succulents. Hundreds, if not thousands, of species in each of your plants, from tiny 2-inch pots to 24-inch plant boxes. However, Waterwise Botanicals’ goal is not just to sell plants, but to show people that, in addition to being possible, how to have a garden that saves water.

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