Water Therapy for Succulents

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If you are a succulent lover and follow succulent growers and sellers on social media, you may have seen pictures of succulents submerged in water. This procedure is known as water therapy. We will walk you through water therapy for succulents in this article.

What is Succulent Water Therapy?

Water therapy involves soaking the roots of your succulents for some time before repotting the succulents. You can leave the roots in water for several hours to several weeks, depending on how dehydrated the succulents are.

The primary reason succulents undergo water therapy is to save them from dehydration. Water therapy also helps to revive succulents if they’re stressed out from handling and shipment.

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Water Therapy for Succulents and Sunburned Succulents

A common misconception among succulent growers is that water therapy helps succulents suffering from sunburn. While water therapy helps to save dehydrated or stressed-out succulents, it does not affect sunburns.

You have to understand that a succulent can be sunburned but not dehydrated. Baby succulents are more prone to sunburns, but that does not mean they are dehydrated. Water therapy can help revive sunburned or dehydrated succulents, but the burned spots will remain.

More often than not, sunburn is harmless to succulents. You have to wait until the burned spots are shed, or you can carefully remove the burned parts to allow new growth.

Quick Recap

Water therapy is a great way to save your succulents from dehydration. However, it does not help with sunburns, as many people believe. Regarding succulent soil, it is best to grow your succulents in mixed soil. Growing succulents in pure pumice isn’t a bad idea, but your succulents will not thrive like you want.

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