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This genus is a member of the Crassulaceae family. It has 49 species that are natives of Namibia and South Africa. Plants in the genus are caucidiform owing to their swollen stems. The species in this genus were originally in the Cotyledon genus, but the genus was split to create Tylecodon. Their leaves grow spirally, and they are deciduous during summer. There is considerable variance between species in the genus, with some being dwarf and others growing up to four meters. Also, their stems are different; some are smooth, while others are rough with projections. Some of the dwarfs can be used for bonsai.

You can grow these plants for their beauty but it is important to note that they are toxic. They are toxic to grazing animals enough to warrant removal from range lands due to the economic losses they may cause to farmers. They also pose a risk to collectors and plant parents who handle them carelessly.

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