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This genus name is derived from the Greek words ‘trihkos’ and ‘diadema,’ meaning bristle and crown, respectively. It occurs naturally in the Cape Province of the Republic of South Africa and Southern Namibia. The species has about 30 species and is a member of the Aizoaceae family. The talented members of this genus only reach a maximum of 12 inches, but most are much smaller growing to 3-6 inches. They also don’t grow very wide, with the widest only getting to twelve inches wide, but most only go as wide as six inches.

The stems of these plants are woody, and some of them, mainly Trichodiadema Bulbosum, are popular with bonsai enthusiasts. Many in the genus have numerous small leaves and branches. They typically have caudexes to help with water storage since they grow in sometimes arid conditions. They also produce good-looking flowers which have a range of colors across species. They can range from purple to maroon but with a yellow core. Flowers are big and showy, appearing in late spring and continuing to fall.

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