Top 8 Succulent Terrariums – Succulent lovers Buying Guide

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums

You don’t always have to keep your succulents in pots. Well, they are still beautiful that way – with all the colors and shapes. But you know what’s more breathtaking? Succulent Terrariums. You’ll find the following list of succulent terrariums a valuable resource.

That beauty holed up in a transparent container. If you’re looking to spruce up those interiors even further, then throwing in a few terrariums might just be a good option. Besides that, the terrarium is a new feather to your gardening hat. It presents an opportunity to explore new plant-care horizons – which can be exciting. Especially if it turns out to be successful.

Ready to take the jump? Or maybe you’ve already jumped so you’re looking for some more additions?

1. A Mini-House of Beauty

Terrariums come in a variety of shapes – just like succulents. And a house-shaped one is among the outstanding forms.

Most available options are just the right size for that limited space you might want to liven up – a windowsill, tabletop or a counter. Got some tiny succulents you want to show off?

The house-shaped terrarium offers a great way to set up a tiny garden – an outstanding one at that – right inside the house where you deem fit. Just plug those succulents in and watch them come to life.

Keeping the lid open (most have it) will go a long way in adding on that glow – and ensuring they don’t die.

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
A Mini-house of Beauty @dewdropgarden_yyc

2. Pentagon Terrarium – Eye-Candy Addition

Still, on shapes, a pentagonal terrarium is another great option. Well, this can be an astounding piece by itself. But then that would be a waste to a certain extent.

You can make use of that space by sticking in a few small succulents of your liking – of course, after introducing the ideal planting medium. By the way, some pieces come ready-made to grow small succulents as they allow water to pass through.

That means no long periods of sogginess. We all know what that does to your plants.

On the flip side, you’ll have to take your terrarium out (with the plants) when it’s watering time. You don’t want a mess on your otherwise chic tabletop or shelf.

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
Pentagon Terrarium @craftisan.decor

3. The Perfect Hanging Decoration

Regular hanging planters are ideal for trailing succulents – that’s for a larger part. What about hanging terrariums?

Just about anything succulent.

And as with above other terrariums, a hanging terrarium will be good with several types of tiny succulents. What’s more impressive is the fact that you hang more than one of these fairytale-like gardens. So as per your budget – and your preference – you can set as many floating gardens as possible, showcasing a lot more succulents.

That’s not all.

You can add more pomp by hanging the terrariums in groups of defined numbers – 2s, 3s, etc. – and at intervals. Beauty in the air.

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
Hanging succulent terrarium @localplantshop

4. Globular Terrarium

A globular terrarium brings the desert right into your interiors

The desert appeal here is just undeniable. A mix of cacti and aloe vera and the bare pebbles in between – a perfect mockup of the dry environment these beauties call home.

It’s easy to get caught up day-dreaming the drylands yonder. And that’s the beauty of it. You can easily mimic nature’s green with a few plants. But a whole terrain?

This is just one of the few instances where that is possible; thanks to the perfect fusion of succulents and the terrarium.

Check out this set of globe succulent terrariums we found!

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
Globular succulent terrarium @kimberlitedesign

5. The Two-in-One Setup

So far we’ve talked about lone terrariums. But single disjointed pieces aren’t the order of the day.

This pair with an S-shaped stand does bring a whole new perspective to the scene. And you can use it in so many ways aside from displaying your precious succulents.

For instance, you can make a party centerpiece or prop up candles when the whole crowd is gone.

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
The two-in-one setup

6. You Don’t Have to Use That Many Succulents to Make an Impact

Succulents are so varied in terms of all the things that matter – types, shapes, sizes, and colors. Having a terrarium with a mix of all these bells and whistles is only natural – the blend can be heavenly.

But you’re mistaken to think this is the end all be all of appreciating the beauty of succulents. This single succulent terrarium comes out pretty strong in sprucing up your interiors.

Plus, it is way easier to look out for especially when you’re just starting out with houseplants.

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
Succulent Terrarium with many succulents inside @loved_bynature

7. Your Wall is Also a Perfect Display

We’ve seen tabletops, shelves, and windowsills as the perfect avenues to display your succulent terrariums. Additionally, you can suspend them as pointed out above.

Your wall is also just an ideal spot. But of course, you won’t be putting up any of the above on it. Is it even possible?

I doubt it.

That’s where these awesome wall-hanging types come in handy. They offer a great way for you to accessorize that wall with lots of plant life. 

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
Succulent Terrarium @home_is_where_the_garden_is

8. New Development – Bowls with Legs

Apparently, terrarium bowls could use a bit of propping up. You can stick on some wooden pegs to your bowels and observe the ensuing change.

They bring a certain kind of sophistication in your interior that’s hard to come by if the bowls were sitting on their bases.


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