The Best Way To Clear A Cactus From Land

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The first idea for this article is how to kill a cactus and then remove it. But to be honest, I don’t support this action. There are various ways to deal with a cactus you don’t want anymore. For example, you can learn to remove the cactus, preserve it and transport it elsewhere, like an office or someone’s home, so that it will make a perfect living there. So, I changed the angle slightly, showing the best way to clear/remove a cactus from the land, and you will decide what is next.

A Couple Of Reasons Why We Might Want to Remove A Cactus (Or Kill It)

People may want to clear cacti from the land for different reasons. Here are some common ones:

  1. Making space for construction: When land is used for building homes, roads, or other structures, cacti might need to be removed to create room for the construction work.
  2. Safety concerns: Cacti have sharp spines that can cause injuries. If cacti are in areas where people often walk or play, they may be cleared to prevent accidents.
  3. Farming or grazing: In agricultural settings, cacti can get in the way of growing crops or providing grazing space for livestock. Removing them allows farmers to use the land more effectively.
  4. Managing invasive species: Some cacti can spread and take over native plants, harming the natural environment. Clearing them helps protect the local plants and animals.
  5. Restoring land: Sometimes, the land must be restored to its natural state. Removing non-native or invasive cacti is part of this process, helping to bring back the original plants and ecosystems.

I am pretty sure no one will kill a cactus out of hatred or personal things. Or if there is a slight dislike of the plant, you can repot it and give it to someone who may love it.

Steps On How To Clear A Cactus From Land

The time depends, but mostly 2-4 hours. I will leave the maximum estimated time here: 4 hours

Follow these simple steps on how to remove a cactus from land (without necessarily killing it)

  1. Put on protective clothes

    Wear protective like thick gloves, a long-sleeve shirt, and pants to avoid the cactus spines. Safety goggles or glasses can also keep your eyes safe.

  2. Identify the cacti

    Figure out what kind of cacti you want to remove and how big they are. Knowing the type of cactus will help you plan the removal process.

  3. Get the right tools

    Gather long-handled tongs or pliers, pruning shears or a saw, a shovel, and something to carry the cacti away, like a wheelbarrow or bags.

  4. Trim the cacti

    If they are tall or have big branches, cut them down to a smaller size. Be careful not to touch the spines directly.

  5. Dig around the base

    Use a shovel to loosen the soil around the cacti’s roots. Be careful not to damage nearby plants or things around them.

  6. Remove the cacti

    Once the soil is loose, gently grip the cactus as close to the base as you can using tongs or pliers. Slowly pull or pry the cactus out of the ground, careful not to hurt the roots.

  7. Dispose of the cacti/ Repot It

    Put the removed cacti in a wheelbarrow or bags to take them away. Check local rules for the right way to dispose of them. If you must eradicate it, consider using a herbicide containing picloram (source:

  8. Clean up

    After removing the cacti, clear any leftover debris or small spines from the ground. This step helps prevent accidents or injuries later on.

For a better visualization:

Cholla Cactus removal video.

A Few Closing Words

Remember, if you have any difficulties or are unsure about the cacti or rules in your area, ask local gardening experts or authorities for help. Also, please always prioritize giving away the cactus or repotting it to another location. I hope the mentioned steps are helpful to most of my readers. If there is anything I still need to mention/ discuss, let me know in the comment section. 

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