The Best Cactus Gloves for Your Garden Activities

Gardening is all fun and games until you have to come close to a sharp-edged cactus. Whether you are outlining your perimeter with the Mexican fence post or transplanting your recently purchased Beavertail cactus, you need to be careful with these sometimes-spiky green guys.

The right cactus handling gloves are essential to protect your hands from scratches, pricks, and cuts. Some cactus have a poisonous sap that can irritate the skin while others have tiny hair-like features called glochids that have been known to create a love-hate relationship with green thumbs.

When looking for durability, flexibility, and comfort, we have narrowed down these three cactus gloves that will make gardening activities with our sharp-edged friends more tolerable.


HexArmor ThornArmor 3092 Thorn Resistant Gloves

Designed to be the first, high-end cactus landscaping glove, the ThornArmor 3092 Thorn Resistant Gloves lives up to its name. The glove’s parent company HexArmor is known for being the industry leader in protective gear against needles and thorns. The ThornArmor Glove puts innovative technology to the test by offering landscape contractors, hobbyists, and DIY gardeners the ultimate, hassle-free solution for handling cactus.

The palm lining on these gloves is padded by a three-layer SuperFabric that has been tried and tested against needles and thorns. They have an added Coated Palm Grip protection on the palm side, and the index fingertips are reinforced with a wrap, certifying the gloves as remarkably puncture resistant. The back-of-hand is made out of flexible spandex and has a breathable HexVent panel to keep you cool. The gloves have a good grip, are easy to clean, and have a Velcro closure on the Airprene cuff to keep debris out.

The ThornArmor 3092 boasts as one of the most durable gloves for heavy-duty gardening, and rightfully so. It comes highly recommended with ANSI/ISEA level A9 cut resistance (on an A1 – A9 scale) and level 3 puncture protection (on a 1 – 5 scale) endorsements.

Our Pick
ThornArmor Heavy Duty Landscaping Gloves

ThornArmor puncture-resistant gloves are perfect for tough yard work and feature a TP-X outer palm to improve grip and allow dirt to be easily brushed off.

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Legacy Gardens Leather Gloves

Would you like to hug your Golden Barrel cactus? For a needle free gardening experience, you can’t go wrong with the Legacy Gardens Leather gloves. They are made from genuine, A-Grade goatskin leather, the most puncture-resistant and sturdiest kind of leather. This heavy-duty glove is devised to be dependable against pokes, scrapes, and cuts, while at the same time, remaining soft and flexible on the skin.

The gauntlet sleeve’s design protects your arms and elbows from bristles, especially when pruning a cacti garden of different shapes, thorns, and thistles. The gloves have an elastic wrist band that holds the glove in place and helps the sleeve stay in position on your arm.

Legacy Gardens gloves have been fitted with extra padding and double stitching, meaning they are meant to last a cacti lifetime. These puncture-proof garden work gloves are available in men and women’s sizes.

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GoldiFlora Cactus Gloves

After years of research and development, the German-based house and garden products company called GoldiFlora introduced its cactus gloves. Created from soft yet very stable plastic, the cactus gripping gloves guarantee an injury-free experience when repotting your cacti.

These special gloves can be worn like oven mitts. They have a slot to slide your hand into while the palm side is fitted with 3 cm long bristles that ensure optimal interlocking with the spines of the cacti. The spines allow you to handle your cactus without hurting the plant or yourself gently.

The gloves have been hailed as an indispensable cactus tool by renowned international garden magazines. GoldiFlora’s cactus gloves will effectively handle the spines and hairs of a bulky Old Lady Cactus and, at the same time, will be gentle on a 6-inch Ladyfinger Cactus.

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Stay Safe When Working Your Green Thumb

Remember to be gentle when handling cacti. Applying too much pressure can bruise your plant and will increase the chances of getting pricked.

Silicone tongs are perfect to handle cactus with fine glochids like the Bunny Ear Cactus. This is because you can avoid the sharp bristles grazing your skin and move your plant without damaging it.

For extra protection, you can wrap a towel or newspaper around a large cactus, creating a barrier between your hand and the spines and use it as a handle to relocate your plant to where you want it.

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