Can Succulents Survive in My Work Environment?

Can Succulents Survive in My Work Environment

Does the thought of walking into the office on a Monday morning fill you with utter dread? It may be because your career path has you doing the same, repetitive thing for 5 days a week, or perhaps your work environment lacks inspiration. If this scenario sounds a bit too close to yours, keep reading, we may have something that will help!

Many of us find ourselves stuck for hours under fluorescent light, surrounded by bland colored walls and the occasional exasperating colleague. Yes, this is the modern version of ‘adulting’ where we are trapped in the same drab scenery, sometimes for more than 13 hours a day, all in the name of work.

Crazy thought, right?

can succuelnts survive at work
teeny succulent @homeagainstudios

Your Office Environment Directly Correlates with Inspiration & Creativity

Your office environment should be conducive to creativity, inspire passion, and over all, make you feel comfortable enough to be a productive member of the society!

If you have had the opportunity to have a look at successful workplaces like Google, their offices transfer you from the cement and concrete jungle on the outside to an imaginary tropical rainforest on the inside. Every alcove has a plant and working areas have been created to revolve around the plant life. They have literally brought life into the building.

Google’s interior designers were on to something great when they realized how plants affect employee productivity, moral and mental stability. Unfortunately, we all can’t work at Google. What is stopping you from taking the idea and re-creating it to fit your work environment?

It won’t matter how dreary your work atmosphere is if you brought in a little something to brighten up the ambiance! Just like home feels lively with a new pet, a healthy, happy plant at your desk will definitely improve the mood of everyone around you. We are not saying go get a creeper to grow over your boss’s door, but how about a pretty little succulent?

can succulents survive at work
three little succulents @ob_curewriter

Benefits to Having Plants in the Office

1. Plants are Air Purifying

According to NASA research, plants have the ability to clean both air and water in enclosed environments. The Snake Plant and Aloe Vera are capable of removing 87% of volatile organic compounds (VOC) like benzene and formaldehyde that are found in carpets, books, and ink. Harmful toxins from chemical cleaning agents, mold, and dust mites are also greatly reduced by having a couple of these plants around you.

2. Plants Help Reduce Common Office Sickness

Plants are responsible for about 10% of moisture in the atmosphere. By improving the humidity in the room, plants can help prevent sore throats, dry coughs, colds and dry itchy skin. Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a real thing that affects a high percentage of the population, and sadly, most of them don’t even know they are suffering from it. Plants have been proven to diminish this syndrome. Therefore more plants in the office can mean less work for the HR department!

can succulents survive at work
potted succulents @theprosweddings

3. Have Your Own Personal Source of Fresh Oxygen!

Succulent plants are a natural source of fresh oxygen and improve air circulation. Basic Science states that green plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen, meaning succulents, like cacti on your desk, will give you your very own supply of fresh oxygen! Knowing that, don’t you feel special already?

4. Productivity at Work Improves

Researchers from Kansas State University found that people who directly interact with succulents have improved concentration, memory, and productivity; attributes that are necessary for any work environment.

can succulents survive at work
beautifully unique succulent @concrete_gardens

5. Plants Can Help Boost Office – Morale

Succulents can help make your office space more liveable. There is a reason office interior designers use succulents as decorative pieces. They blend perfectly with the space they are given, brighten up your desk space or reception desk, and make generally the office a warmer and friendlier place to be.

can succulents survive at work
blooming beauty @succulent_crazy_sisters

Depending on your office space and set up, (and what the boss will allow) you could improve your work environment with a small succulent in a nice coffee cup on your desk. If there are tables in the foyer, a succulent center piece is a welcoming sight for tired eyes. A succulent in the boardroom might just seal that business deal!

We have thought of a few tiny succulents you can start with that won’t clutter your desk or grow too large to become an inconvenience.

can succulents survive at work
sproutin’ @solidplants

Sansevieria Trifasciata ‘Hahnii’ – Bird’s Nest

The Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Hahnii is an adorable desk plant that will only get to 30 cm tall. It goes by various names like Bird’s Nest, Good Luck Plant, Dwarf Plant, Snake Plant, Golden Bird’s Nest and Golden Hahnii.

The leaves of this plant are green-gold in color with a wide central stripe. The leaves are oval-shaped and grow as a tight rosette. As the plant grows, the leaves start to get the shape of a vase and have off-white horizontal bands going across them.

There is the possibility of the plant blooming in summer or autumn. When it does, it produces greenish-white flowers with a sweet fragrance.

The Bird’s Nest is one of the few succulents that actually thrive in fluorescent light, making it a perfect choice for any workplace!

can succulents survive at work
bird’s nest succulent @plantsandcats_

Sansevieria Trifasciata – Snake Plant

If you have a carpeted office, then the Sansevieria Trifasciata is the perfect succulent for you. This plant is native to West Africa and goes by the names Snake Plant, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, and Viper’s Bowstring Hemp. The names might scare you off, but this plant has all the benefits of a mother’s hug.

NASA Clean Air Study proved that this evergreen perennial has the ability to remove 4 of the 5 main toxins concerned with Sick Building Syndrome. Physical irritability, difficulty concentrating, drowsiness, nausea and fatigue are some of the effects felt by people suffering from SBS. Having the Snake Plant all around the office can help relieve these symptoms.

Not only is this plant helpful, but it is also quite interesting to gaze at. The stiff leaves of the Sansevieria Trifasciata grow out vertically like snakes from a basal rosette, and as the plant gets older, the leaves turn dark green and have a light gray-green cross-banding.

The Snake Plant copes well with low light conditions and can easily cheer up any corner of your office while complementing any monotone wall paint.

can succulents survive at work
snake plant @seemyplants

Crassula Ovata – Jade Plant

What better way is there to promote business growth and boost office morale than with a traditional Asian lucky charm? The Crassula Ovata or Jade Plant has been a symbol of wealth and prosperity for centuries and is believed to channel positive financial energies.

Originally from South Africa and Mozambique, the Jade Plant only requires a few hours a day of medium light. Even though they might grow a little slower than usual, they can survive for years under fluorescent light.

The Jade Plant mimics the look of a bonsai tree and can be trimmed to look like one. The leaves of the Jade Plant are glossy, dark grey-green in color, and symbolize growth and renewal. The leaves look the same as jade coins, which in Asia represent wealth and prosperity. In early spring, this succulent will produce star-shaped flowers that may either be white or pink.

Crassula Ovata is known by many names, including Jade Tree, Money Tree/Plant, Dollar Plant, Friendship Tree, Lucky Plant, Pink Joy, Japanese, Chinese or Dwarf Rubber.

can succulents survive at work
jade plant @olivra.cactusucculents

Astrophytum Asterias – Sand Dollar Cactus

There is no better way to add some excitement to your office space than with a cactus, and the Astrophytum Asterias definitely stands out from the crowd. It’s tiny, cute, and looks like a furry pumpkin!

This small, round, spineless cactus only grows up to 2.4 inches (6 cm) tall and 6 inches (15 cm) wide. It has a disc-shaped body that is dark green in color and surrounded by 5 to 8 ribs. There are woolly areoles in the middle of each rib and it produces large, bright yellow flowers with large petals that have bright orange-red midpoints.

After the cactus blooms, it gives off green, pink, or grayish-red fruit that is covered with thick, furry hair.

This not- so- famous little guy has been previously referred to as Sand Dollar Cactus, Sea Urchin Cactus, Star Cactus, or Star Peyote.

can succulents survive at work
sand dollar cactus @mesathorny

Work Place Plants

There are plenty more succulents with a variety of shapes and colors that, with a little love, can flourish in the workplace.

Check out our article “5 Office Succulents You Wish You Had at Work

Being low maintenance plants, succulents can perform miraculously around your work schedule. If you stay faithful to the succulent watering rule of  Do Not Overwater, your office succulent should survive, even after you exhaust your leave days.

Give your succulent a drink every two to three weeks after checking to see that the soil is dry. Should you find the opportunity for your succulent to sit by a window for a few hours during the day, by all means, take it. Your succulent will thank you by showing off its vibrant colors!


can succulents survive at work
flowers & love @plantscapesbydesign

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Happy planting!?

5 Office Succulents You Wish You Had at Work

5 Office Succulents You Wish You Had for Work

Let’s face it—most offices are pretty drab. Boring white walls, harsh fluorescent lighting, and cubicles are fixtures in many offices, and they don’t make for the most inspiring work environment!

Don’t you want to be creatively inspired by the environment around you? We sure do!

Luckily, there’s a way to spice up your cubicle—office succulents! There are plenty of indoor succulents that are small enough to be grown on your desk, and today we’re going to give you a big list of them.

Here are five office succulents that will brighten up your workspace and help you get through the work week!


succulents you wish you had for work

Aloe Vera

Aloe plants have long, pointy green leaves, and are known throughout the world for their healing properties. The gel inside is great for soothing sunburns and has been used to treat all kinds of skin conditions for centuries. Many people keep Aloe gel on hand for their medicine cabinet. Rumor has it that it was even part of Cleopatra’s daily skincare routine!

Regular Aloe plants grow slowly indoors and don’t get to be too large, but you may still want to get a dwarf variety like Aloe descoingsii or haworthioides. They make great office succulents because they don’t get to be more than a few inches tall or wide.

Aloe plants do pretty well indoors as long as they get enough sunlight. If you have a reasonably bright office, your plant should be just fine! But watch out for signs that it’s not getting enough light like droopy leaves that grow downwards instead of upwards.

If this happens to your plant, you may have to set up some artificial lights at your desk. Bringing a grow light into the office isn’t too extra, right?

Are you loving the Aloe Vera plant info? Check out this Spiral Aloe Polyphylla!

succulents you wish you had for work
spirling aloe… the best kind of aloe @succulentcity

Christmas Cactus—Schlumbergera

The Christmas Cactus is known for its bright, beautiful blooms. They flower right around Christmas, which is how they got their name. Their flowers may be red, pink, orange, purple, or cream.

Surprisingly, the Christmas Cactus is native to the tropical rainforests of Brazil, not the desert! It grows on trees branches in the canopy and loves the humidity of the rainforest.

You probably don’t have a tree growing in the middle of your office, so you can plant your cactus in regular container soil and it’ll do just fine! Just remember to water it more often than you water your other cacti, because it likes a more humid environment. Once a week should be enough, but watch your plant for signs of dehydration like limpness. Here’s a perfect- sized watering bottle we found that’ll fit right in your desk drawer!

As far as light requirements go, this cactus doesn’t need much, which is why it’s a perfect office succulent. It likes partial shade better than bright sunlight, so it should do well on your desk even if it isn’t near a window. Learn more about the Christmas Cactus here!

succulents you wish you had for work
pink Christmas cactus @fishnsucculentz

Jade Plant—Crassula Ovata

Jade plants are said to bring good luck and prosperity, so they’re a great plant to keep on your desk! They’re known as the dollar plant and are often kept near the entrances of offices, restaurants, and shops in China to attract customers and profits.

Jade plants are the best office succulents not only because they bring good fortune, but also because they do well in low light conditions and stay small, especially if you prune them. They don’t take up too much space and you won’t have to haul a grow light into your office to keep them healthy… score!

They’re super pretty, too, which is a bonus! Take a look at our Jade Plant article here for more photos and an in-depth guide on caring for these beautiful plants. They look like tiny trees because they have woody stems and glossy green leaves. Some Jade plants have round leaves and others like the ‘Gollum’ variety have beautiful tubular leaves. Any variety would look adorable sitting on your desk, especially if you plant it in a cute planter like this one!

succulents you wish you had for work
beautiful close up of a Jade @mygreenheart73

Snake Plant—Sansevieria Trifasciata

Is your office kinda stuffy? If it doesn’t have great air quality and circulation, you may want to think about getting a snake plant.

Snake plants remove harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, and xylene from the air. Really? Yes, really!

Your office probably has some of these and other toxic chemicals floating around in the air—they’re found in everything from aerosol sprays, like Lysol, and cleaning products to carpets and flooring.

The good news is that snake plants are very effective at removing these toxins. NASA put it on a list of the best air-purifying plants, so you’ll be safe from harmful chemicals as long as this plant is on your desk!

We couldn’t resist, so here’s our 

Snake plants are beautiful, so you won’t mind them being there on your desk one bit, especially in a trendy planter like one of these 12! They have gorgeous green leaves that stand nice and tall. Some varieties have different colors along the edges of their leaves, which just adds to their prettiness! Check out our article devoted to the snake plant to learn proper care and to see some additional photos of this beautiful plant!

Some varieties also have a more compact growth habit, which makes them perfect office succulent plants! Try to find a Whitney or Futura Superba snake plant. They both have beautiful variegated leaves and won’t get too large for your desk. 

succulents you wish you had for work
stand tall @bayareasucculents_

Haworthia Succulents

Haworthias are the perfect office succulents because they’re so small and cute! They’ll never get to be too big for your workspace—the biggest ones are only 12 inches in diameter and a few inches tall.

We love this plant’s dark green, pointy leaves. They’re usually covered with white dots or stripes, which makes them so visually interesting, and why the Haworthia Fasciata is referenced as the Zebra Plant! Maybe we can’t keep Haworthias on our desk… we might never stop looking at them, which would really hamper our productivity! But if you believe you’re strong enough to handle it, try potting yours in this gorgeous two-toned ceramic pot!

Haworthias are pretty low maintenance, so if you have a brown thumb, this is the plant for you. They do well in low light conditions and don’t need a whole lot of water, so they’re a great no-fuss plant for your workspace.

To learn more about the proper care for Haworthias, where to find them, and propagation tips, head over to our article here!

succulents you wish you had for work
gorgeous haworthia @rennyshaworthia

Gasteria Succulents

Gasteria is derived from the Latin word for stomach. This rare succulent got the name Gasteria because people think it’s shaped like a stomach! We don’t really see what they’re talking about, though.

We think that Gasteria plants look a lot more like tongues because of the shape of their leaves, so their nickname “Ox Tongue” makes a lot more sense to us!

If you can get your hands on one of these uncommon succulents, it makes a great office plant! It tolerates low light conditions and is pretty low maintenance overall. Plus, its unusual shape will probably be a great conversation starter with your coworkers!

For some more helpful hints on caring for indoor succulents, make sure you read up on this article here!

succulents you wish you had for work
little gasteria @miss_matitas

Are you concerned your office environment may or may not be ideal for succulents? We’ve shared a helpful guide for you! Head over to our article, Can Succulents Survive in My Work Environment to find out.

Those are the five best office succulents! Now that you’ve seen them, are any of them on your wishlist? Gasteria plants are on ours… we think that their asymmetrical shapes are pretty fun and cute!

Let us know which succulent was your favorite in the comments below!

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Happy planting!