Essential Things to Consider Before Making a Succulent Terrarium

Aquariums that are full of different species of fish are quite a sensational decor idea to add to the interior of your home. And what’s even better is a terrarium, whose originating idea is typically similar to the aquarium, but instead of animals, it has plants. The exciting thing about a terrarium is that the options of succulents to include in your newly found project are very diverse. You can choose to incorporate any other plants with your succulents. Examples like air plants, conifers, moss could look fantastic.

Before we even get to the nitty-gritty, you must know that there is no one golden formula in making the perfect terrarium. Each terrarium is unique to the other and portrays a fragment of the creator’s imagination. Unquestionably, anything from the mind is limitless. And for that reason, all we can do if offer you guidance to facilitate the making of your succulent terrarium. Well, without further ado, let’s get down to the guidelines.


Container selection

This is the pivot point of your whole project and also the starting point. The very essence of making a succulent terrarium is to get a chance to exercise your creativity and show off your creation in the best way possible. Luckily any surface that can hold soil for a plant to anchor itself and thrive on is a likely site.

So much so, you can use glass, wood, metal, concrete, and even plastic, among others. But you have to keep in mind that the container you chose has to be breathable for your flora and one that complements their natural beauty. That means you have to have already thought of the drainage and ventilation systems of your garden. Such that when you water the plants, the excess can drain through the drainage holes.

You are free to choose the size and the material of the growing site according to your vision.

Plant selection

This is yet another significant part of the project. As mentioned earlier, your succulent selection is one broad one, but you have to keep a few things in mind before you choose the plants you are to select.

First of all, you have to pick species that thrive in similar soil mixes, climates, sunlight, and have related watering needs. This is because they are to be planted side by side, and will ideally be exposed to the same external factors all year round. And if you fail to do this, some may die, leaving patches on your garden.

Secondly, you have to consider the growth habit of a particular succulent. Some plants grow upwards, others thrive on the surface, and others need support to grow. This part is crucial, and if something is not considered, the succulent terrarium will not be in balance.

Thirdly and most excitingly, is the appearance of the succulents. Such that if you are to create a forest theme terrarium, you go for tree-looking species to complete the picture. Here you also consider the colors of the plants and the sizes that they grow to at maturity.

For plant selection, you also have to look into the active and inactive growing seasons and maintain a balance such that your succulent terrarium remains green all year round.

The right materials and tools for the job

So after you have looked into the container to use and have settled on the plants, next is gathering all the materials needed for your project. The first material to collect is a well-drained soil mix, either pre-made or individual components. You also need to get small relics that help give life to your succulent terrarium. For instance, tiny houses, cars, bridges, people, and decorative pebbles, among others.

The tools you are likely to use are garden scopes, watering cans, measuring cans, sharp, sterile blades, and gardening gloves. Gloves keep you safe from prickling spikes and irritating plant saps. Lastly, you need to have a plan for your project on paper to facilitate a seamless project.

Final word

Terrariums are a great DIY project that every member of your family can take part in. And as mentioned above, the imagination is limitless, so get your hands dirty, get creative, and make your masterpiece one-of-a-kind succulent terrarium.

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums – Succulent lovers Buying Guide

You don’t always have to keep your succulents in pots. Well, they are still beautiful that way – with all the colors and shapes. But you know what’s more breathtaking? Succulent Terrariums. You’ll find the following list of succulent terrariums a valuable resource.

That beauty holed up in a transparent container. If you’re looking to spruce up those interiors even further, then throwing in a few terrariums might just be a good option. Besides that, the terrarium is a new feather to your gardening hat. It presents an opportunity to explore new plant-care horizons – which can be exciting. Especially if it turns out to be successful.

Ready to take the jump? Or maybe you’ve already jumped so you’re looking for some more additions?

1. A Mini-House of Beauty

Terrariums come in a variety of shapes – just like succulents. And a house-shaped one is among the outstanding forms.

Most available options are just the right size for that limited space you might want to liven up – a windowsill, tabletop or a counter. Got some tiny succulents you want to show off?

The house-shaped terrarium offers a great way to set up a tiny garden – an outstanding one at that – right inside the house where you deem fit. Just plug those succulents in and watch them come to life.

Keeping the lid open (most have it) will go a long way in adding on that glow – and ensuring they don’t die.

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
A Mini-house of Beauty @dewdropgarden_yyc

2. Pentagon Terrarium – Eye-Candy Addition

Still, on shapes, a pentagonal terrarium is another great option. Well, this can be an astounding piece by itself. But then that would be a waste to a certain extent.

You can make use of that space by sticking in a few small succulents of your liking – of course, after introducing the ideal planting medium. By the way, some pieces come ready-made to grow small succulents as they allow water to pass through.

That means no long periods of sogginess. We all know what that does to your plants.

On the flip side, you’ll have to take your terrarium out (with the plants) when it’s watering time. You don’t want a mess on your otherwise chic tabletop or shelf.

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
Pentagon Terrarium @craftisan.decor

3. The Perfect Hanging Decoration

Regular hanging planters are ideal for trailing succulents – that’s for a larger part. What about hanging terrariums?

Just about anything succulent.

And as with above other terrariums, a hanging terrarium will be good with several types of tiny succulents. What’s more impressive is the fact that you hang more than one of these fairytale-like gardens. So as per your budget – and your preference – you can set as many floating gardens as possible, showcasing a lot more succulents.

That’s not all.

You can add more pomp by hanging the terrariums in groups of defined numbers – 2s, 3s, etc. – and at intervals. Beauty in the air.

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
Hanging succulent terrarium @localplantshop

4. Globular Terrarium

A globular terrarium brings the desert right into your interiors

The desert appeal here is just undeniable. A mix of cacti and aloe vera and the bare pebbles in between – a perfect mockup of the dry environment these beauties call home.

It’s easy to get caught up day-dreaming the drylands yonder. And that’s the beauty of it. You can easily mimic nature’s green with a few plants. But a whole terrain?

This is just one of the few instances where that is possible; thanks to the perfect fusion of succulents and the terrarium.

Check out this set of globe succulent terrariums we found!

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
Globular succulent terrarium @kimberlitedesign

5. The Two-in-One Setup

So far we’ve talked about lone terrariums. But single disjointed pieces aren’t the order of the day.

This pair with an S-shaped stand terrains does bring a whole new perspective to the scene. And you can use it in so many ways aside from displaying your precious succulents.

For instance, you can make a party centerpiece or propping up candles when the whole crowd is gone.

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
The two-in-one setup

6. You Don’t Have to Use That Many Succulents to Make an Impact

Succulents are so varied in terms of all the things that matter – types, shapes, sizes, and colors. Having a terrarium with a mix of all these bells and whistles is only natural – the blend can be heavenly.

But you’re mistaken to think this is the end all be all of appreciating the beauty of succulents. This single succulent terrarium comes out pretty strong in sprucing up your interiors.

Plus, it is way easier to look out for especially when you’re just starting out with houseplants.

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
Succulent Terrarium with many succulents inside @loved_bynature

7. Your Wall is Also a Perfect Display

We’ve seen tabletops, shelves, and windowsills as the perfect avenues to display your succulent terrariums. Additionally, you can suspend them as pointed out above.

Your wall is also just an ideal spot. But of course, you won’t be putting up any of the above on it. Is it even possible?

I doubt it.

That’s where these awesome wall-hanging types come in handy. They offer a great way for you to accessorize that wall with lots of plant life.


Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
Succulent Terrarium @home_is_where_the_garden_is

8. New Development – Bowls with Legs

Apparently, terrarium bowls could use a bit of propping up. You can stick on some wooden pegs to your bowels and observe the ensuing change.

They bring a certain kind of sophistication in your interiors that’s hard to come by if the bowls were sitting on their bases.

Some of the favorites here @SucculentCity

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Happy Planting! 🌵

Top Terrariums for Air Plants- Different Types Of Planters

You just got home from the nursery with a bunch of beautiful Tillandsias. You handpicked the best air plants that the nursery had to offer, and you’re stoked to display them in your home.

But where are you going to put them?

You can plant Tillandsia on pieces of driftwood, in hanging metal planters, and even in sea urchin shells! But our favorite place to plant them is in a glass terrarium, so today we thought we’d share our favorite ones with you. You can’t go wrong with any of the terrariums on this list—they’re all gorgeous!

Without further ado, here are the top terrariums for air plants!

Geometric Copper Terrarium

Tillandsia plant looks great in modern, geometric planters like this one! All of the edges of this glass terrarium are outlined in rose gold or copper metal depending on which design you choose. Either one is gorgeous, so you really can’t go wrong!

Terrarium has a big opening, so your air plant is sure to get enough circulation in this terrarium. The size of the terrarium opening also makes it super easy for you to water your plant without removing it from their little home. Just grab a spray bottle, like this one we use in the office from time to time, and mist them regularly to keep them nice and hydrated.

This Terrarium planter comes in two sizes—small or medium. Bigger is better, so we say go for the medium size. The terrarium gives you a great excuse to get more air plants if you don’t have enough to fill it!

Light Bulb Terrariums

We think this light bulb terrarium is such a bright idea! It’s not really light bulbs, but it looks just like them and gives the same cool effect. Check them out, here!

The terrarium comes with jute strings that you can use to hang them from the ceiling, and they have openings in the middle that allow any plants you put in them to get enough circulation.

They’re a lot more functional than a real, repurposed light bulb would be, so it’s worth spending the $11.99 to get them! They come in a pack of three, so we think they’re a great value. This brand also has another variety that includes a light bulb with two hole- openings— giving your air plants some extra room to grow! Check those out here.

Oh before we forget! We’ve been able to collaborate with Amazon and their Prime Membership for all of our succulent lovers here on Succulent City. Grab yourself a 30 day free trial here and enjoy the benefits of prime. We’ve used it to get new office succulents within 2 days! You can say we’re a tad bit addicted…

Hanging Glass Terrarium Kit

We love this hanging terrarium! It comes with a beautiful metal stand that has some nice scroll details. The scrolls make this terrarium look extra pretty and whimsical. It would be the perfect vehicle for a little fairy garden full of adorable plants and accessories like these!

This terrarium also comes with two Tillandsia plants and some black and silver rocks, so it has everything you need to get your mini garden started! It’s a great value at $28.00 considering you get air plants and rocks, too.

For more inspiring hanging plants for your air plants and other succulents, check out our top 5 choices here!

Tabletop Glass Plant Terrarium

These tabletop terrariums are modern, classic and simple, which is just the way we like our planters! They’ll go with pretty much any decor because they have such a streamlined, minimalist design. They’ll really let your air plants shine, too, because they don’t have many details that will take attention away from them. Take a look, here!

These terrariums come in a set of three. They all have the same round shape and an opening at the top that lets air in, which is great for air plants. They derive some of their nutrients from the air, so they definitely need the good airflow that these terrariums provide!

At just $12.20, this set is a great deal—you’re only paying $4 for each terrarium!

Tall Geometric Tabletop Terrarium

The shape of this tall, geometric glass terrarium kind of reminds us of geodes, like this, (which would look great in your terrarium by the way)! It has an organic, irregular shape that looks super modern and cool.

It comes in three sizes-small, medium, and large. Definitely go for the large size, though! It’s 9.8 inches tall, which makes it a much more striking and beautiful centerpiece than the smaller sized terrariums. It would look gorgeous in your dining room or living room table with a bunch of votive candles around it!

This terrarium for air plants also comes in two different finishes. You can get it with either matte black metal or gold metal if you want a nice shiny finish.

It’s only $29.99 for the large size, which we think is a great deal. It has tons of space for your air plants and will become a real focal point of whatever room you put it in, so it’s worth splurging on!

Teardrop Terrarium Set

We love terrariums that have unique, interesting shapes, like these! In this set, there are two teardrop-shaped and one globe-shaped terrarium for air plants. They’re all a nice size—the teardrop terrariums are 7 by 4 and the globe is 5 by 5, so you’ll be able to fit plenty of air plants in them! They have a nice, big opening that allows plenty of air to get to your Tillandsia plant, too.

They all come with long pieces of twine that you can use to hang them. Two of them have flat bottoms, so you could also set them on your end table or coffee table and they’d look just as nice!

Terrarium Display End Table

We saved the best terrarium for air plants for last! This end table doubles as a terrarium, and it’s just about the coolest thing we’ve ever seen! The terrarium is where the drawer would usually go, and it’s made entirely of glass, so you can see your air plants from pretty much any angle.

The drawer is pretty deep, so you can fit a lot of Tillandsia and rocks in there! Surprisingly, the drawer also has air holes on the sides that will provide air circulation for your plants. We thought for sure that this type of terrarium would be closed, but the genius people who designed this managed to work some air holes into it!

This end table has gold legs and some metal accents, but otherwise it’s made almost entirely of glass. The almost- fully- glass design gives it a really elegant and delicate look. It would be a beautiful showpiece in almost any room in the house. We could see this table being used as a nightstand in a bedroom, or sitting next to a couch or chair as a side table. Wherever you keep it, it’s sure to be a conversation starter.


Those are the top terrariums for air plants according to us here at Succulent City! Which ones are your favorites?

We’re in love with that terrarium end table and it’s definitely going in our cart, we’re hoping it comes this weekend! Let us know which ones you’re going to buy in the comments section below!

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Happy planting! ?