Succulent Garden Accessories


Invest a little money in these cute accessories for tending to your lovely plants, and your succulents will thank you for it. 

It may be your first time checking out the wonderful world that is succulent gardening, or you may have some previous experience with these little beauties under your belt. 

Either way, one rule applies – the amount of time, devotion, and care you give your succulents, has a direct effect on how healthy they end up growing. Remember, you get what you give.

That said, our in-house botanical expert has put together a helpful list of various tools and accessories that will take your succulent experience to the next level.

From the basics like planters and tools to more technical items such as soil humidity and temperature monitors, Succulent City has you covered!

Planters and Containers

Concrete Planters

Everyone at the office fell in love with these uber cute concrete pots from EMSAYstudio! 

The geometric shapes give the pots a modern, stylish look that will add class and style to any space. 

Everybody at the office wanted one for their desk, so we ended up ordering 17! 

Currently Available on Etsy for $18.63 – what are you waiting for?!

Terracotta and Ceramic Planters

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04/20/2021 02:37 pm GMT

Our in-house botanical expert suggests, “use pots and containers made from ceramic or terracotta due to their semi-permeable nature which allows for adequate water and airflow.” 

These mini clay terracotta pots from Juvale will help keep your succulents nice, healthy, and snug. 

What’s more, they come in a set of 12! That is way enough space to fit all your favorite succulents.

Get them from Amazon for $22.99

Plastic Succulent Planters

These eye-catching, colorful plastic planters by Czshangei are sure to brighten up even the bleakest of rooms. 

These cute little plastic pots come in a set of 24 planters and 24 trays for the planter to sit on. 

Each set of 24 planters come in an array of rainbow colors: purple, pink, white, baby blue, lime green, and yellow.

As if that isn’t reason enough to put these planters in your shopping cart, for every set purchased, you get a bunch of three mini gardening tools (a spade, a rake, and a hoe) free!

Get it from Amazon for $9.99

Gardening Gloves

Succulents like the cactus have thorns that can easily puncture human skin if the owner is not careful.[2]  Secretions from some succulent plants can cause skin irritation or inflammation. A solid pair of gardening gloves will protect you from possible thorn accidents and insect bites. 

Thorn-proof Gardening Gloves

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Leather gloves are best suited for this purpose, and HANDLADY offers these fantastic pair of elbow-length, breathable, pigskin leather gardening gloves. 

The breathable nature ensures your hands are cool and sweat-free even on the hottest summer days. Oh, did we mention they are puncture resistant as well? 

Get them from Amazon for $16.80.

Drainage Screens

A drainage screen is a mesh that you place at the bottom of the succulent pot before filling it with soil.

It ensures the soil does not fall through the pot’s drainage holes when watering and prevents[3]  bugs and insects from getting to the plants’ roots. 

Shemist Flowerpot Mesh Pad

Shemist offers 100 pieces of polyester-made, round mesh pad. 

It is strong enough to hold the soil properly in place and regulate water flow.

Get the Shemist Flower Pot Hole from Amazon for the budget price of $5.99.

Soil Humidity Monitor

A lot of people have a hard time deciding when to water their succulents. With the change in seasons, the soil’s water level may vary, making it somewhat tricky figuring out when to water your succulents. If this rings true for you, have no fear, the soil moisture monitor is here!

Gouven moisture meter

The Gouevn Soil Moisture Meter is a simple but powerful piece of equipment. 

Just stick the pointy end in the soil, and voila! It will accurately give you the moisture level, which you can then use to develop an appropriate water management plan. 

Get the Gouevn Soil Moisture Meter from Amazon for an excellent $9.98.

Succulent Organizing Bag and Toolkit

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Succulents are sensitive plants and therefore require gentle care. 

A standard size shovel is a bit too big when you are dealing with succulents and could end up hurting the plants.

The CALIFORNIA PICNIC STORE offers a beautiful succulent garden tool kit with all the essentials – a shovel, spade, rake, scoop, curved tweezers, and much more. 

It is all in a durable, heavy-duty tote bag with multiple pockets to keep all your tools safe and organized. 

The succulent organizing bag and toolkit are available on Amazon for $13.97. 

Pot soil/Soil Mix & Top Dressing 

Succulents love porous soil, which allows for sufficient water drainage and airflow. Adding sand and perlite/pumice to your soil will help you achieve that. You can easily make a batch of potting soil for your succulents at home with only three contents, that is:

  1. Regular potting soil
  2. Coarse sand
  3. Perlite or Pumice

Overwatering is the biggest concern for your succulents. A soil mix of the above ingredients will help you develop the perfect medium for growing your succulents.

Cactus and succulent potting mix

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04/20/2021 03:36 pm GMT

Not everyone has the time, resources, or freedom to DIY their soil mix. If this is the case for you, Dr. Earth has a beautiful Organic Cactus and Succulent Potting Mix that is a favorite among succulent enthusiasts, 

Get a 9-pound bag on Amazon for $13.32

Top Dressing for Succulents

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Topdressing for succulents is primarily used to accentuate the beauty of your plants. 

You can use colorful pebbles, different shades of gravel, crushed charcoal, rocks, and moss to highlight your plants’ unique qualities. 

Succulents are mainly popular due to their visual appeal. Topdressing ideas are focused on maximizing this appeal to make your succulents look unique. 

Midwest Hearth offers a 2-pound bag of gleaming white polished pebbles perfect for your succulent containers/garden. 

Get it on Amazon for $10.95!

Be sure to visit the Succulent City Plant Lounge on Facebook. Here you can meet other succulent lovers from across the globe. Read their experiences, hear their stories and learn their remedies.

Tips and Tricks for Succulent Farming

  • Remove any excess offsets or plantlets that have started growing around your plants. They will compete with your primary plants for water and nutrients. 
  • Ensure your pots and flowerbeds have a proper drainage system to ensure there is no stagnating water that can cause root rot or other problems for your plants.
  • Many people often suggest root separation. It requires you to uproot your plant gently then separate the roots’ tentacles before soiling the plant back in. Root separation will ensure the roots of your plants have enough surface area to gather nutrients.
  • Learn to take maximum advantage of the available terrain by utilizing elevation points, crevices, and slopes to manage water flow, sunlight, and nutrients.


Succulents can help you change the vibe, energy, and look of any location – indoors or outdoors. It lets you achieve a pretty interesting look through organic – mostly DIY – means. 

A succulent enthusiast has a ton of options on their hands to mix and match. Like a kid in a candy store, the colossal range of colors, shapes, textures, and plants’ sizes paves the path for endless creative potential. 

The Importance of Having Succulent Art at Your home

Why is Succulet Art Important?

Succulent arts are more appealing, attractive, and even inspiring at your home. Therefore, you need to settle with them whenever planning to design your compound at large. Studies show that having plants at your house mainly creates a vision of a more welcoming home. Plants offer a wide range of merits such as positively reduced stress, boosting creativity and productivity, absorption of unwanted noise and humidity regulations, and even makes you breathe fresh air.

Succulent art improves homes

Most people worldwide grow succulents’ plants at their home’s dues to its strong ability to survive in versatile of climatic conditions. In fact, these plants usually grow naturally regardless of climatic surroundings. 

Succulents’ arts are enhancing your house looks and bloom in season, therefore, splashing your home with colorful canvas.

Succulents’ arts assist in air purification.   

The blog post “water for house environments and plants clean air” that has recently gone viral to the public majorly outline how the great NASA professionals are using succulents’ plants, particularly in a Biohome. This unique research describes that wide-rarities of succulent arts remove organic toxin compounds from the atmosphere.

Primarily, succulents’ plants produce vapor that lately generates pumping action, which pulls volatile air from the plant’s roots. Eventually, these contaminates transform into food for plants and thus purifying the entire air at your home.

Succulents’ arts pivots homes’ humidity.   

Since these plants give more water, they probably boost absolute humidity. Always remember, the more moisture, the more you can comfortably avoid widespread health conditions. Such health problems include itch skin, dry cough, common colds, and a sore throat.

Succulents’ arts boost the focus.  

According to the recent disease prevention and controls study centers, there is approximately 11 percent of children living United states possessing ADHD condition.  Besides that, both adults and kids showcase few severe challenges with attention. However, the great Richard Louv author, in his 2005 book, outlines the concept of nature issues disorder and even frequently exposure to natural light.

Regardless of the form the plant presents, it is the best remedy for child focusing attributes.

Succulents’ arts enhance memory. 

According to the University of Michigan psychology report, there are more merits whenever someone decides to interact with nature positively. This involves planting plants in your home, visiting a park, check on the flora photographs frequently. By doing so, you probably enhance your retention capability by approximately 20 percent.

How to get outstanding succulent art for your home 

I was employed at a particular school many years ago to teach, where there were no natural light traces in their classrooms. But I successfully managed to have succulent art alive! Please note that plants bring joy and beauty to your life. Also, you need to ensure you take them out, particularly during the summer season, to boost their survival. Some people find it challenging to determine which plant will probably suit their homes. If you are that kind of person, then you should worry less because you are on the right track to achieve greatness. 

Here some of the top-notch succulents’ arts that will improve your home outlook:

Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

spider plant
Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) @Amazon

This particular plant mostly requires little maintenance and is accompanied by frequently watering. In most cases, they present sprout cute spider babies, particularly at the top of their leaves. Furthermore, these plants can be easily propagated and even shared between staff members and students’ projects.  

Snake Plant (Sansevieria) 

snake plant
Snake Plant (Sansevieria)  @Amazon

The plant is typically known as the mother-in-law’s tongue. This means that the plant can withstand any conditions planted. Make sure to cover it with outstanding ignored and splatter paint to boost its natural growth. However, this plant suits well into a low maintenance schedule.

Amazing ZZ plant (Zamioculcas)    

amazing zz plant
Amazing ZZ plant (Zamioculcas) @Amazon

This is one of many succulent arts with an incredible feature that will pivot your home appearances. The plant grows well with little water and even sunlight when carefully maintained. The plant isn’t affected by the home’s fluorescent bulb light because it is the only source of light needed.

Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum Aureum)  

devil ivy
Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum Aureum)  @Amazon

If you are a newbie in succulent arts, then I would recommend you begin with this specific plant due to its low maintenance routine. In most scenarios, these plants are tucked into clear corners regardless of the sunlight reaches to them. They provide attractive and impressive trailing leaves at their maturity stage, and that increases your home outlook.

Jade plant (Crassula Ovata)

jade plant
Jade plant (Crassula Ovata) @Amazon 

This plant is relatively tolerant and easy to grow in the house. Also, these houseplants are most outstanding from a propagation perspective. The next step you might strike after planting them into your home is the plant propagation approach.

Air Succulents plants (Tillandsia)

air succulents plants
Air Succulents plants (Tillandsia) @Pinterest

Those people who never heard about the famous air plants, these fantastic plants are pretty magical. The unique thing about them is that they don’t require any soil particles to thrive. Generally, they mostly grow within large tree branches, and thus air plants don’t need more natural light. You will only water them at least once per week, and their outstanding scales features on their leaves will retain moisture. In other words, this fantastic scales on their leaves make them absorb the humidity that plants require evenly.  

These houseplants usually appear stunning within a particular glass terrarium, or sometimes they look hanging from a mobile.

Great ideas for succulents’ arts in your house

Succulents’ arts offer more than just making your entire home welcoming and inspiring. As the succulent art enthusiasm, you need to try these fantastic ideas, particularly incorporating plants in your respective home.

  • Maximize the use of these plants whenever practicing various observational drawings. 
  • You can assign students tasks to maintain the succulent art, and that makes them develop responsibility virtue.
  • Carefully use different kinds of colored succulents’ arts as the best way for table identification.
  • As a wise teacher, you need to propagate several plants for your students’ succulents’ art projects like the famous potted pinch pots.
  • The best move is to design chia pets and even maximize the chia seeds or grow heathier green hair grass. 

The Importance of the Succulent Puzzle

What are Succulent Puzzles?

Nowadays, many people globally spend much of their time in their respective homes in different circumstances such as bad weather conditions, poor health status, or world health pandemic, thus engaging in various succulent puzzles. These puzzles are an excellent way to have fun and even fill the time at the end of the day. Therefore, many people are trying hard to find the rightful puzzle to hang on to. If you are the kind of person addicted to puzzles, I would recommend you resort to the famous and funniest 1,000- pieces of nostalgic food.

succulent puzzle
Succulent puzzle @Pinterest

That particular puzzle makes you spend more time puzzling through corners of Pepsi cans, Hostess treats, cereal boxes, and much more. Succulent puzzle has recently risen its popularity on different kinds of the online platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced many to stay indoors. It has been difficult to purchase new puzzle stock as many people have resorted to them, raising its demands. The most reason why the company had sold out its entire inventory was due to its old-fashioned state. 

Also, the stock had quickly run out because they were selling them at a low price.

Please note the succulent’s puzzles company has heavily invested in offline puzzles. Therefore, you don’t need digital service. Succulent puzzles are not only enjoyable and challenging tasks but are pretty good for brain engagement. In most cases, they usually help to relieve tension and boredom. Besides that, solving the specific succulent puzzle is a challenging task that benefits many people regardless of age.

According to the Yale University research report, when people collaborate on a specific puzzle, they will crack it. Thus reducing stress. In 2014, the Kiddos professionals found that it eventfully boosts their spatial skills whenever children engage in a sure puzzle. By doing so, children will have the powerful understanding capability to help them achieve greatness in their studies.

The rise of succulent puzzles

Seniors in societies should engage themselves in puzzling activities as the best way to avoid depression and stress. This move helps them improve their brain skills positively and even acts as the best mechanism to maintain the entire brain’s health. According to Harvard’s McLean Hospital research, the succulent puzzle mainly maintains the brain’s sharpness as we grow old. Also, wide varieties of brain games make the older minds retain their speedy processing, reaction time, decision making, and many more.

However, these puzzles aren’t the only mechanism to keep your mental activity orderly. You may also try things such as the famous Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and Scramble. Generally, playing, dancing, and painting majorly boost mental activity. Please note that the Sudoku puzzle happens to be challenging, particularly puzzling with many people at once. Furthermore, it is tough to pack its tuba on vacation.

Why are Succulent Puzzles so Interesting?

Succulent puzzles are more fun and easier to play with many members. These puzzles offer a relaxing mood and even more challenging that makes people turned into geniuses in the long run. For instance, Bill Gates, the top-rated business guru globally, usually packs Succulent puzzles, especially during his beloved family vacation. Always remember, it is complicated to argue with puzzle enthusiasm fans on a versatile success story.

Therefore, recover those old-fashioned puzzles, or you may purchase a new one in the market. Also, playing together with the unique succulent puzzles is the best approach a family can take. Succulent puzzles are the most outstanding gifts for adults and kids. Bear in mind that a wide range of succulent puzzles is manufactured with excellent recycled materials. These materials produce randomly and even interlocking juicy shapes, making it a better puzzle manufacturing experience. The company ensures that the product is of higher quality, thick thus enhancing the framing and mounting process.

Succulent puzzles artwork

Since the company has heavily invested in employing the best artists, their products are specifically incredible and grab customers’ attention. The artists usually receive their awards for doing tasks amicably. As the wise puzzle’s fun, you need to take your gift or award someone to extend the fun. Such remarkable gifts include 500 pieces or 1000 pieces that primarily measures approximately 20 x 15 or 30 x 20 fully packed.

The succulent puzzles company produce wide ranges of commodities such as amazing animal picture, summer beach pictures, outstanding natural scenery pictures, and many more. It is tough to choose specific images due to their beautiful appearance. But these pictures are the most attractive and entertaining for the family. Succulent puzzles make many families stay away from their respective smartphones and extensively engage in challenging and exciting puzzle enthusiasm.

Adults should consider taking the 1000-piece puzzle. It offers an exciting and challenging puzzle fan. It mainly measures approximately 30 x 24 when fully packed. However, its entire pieces vary with size but typically, they measure about 1 x 1 ¼. They specifically suit both kids and adults.

As mentioned above, the company’s artists produce incredible artwork presented on a wide range of succulent puzzles.

Here are some of the top-notch succulent’s puzzles features and their details:

  • The company’s support services are friendly and even around the clock to solve their customers’ issues. Also, there is an ultimate period of approximately 365 days that gives the customer rest assured shopping experience.
  • Succulent puzzles are designed with top-quality wood that makes them more durable and more rigid. Furthermore, these materials are corrosion and even moisture resistant. Besides, they are tough to break and even bend, especially in humid conditions.
  • Most succulent puzzles are of quality materials and carefully cut by special precision equipment. Their pieces are precisely printed with top-quality paint as well as great pixel patterns. This perspective makes them more attractive and colorful.
  • In most scenarios, the company ensures that the 500 pieces size puzzle ranges between 20.5 x 14.9. On the other hand, the famous 1000 pieces size puzzle fully completes ranges around 29.5 x19.7. Generally, the thickness of a coin resembles the pieces of the puzzle.
  • Succulents’ puzzles are mainly built for adults and kids, accompanied by the stipulated guidelines needed on their patterns. Succulent puzzles happen to be the most challenging puzzle around the globe. If you get stuck in assembling them, you can comfortably arrange them in alphabetical order.        

Succulent Christmas Tree


The Christmas tree is primus inter pares among the building blocks of Christmas cheer. Lack of a Christmas tree can dampen the Christmas mood and sometimes get you some bewildered stares from disapproving neighbors. Doesn’t this fellow believe in Christmas?

It doesn’t matter what else you have done to prepare for Christmas. It will always seem incomplete without the tree.

Unfortunately, whether you will have a Christmas tree or not is usually not a matter of choice. Several factors beyond your control come into play. One of these factors is space. People who live in small spaces such as apartments are usually unable to accommodate the traditional pine during Christmas.

Don’t fret if you are in this predicament. Succulents can come to your aid. You wouldn’t be alone in having this kind of Christmas tree as the trend is catching on with increased demand in the recent past.

Other Christmas Trees

There are other small Christmas trees that you can use in your small space, but none of them is like a succulent Christmas tree. These trees are among the value-added products of these house plants.

Their standard height is typically between six and twelve, and they came with all the adornments you will find on a traditional pine Christmas tree.

The trees are usually made from a combination of different succulents. Thus, you have, in the same tree, a combination of rosettes, beautifully shaped exotic leaves, mermaid tails, and other succulents in different colors and shapes.

These trees’ original intent was to meet the needs the owners of small homes owners during Christmas but are still cute enough to have in a big house. You can also decide to make or buy the trees and keep them around even in other seasons.

Succulent Christmas Tree

Succulent Christmas trees are alive for longer, which is one of its advantages. You don’t have to toss them out after spending money on them. Repot the cuttings to form individual succulents that you can use to decorate your home all year round.

You can buy a succulent Christmas tree online from one of the dealers. Do a careful search online and visit succulent sellers and landscapers before deciding which one to buy.

Read the rest of the article first, please, because it will help you choose a good tree and maintain the one you have.

You need various supplies if you decide to make your own succulent Christmas tree as follows.

  1. A conical frame the size of the Christmas tree you want to make. The most common option is one made of chicken wire mesh.
  2. Sphagnum moss
  3. Breathable liner
  4. Succulent cuttings of different sized


  1. Take the conical frame and line it with the breathable liner.
  2. Dip the sphagnum moss soak it in a bucket of clean water, and stuff it into the now lined conical frame.
  3. Put the conical frame in a pot with the broader end sitting in the pot.
  4. Fill the remaining gaps in the pot with potting mix.
  5. Cut some holes on the liner and stick the succulent cuttings into sphagnum moss, starting with the biggest and medium-sized ones. Fill in the remaining gaps with the smaller cuttings to form your desired patterns.
  6. Add Christmas decorations accordingly.  

The process of making these Christmas trees is relatively straightforward, but you need to consider the types of succulents whose cuttings you will use to make the tree. Check to see if the seller has used the right ones if you want to buy.  

Echeveria Elegans 

echeveria elegans
Echeveria Elegans @Amazon

Also known as the Mexican snowball. It has rosettes, and it does well indoors when it is exposed to enough light. It is one of the ‘hen and chicks’ succulents.

Crassula Ovata 

crassula ovata
Crassula Ovata @Amazon

This succulent is commonly known as a jade plant or money tree. They look like trees, and this makes them suitable for filling up your Christmas tree.

Graptopetalum paraguayense

graptopetalum paraguayense
Graptopetalum paraguayense @Amazon

It is commonly known as ‘ghost plant’ or the mother of pearls. Its pinkish grey leaves are an excellent addition to your succulent Christmas tree.



This is succulent also falls into the ‘hen and chicks’ variety, and its common name is ‘live forever.’ It forms beautiful rosettes, which then add an extraordinary appearance to your succulent Christmas tree. Many plants fall under the name sempervivum, and all of them are an excellent addition to your tree.


Aeonium @Amazon

This succulent is commonly known as the tree houseleek, and about thirty trees fall under this category. One can add it to the succulent Christmas tree as one of the rosettes.


crassula ovata
Crassula Ovata @Amazon

It is commonly known as Crassula Moon Glow. Crassula is a genus of succulents. These succulents fall under the category of succulent shrubs, and they would be a fine addition to your Christmas tree.


Sedum @Amazon

Various plants fall under sedum, including clavatum, treleasei, hernandezii, alfredii, and many others. All of these succulents fall under the common name stone plant.

All these succulents can be used on a Christmas tree but don’t use all of them at once. Remember, the tree is only about twelve inches tall. Using seven different trees on one would make a veritable clown’s outfit.

You need to observe specific care protocols to keep your succulent Christmas tree healthy until the end of the Christmas season. Succulents can quickly become a soggy mess due to fungal rot, which develops when the plant is exposed to too much water. Check the sphagnum moss and only water when it is dry.

You will need to put water in the moss from time to time to keep the tree fresh. Ensure you put just enough water as excess water would cause root rot. Don’t put water on the succulent leaves if you have some rosettes on the Christmas tree. Rosettes retain water inside the cupped leaves, predisposing them to fungal rot.

The care of your succulent Christmas tree is a little easier than that of a growing succulent. You can use tap water for the Christmas tree but not for living succulents.

Succulent Pots

What are Succulent Pots?

Succulent pots are many things to your plants. They are your plants’ shoes, houses, vehicles, etc. Picking a pot for your plant is the next most important decision you will make about your gardening after picking the plant. These vessels play a central role in the appearance and wellbeing of your succulents.  

Succulents’ pots can be made of various materials, as we shall observe later. You should choose a pot carefully to help meet both your aesthetic and practical needs.

This article will help you choose a pot for your succulents.

succulent pots
Succulent pots @Amazon

Factors to Consider When Buying a Pot


The type of succulent you want to plant determines how pervious your pot must be. Most succulents loath a wet environment, so porous pots are usually the best option.

Color & Texture

The color and texture you choose will be informed by the look you want. Your interior designer or landscaper might help you decide which colors and textures are best for your space.


Will you be carrying your succulents around, or will they be stationery? Go for a light pot if you will be moving them about and a heavier one if you want them to be stationary. Top-heavy plants require heavier pots to anchor them.


There are many materials from which pots can be made. The material from which a pot is made determines everything else about it. Its drainage, color and texture, and weight.

 Select the material according to appearance and durability. Also, consider the effects its chemical composition might have on the plants.

The following are the types of pots from which you can choose.


These pots are made of clay and seasoned to harden them. Ceramic pots come as glazed and unglazed. Glazed pots are waterproof, while unglazed pots are porous. They, therefore, allow water and air to pass through.

Succulents don’t do well in a wet environment. The unglazed pots are, therefore, ideal for removing excess water from your succulents’ roots. The clay used to make these pots also absorbs excess water from the soil on which you have planted your succulents are planted. This further improves your succulents’ environment. The roots and stem rot if they remain in the water for too long.

These pots are relatively heavy, enabling them to provide adequate support and balance for the top-heavy succulents. The other advantage of ceramic pots is that they are easy to decorate, thus accentuating your plants’ beauty. You can even have them painted in colors that match or complement your plants. These pots are thick, and they can insulate your plants from temperature fluctuations.

It is not advisable to use these pots on outdoor plants in zones that experience frigid winters. Frozen water can easily cause them to crack. You shouldn’t use them if you move your plants often due to their relatively fragile nature.


Like ceramics, these pots are made of clay. One might argue that these pots are made of ‘raw’ clay as they come in a single reddish-brown color. Terracotta pots are highly permeable to air and water. In this way, they keep the soil dry, which is imperative for many succulents’ health.

 If your plant requires a certain level of wetness, ensure you water it regularly when planted in a terracotta pot. Failure to water them often will cause the soil to dry out, which is detrimental to your succulent health.

The pots are heavy, providing support for the top-heavy plants, and they crack easily on exposure to ice, just like ceramic pots. The pots sometimes get so hot. They can destroy succulents during hot summers.


Fiberglass succulent pots have many advantages. They can be designed to look like other materials such as wood, ceramic, etc.

These pots are lighter and cheaper than other materials. Their lightness is an advantage if you intend to be moving your plant. Fiberglass weight becomes a disadvantage if your succulent is top-heavy. It will keel-over when the plant has reached its full weight.

Fiberglass is more durable than other materials. Its strength enables it to withstand extreme weather conditions. One of the fiberglass’s drawbacks is its non-porous nature. This can be a problem in light of succulents’ roots’ inability to withstand a wet environment. One may mitigate the problem by perforating the pot to allow the water to flow out.


Like fiberglass, plastic is light and versatile. It can be made to appear like rock, ceramic, and other materials. Plastic has traditionally been viewed as short-lived and low class, but new technology enables it to make some pretty impressive creations.

Unless it is perorated, plastic is impervious to water, so it might cause your plant roots to rot. The lightweight is advantageous when you want to move your plant, but it isn’t a good fit for top-heavy plants.

Plastic is an all-weather material that can withstand the elements. These pots are affordable, and their versatility allows them to be designed in different shapes, and there are hundreds of them to choose from.


Wood planters come in a few varieties; troughs carved out of wooden pots, etc. The durability of these planters is generally determined by the type of wood used to make them – hardwood is more durable than softwood.

Wooden planters can withstand cold winters, but they are likely to rot when exposed to water for long. You can delay rotting by treating the wood using preservatives such as varnish if it is not harmful to the succulent you want to plant.

You can also fortify your planter against rotting by lining it with plastic to keep it from absorbing water. Such a planter will need to be perforated to avoid waterlogging. Wood is heavy, thus providing anchorage to your top-heavy plants, and it gives your garden an authentic and natural look.

Cast Stone 

You use cast stone and concrete planters when you have no intention of moving your plants after potting. They are heavy and highly durable.

These pots are porous, which is suitable for succulents. Be cautious when using them because concrete has lots of lime, making your soil alkaline. Alkaline soil is poisonous to many succulents. You can reduce the alkalinity by watering the planters a few times to drain the lime before potting your plants.


These can be made from various metals such as iron, steel, cast iron, etc. You use these pots if you are going for the distinct look they provide. They are non-porous, which presents a challenge for cacti and succulents that rot due to excess water. You should perforate them to allow for better drainage.

Metal planters can get exceedingly hot and destroy plants during summers. Iron rusts when exposed to water. You can mitigate this by painting the planters every once in a while. Metallic planters can be fashioned into different artistic shapes to accentuate the beauty of your succulents further.


Glass forms beautiful planters when expertly fashioned. The problem with it is that it is fragile and non-porous. It is also tricky to perforate it, so the water you put into the planter will usually remain, affecting your succulents.

The information above provides essential information on pot selection. Many other factors are to be considered when choosing a specific pot. The floral arrangement you want to use is one of them.

All succulent pots come in different shapes, and various manufacturers make these vessels. It is advisable to visit various suppliers to see what they have before coming to a decision. Engage in the services of an expert in the decision.