8 Amazing Succulent Gift Ideas You Should Know

Here’s a guess: as a succulent lover, you probably have a couple of like-minded friends – the people in your circle who swear by these popular houseplants.

And being close to them, you want to at least surprise them one of these fine days. It’s only natural. And what better way of doing this than a gift that appeals to their favorite plant life?

Not to bore you though. Pick any of the following amazing succulent gift ideas the next time you want to surprise a that close friend who’s a succulent junkie.

8 Amazing Succulent Gift Ideas
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1. Decor Elements

Succulent plants are a great addition to interior spaces. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have your friend take it a notch higher.

There are a few home accessories that are sure to make that room even chicer – throw pillows for instance. You can get a cover with drawings of succulent plants or, better, a pillow shaped in the form of cactus. Cactus crochet and succulent prints are other equally-appealing interiors additions.

And the decorations here don’t have to just be fixed on walls or the seats. Phone and laptop covers – dotted with succulents – are available too. 

2. Succulent Planters

We all know succulents (or any other houseplants for that matter) don’t grow just anywhere. You have to raise them in designated containers – A.K.A planters.

And your friend could use some. You never know – maybe he/she was just on the verge of shopping for a couple them. What a pleasant surprise when you swoop in with one.

What’s more, you can spice things up by going for unique shapes, sizes and makes.

Instead of the usual round pots, you can bring on owl-shaped and hexagonal planters. And instead of containers suitable only for sitting on horizontal surfaces, you can gift your friends some wall planters for those small succulents they may wish to show off. Check out these wall planters we found just for you.

Imagine the added aesthetic appeal – just breathtaking.

8 Amazing Succulent Gift Ideas
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3. Succulent Care Supplies

You can help your buddies keep those beauties glowing by gifting them care kits.

It could be that exceptional fertilizer you use but your friend isn’t aware of or a single tool you deem perfect. They’ll thank you, for the second time, when their babies throw out their most beautiful forms.

You can also go above and beyond with a toolset. Grab a collection of all the tools your friend can use to propagate, prune, water and plant succulents. Won’t that be amazing?

4. Succulent-Themed Personal Accessories

Got that friend obsessed with jewelry just as they are with succulents? Then giving them a succulent-themed piece can be an amazing idea.

There is serious variety here by the way when you consider all the jewel options out there. Think about earrings, rings, watches – name it. You’re sure to bump into a number of them bearing some referral to the succulent world.

5. Amazing Succulent Gift Ideas – Succulent Books, Garden Journal, Notecards

Succulent books and garden journals are handy in growing succulents. The books widen your friend’s knowledge scope. The journal, on the other hand, helps keep track of individual plants. A perfect combo to raise healthy plants.

Notecards are another proclamation of succulent love – just like the décor elements and personal accessories above. You can get a collection of them with succulent illustrations for your friend.

Be sure to check out our collection of ebooks as well as a potential gift. Take for example our ebook “Rare Succulents You Wish You Knew About” Surprise your friends with interesting succulents they’ve probably never heard of before.

8 Amazing Succulent Gift Ideas
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6. Apparel

Apparels have been used and are still being used to reflect beliefs and passions people hold so dear. So why not the same for succulent heads?

You won’t be short of a piece of clothing out there bearing a cactus or any other popular succulent. It could be a sweatshirt, a pair of socks or a T-shirt. They all present a perfect way for your succulent-obsessed friends to flaunt to the world (in a good way) their gardening quest.

Or you can hook them up with an apron, with succulents plastered on of course. It can come in handy when the friend is out there in the garden – stashing dead or fallen parts and having somewhere to carry tools. Plus, it helps maintain a clean look.

7. Succulent Plants

Of course, what else can your succulent-growing friend ask for than an addition to their collection? And as you know, the options here are infinite. You have a pool of 10, 000 plant types to choose from.

To make it really count, peek through their collection and see if you can bring on something new and unique. Or it could be that a member of the collection has died off due to maybe a disease, a pest attack or rot.

Show up with a replacement and you’ll be a hero to your friend. Check out the Jade Plant here and don’t think twice, this succulent is a perfect gift for any plant lover.

8. Succulent Wreath

This is no doubt a magnificent present option as a succulent gift idea. You can put together your very own piece or order one from an online store.

The good thing about a succulent wreath is the fact that it’s made up of succulents of course. And that means a lean caring regimen. So it’s not something that’s too imposing for that busy friend.

Learn how to make your own succulent wreath by checking out our piece “How to Make a Beautiful Succulent Wreath“. Learn today!


8 Amazing Succulent Gift Ideas
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Thank you for reading with us today! Any of these gifts catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below.

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Choosing the Right Pot for Succulents (Guide)

Choosing the right pot for your succulents is not an easy task! With so many adorable planters in all shapes and sizes out there, how do you know which one to pick?

While picking a planter with a design you love is important, today we’re going to talk about the more practical things you have to consider when buying a succulent pot, like drainage and size.

Choosing a pot with proper drainage and sizing will ensure the health of your plant babies for years to come… so don’t just pick the prettiest planter on the shelf! (Although it’s fun to do this sometimes!) Make sure it fits these parameters too so it won’t damage your succulents.

Choosing the Right Pot for Your Succulents
Choosing the right pot for your succulents @judyluvs_succulents

Drainage for Your Succulent Plants

Drainage is the most important thing to consider when choosing the right pot for succulents. If your pot doesn’t have good drainage, your succulents are at risk of root rot and other symptoms of overwatering, like mushy, yellow leaves.

Your succulent can even die if it sits in too much water, so you have to give any excess water in the pot a place to go. Enter drainage holes! They’ll allow water to drain from your pot quickly so that your succulents don’t get waterlogged.

There are plenty of adorable pots with drainage holes, like this aqua sunburst planter. But if you have your heart set on a trendy planter without good drainage like a glass terrarium, you can make it work with some careful planning and skill, it might just take more work on your end.

If you want to plant your succulents in a glass terrarium, or any other succulent planter without drainage holes, you’ll have to water them sparingly. You want to pour enough water into the container to wet the soil, but not so much that it will pool in the bottom. If you do create a little puddle of water in the bottom of the container, your succulents could end up dying of root rot because there’s nowhere for the water to go.

So when you’re using a container without proper drainage, always steer on the side of under-watering. And make sure to plant your succulents in a porous succulent soil similar to this so that doesn’t retain too much water—it’ll help prevent your plants from rotting!

Check out our full article if you would like some tips on watering your succulents.

Choosing the Right Pot for Your Succulents
Choosing the right pot for your succulents

Best Materials Used for Succulent Planters

The best pot for succulents is one made out of terracotta (clay) or ceramic. Both of these materials are nice and breathable, so they’ll work in indoor areas that might not get a lot of airflow. Since they allow air to flow and water to escape, terracotta and ceramic pots reduce the chances of your succulents dying from overwatering or root rot. That’s why they’re such a great choice for new succulent owners and people with brown thumbs—they make hardy little succulents even harder to kill!

There’s plenty of beautiful ceramic and terracotta pots out there, so you should be able to find one that you love! We have very cute and tiny terracotta pots on one of the office window sills, if you want to check them out here’s where we got them.

For planters a little more on the rustic side, check out our article on how to make driftwood planters for your succulents!

Choosing the Right Pot for Your Succulents
Choosing the right pot for your succulents

Size of Your Pot Matters

When it comes to the right pot size, you may think bigger is better. You want to give your succulents plenty of room to grow, so planting them in a big pot is the way to do that… right?

Well actually, planting your succulents in a pot that’s too big for them can be detrimental to their growth and overall health! Planting your succulent in a properly sized pot, which should only have an inch or two of extra room around the sides at most, actually encourages it to grow. When your succulent’s roots reach the bottom and sides of the pot and don’t have a lot more room to spread out, your plant will produce new top growth above the soil instead, which is what you want to see! 

Putting your succulents in the right containers also has another positive effect—it reduces their chances of dying from root rot. Soil retains moisture, so big pots that have more of it will retain more moisture. This puts your succulents at risk of water damage and root rot. Bigger is not always better, so plant your succulents in a small enough pot to keep them healthy!

If you’re ever concerned about if your succulent’s health, take a look at our articles Why Your Succulents are Dying or How to Tell if Your Cactus is Dying. We’ve helped thousands of plant lovers save their succulents and cacti.


Choosing the Right Pot for Your Succulents
Choosing the right pot for your succulents

Repotting Succulents

OK, I know we were just talking about how pots that are too big are bad for your succulents. But on the flip side, pots that are too small aren’t good for your plant babies either. 

After a few years of living in the same pot, your succulent might outgrow it. It might become top heavy and start falling over in its container, or shooting out roots through the drainage holes of the pot because it’s trying to grow, but has no more room. In those situations, it’s a good idea to repot your succulent into a slightly larger container, because the small pot is likely stunting its growth. Here’s the best soil to use for your succulents for optimal growth in your favorite planter.

Succulents should be transplanted into containers that are an inch or two larger than their original container about once every two or three years. The beginning of your succulent’s growing season is the best time to repot. After transplanting your plant baby into a cute new container, wait a few days before you water it to give it a chance to root and acclimate to its new surroundings.

Choosing the Right Pot for Your Succulents
Choosing the right pot for your succulents

Now that you know how to choose the right pot for your succulents, are you going to repot some of your plant babies? Let us know in the comments section below! For some inspiration on how to design your own succulent garden, check out our Pinterest and Instagram for daily content! Or swing on over to our exclusive Facebook group, Succulent City Plant Lounge, where you can learn additional tips and tricks from fellow succulent lovers.

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