Succulent nursery

What is a succulent nursery?

What is a succulent nursery? A nursery is a closed space accessible on foot that is intended for the cultivation of plants, both decorative and horticultural, in order to carry out a process of protection from excess cold at certain times of the year. Normally, it is composed of translucent glass or plastic outer cover, which allows total control of temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors that may affect our plants’ development. Besides, this also provides much favor to the development of the plants.

succulent nursery
Succulent nursery

What do I need to set up a nursery?

Apart from being your main source of income, plants are above all living beings. You must provide them with land, air, water, and light. In that order of ideas, the site you choose must have to supply these elements through an excellently ventilated environment, illuminated and above all free of chemical contamination. In addition, good irrigation and drainage systems. If you find yourself short of funds, the latter can be homemade. The most important thing is that they can be safe and efficient. Taking these characteristics into account, to start with a retail nursery, you can start by growing in your own garden. If not, you have this space at your disposal. You can explore other alternatives such as vertical gardens, wooden drawers, or flowerpots.

At first, you can focus only on certain types of succulents. For example, if you decide on cacti, you can start with some small ones and then expand to the production of another species of succulents. But if you prefer the variety, it is recommended that you have your plants well organized by groups, separating each of the species of succulents with which you have.

Now, if you prefer, you can also stock your nursery by buying from a wholesaler. In general, large suppliers are located in market places or supply centers. This becomes an advantage because it allows you to diversify. You will have the certainty that you will have supplies constantly. At this point, you may need to think about how you are going to transport them.

How to make a succulent nursery

Suppose we want to start a nursery that is destined to the care of succulent plants. In that case, we must train and learn about horticulture and related topics about this branch. Both about pests, seed management, and the like. You have the best knowledge about life vegetables and have bases on carrying out maintenance of your own business.

Permits and authorizations

We must check what the permits or authorizations that we need are in one that other cities. In particular, opening a store is a process that can take a few weeks. In the case of a nursery, it will depend a lot on the current legislation in your place of residence. For a plant business, you may require an additional license. After processing this type of matter, we will have to determine the place to set up the nursery. Zoning ordinances can sometimes be quite complicated. A nursery is called “agriculture,” but it can also be called “agribusiness.” This will depend on whether you opt only for potted plants or if you also have a piece of land where you can plant directly into the ground.

If necessary, we will have to build greenhouses and other facilities. Nurseries require a fairly specific infrastructure, such as a space to store succulents in winter, an indoor and outdoor place, a place to water, etc. We must pay close attention to these requirements when renting or buying the place.

Regulations for succulent nursery

It is important to review the regulations. The most common is that the growers of our city must be united in an organization. You should not hesitate to join these organizations. They can be very helpful for any type of problem. One thing to keep in mind is that being “independent” is not the same as being part of a larger organization. The latter always brings greater benefits.

Local authorities may require certain permits to be able to have water to water your succulents. We must consult about it. If necessary, fix our facilities so that this work is less difficult, as is the case with automatic dispersers or drip irrigation.

Investigating the market for succulent nursery

One of the most important things we must do is investigate the market well. Informing us of the target you are dedicated to who will be your next customers. Try as much as possible to study their tastes and their demands. You can have a certain dedication to people who live in apartments. They want to decorate with a beautiful plant or offer services on how to decorate with these plants indoors and garden design for those who live in a house with a garden.

Informing us and studying never hurts. There are certain types of courses and even university careers that deal with everything related to the world of plants, crops, etc. Before opening a nursery, you should consider that it is advisable to start studying it if you have not done it before. This will not only give you greater credibility and more judgment, but it will also allow you to offer many more options and also better services to your clients.

Advertising of succulent nursery

Put together a good advertising campaign. This is not to say that you have to appear on television or in a big magazine. But, you must bear in mind that to set up a nursery project, the investment in advertising must be highly contemplated. Perhaps in the form of a pamphlet that you can hand out on public roads to make the sign at the entrance more attractive.

Look for quality raw materials, especially if we are going to have plants for the garden. Get the best plants for your nursery. If the idea is to sell indoor plants, look for a supplier that has good prices and quality in the species. Do not forget the variety, since there are as many tastes as there are people in this world. And if you are going to dedicate yourself to planting and harvesting, you must take the time necessary for this task.

What should I take into account when setting up a nursery?

On the production issue, we must see the cultivation process. It involves the choice and acquisition of inputs such as plants, soil, compost, and related materials. Regarding the process, this begins with the planting of succulents and goes through different stages such as the preparation of substrates, the transplant to other pots as the size of the plants’ increases, as well as the day-to-day care that goes from fertilization. Pruning, treatments to prevent pests, among other things that you must be aware of and therefore must handle, for plants’ care.

In case you do not grow your own plants, we must have a correct supply. You must acquire them, as mentioned before in the previous section. So you should identify what your suppliers will be, in which lines they can specialize, and the frequency with which you must supply. In either case, you must ensure that the plants get enough nutrients so that they are able to stay healthy and attractive.

Be creative in marketing. You can sell plants to relatives and acquaintances. But if you have the desire to expand, find out about events that may be held in your areas, such as fairs, gardening shows, or farmers’ markets. You can also be a small business provider or set up your own virtual store online.