Succulent Garden Accessories


Invest a little money in these cute accessories for tending to your lovely plants, and your succulents will thank you for it. 

It may be your first time checking out the wonderful world that is succulent gardening, or you may have some previous experience with these little beauties under your belt. 

Either way, one rule applies – the amount of time, devotion, and care you give your succulents, has a direct effect on how healthy they end up growing. Remember, you get what you give.

That said, our in-house botanical expert has put together a helpful list of various tools and accessories that will take your succulent experience to the next level.

From the basics like planters and tools to more technical items such as soil humidity and temperature monitors, Succulent City has you covered!

Planters and Containers

Concrete Planters

Everyone at the office fell in love with these uber cute concrete pots from EMSAYstudio! 

The geometric shapes give the pots a modern, stylish look that will add class and style to any space. 

Everybody at the office wanted one for their desk, so we ended up ordering 17! 

Currently Available on Etsy for $18.63 – what are you waiting for?!

Terracotta and Ceramic Planters

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04/28/2021 03:37 am GMT

Our in-house botanical expert suggests, “use pots and containers made from ceramic or terracotta due to their semi-permeable nature which allows for adequate water and airflow.” 

These mini clay terracotta pots from Juvale will help keep your succulents nice, healthy, and snug. 

What’s more, they come in a set of 12! That is way enough space to fit all your favorite succulents.

Get them from Amazon for $22.99

Plastic Succulent Planters

These eye-catching, colorful plastic planters by Czshangei are sure to brighten up even the bleakest of rooms. 

These cute little plastic pots come in a set of 24 planters and 24 trays for the planter to sit on. 

Each set of 24 planters come in an array of rainbow colors: purple, pink, white, baby blue, lime green, and yellow.

As if that isn’t reason enough to put these planters in your shopping cart, for every set purchased, you get a bunch of three mini gardening tools (a spade, a rake, and a hoe) free!

Get it from Amazon for $9.99

Gardening Gloves

Succulents like the cactus have thorns that can easily puncture human skin if the owner is not careful.[2]  Secretions from some succulent plants can cause skin irritation or inflammation. A solid pair of gardening gloves will protect you from possible thorn accidents and insect bites. 

Thorn-proof Gardening Gloves

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04/28/2021 03:37 am GMT

Leather gloves are best suited for this purpose, and HANDLADY offers these fantastic pair of elbow-length, breathable, pigskin leather gardening gloves. 

The breathable nature ensures your hands are cool and sweat-free even on the hottest summer days. Oh, did we mention they are puncture resistant as well? 

Get them from Amazon for $16.80.

Drainage Screens

A drainage screen is a mesh that you place at the bottom of the succulent pot before filling it with soil.

It ensures the soil does not fall through the pot’s drainage holes when watering and prevents[3]  bugs and insects from getting to the plants’ roots. 

Shemist Flowerpot Mesh Pad

Shemist offers 100 pieces of polyester-made, round mesh pad. 

It is strong enough to hold the soil properly in place and regulate water flow.

Get the Shemist Flower Pot Hole from Amazon for the budget price of $5.99.

Soil Humidity Monitor

A lot of people have a hard time deciding when to water their succulents. With the change in seasons, the soil’s water level may vary, making it somewhat tricky figuring out when to water your succulents. If this rings true for you, have no fear, the soil moisture monitor is here!

Gouven moisture meter

The Gouevn Soil Moisture Meter is a simple but powerful piece of equipment. 

Just stick the pointy end in the soil, and voila! It will accurately give you the moisture level, which you can then use to develop an appropriate water management plan. 

Get the Gouevn Soil Moisture Meter from Amazon for an excellent $9.98.

Succulent Organizing Bag and Toolkit

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Succulents are sensitive plants and therefore require gentle care. 

A standard size shovel is a bit too big when you are dealing with succulents and could end up hurting the plants.

The CALIFORNIA PICNIC STORE offers a beautiful succulent garden tool kit with all the essentials – a shovel, spade, rake, scoop, curved tweezers, and much more. 

It is all in a durable, heavy-duty tote bag with multiple pockets to keep all your tools safe and organized. 

The succulent organizing bag and toolkit are available on Amazon for $13.97. 

Pot soil/Soil Mix & Top Dressing 

Succulents love porous soil, which allows for sufficient water drainage and airflow. Adding sand and perlite/pumice to your soil will help you achieve that. You can easily make a batch of potting soil for your succulents at home with only three contents, that is:

  1. Regular potting soil
  2. Coarse sand
  3. Perlite or Pumice

Overwatering is the biggest concern for your succulents. A soil mix of the above ingredients will help you develop the perfect medium for growing your succulents.

Cactus and succulent potting mix

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04/28/2021 10:38 am GMT

Not everyone has the time, resources, or freedom to DIY their soil mix. If this is the case for you, Dr. Earth has a beautiful Organic Cactus and Succulent Potting Mix that is a favorite among succulent enthusiasts, 

Get a 9-pound bag on Amazon for $13.32

Top Dressing for Succulents

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Topdressing for succulents is primarily used to accentuate the beauty of your plants. 

You can use colorful pebbles, different shades of gravel, crushed charcoal, rocks, and moss to highlight your plants’ unique qualities. 

Succulents are mainly popular due to their visual appeal. Topdressing ideas are focused on maximizing this appeal to make your succulents look unique. 

Midwest Hearth offers a 2-pound bag of gleaming white polished pebbles perfect for your succulent containers/garden. 

Get it on Amazon for $10.95!

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Tips and Tricks for Succulent Farming

  • Remove any excess offsets or plantlets that have started growing around your plants. They will compete with your primary plants for water and nutrients. 
  • Ensure your pots and flowerbeds have a proper drainage system to ensure there is no stagnating water that can cause root rot or other problems for your plants.
  • Many people often suggest root separation. It requires you to uproot your plant gently then separate the roots’ tentacles before soiling the plant back in. Root separation will ensure the roots of your plants have enough surface area to gather nutrients.
  • Learn to take maximum advantage of the available terrain by utilizing elevation points, crevices, and slopes to manage water flow, sunlight, and nutrients.


Succulents can help you change the vibe, energy, and look of any location – indoors or outdoors. It lets you achieve a pretty interesting look through organic – mostly DIY – means. 

A succulent enthusiast has a ton of options on their hands to mix and match. Like a kid in a candy store, the colossal range of colors, shapes, textures, and plants’ sizes paves the path for endless creative potential.