The Importance of the Succulent Puzzle

What are Succulent Puzzles?

Nowadays, many people globally spend much of their time in their respective homes in different circumstances such as bad weather conditions, poor health status, or world health pandemic, thus engaging in various succulent puzzles. These puzzles are an excellent way to have fun and even fill the time at the end of the day. Therefore, many people are trying hard to find the rightful puzzle to hang on to. If you are the kind of person addicted to puzzles, I would recommend you resort to the famous and funniest 1,000- pieces of nostalgic food.

succulent puzzle
Succulent puzzle @Pinterest

That particular puzzle makes you spend more time puzzling through corners of Pepsi cans, Hostess treats, cereal boxes, and much more. Succulent puzzle has recently risen its popularity on different kinds of the online platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced many to stay indoors. It has been difficult to purchase new puzzle stock as many people have resorted to them, raising its demands. The most reason why the company had sold out its entire inventory was due to its old-fashioned state. 

Also, the stock had quickly run out because they were selling them at a low price.

Please note the succulent’s puzzles company has heavily invested in offline puzzles. Therefore, you don’t need digital service. Succulent puzzles are not only enjoyable and challenging tasks but are pretty good for brain engagement. In most cases, they usually help to relieve tension and boredom. Besides that, solving the specific succulent puzzle is a challenging task that benefits many people regardless of age.

According to the Yale University research report, when people collaborate on a specific puzzle, they will crack it. Thus reducing stress. In 2014, the Kiddos professionals found that it eventfully boosts their spatial skills whenever children engage in a sure puzzle. By doing so, children will have the powerful understanding capability to help them achieve greatness in their studies.

The rise of succulent puzzles

Seniors in societies should engage themselves in puzzling activities as the best way to avoid depression and stress. This move helps them improve their brain skills positively and even acts as the best mechanism to maintain the entire brain’s health. According to Harvard’s McLean Hospital research, the succulent puzzle mainly maintains the brain’s sharpness as we grow old. Also, wide varieties of brain games make the older minds retain their speedy processing, reaction time, decision making, and many more.

However, these puzzles aren’t the only mechanism to keep your mental activity orderly. You may also try things such as the famous Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and Scramble. Generally, playing, dancing, and painting majorly boost mental activity. Please note that the Sudoku puzzle happens to be challenging, particularly puzzling with many people at once. Furthermore, it is tough to pack its tuba on vacation.

Why are Succulent Puzzles so Interesting?

Succulent puzzles are more fun and easier to play with many members. These puzzles offer a relaxing mood and even more challenging that makes people turned into geniuses in the long run. For instance, Bill Gates, the top-rated business guru globally, usually packs Succulent puzzles, especially during his beloved family vacation. Always remember, it is complicated to argue with puzzle enthusiasm fans on a versatile success story.

Therefore, recover those old-fashioned puzzles, or you may purchase a new one in the market. Also, playing together with the unique succulent puzzles is the best approach a family can take. Succulent puzzles are the most outstanding gifts for adults and kids. Bear in mind that a wide range of succulent puzzles is manufactured with excellent recycled materials. These materials produce randomly and even interlocking juicy shapes, making it a better puzzle manufacturing experience. The company ensures that the product is of higher quality, thick thus enhancing the framing and mounting process.

Succulent puzzles artwork

Since the company has heavily invested in employing the best artists, their products are specifically incredible and grab customers’ attention. The artists usually receive their awards for doing tasks amicably. As the wise puzzle’s fun, you need to take your gift or award someone to extend the fun. Such remarkable gifts include 500 pieces or 1000 pieces that primarily measures approximately 20 x 15 or 30 x 20 fully packed.

The succulent puzzles company produce wide ranges of commodities such as amazing animal picture, summer beach pictures, outstanding natural scenery pictures, and many more. It is tough to choose specific images due to their beautiful appearance. But these pictures are the most attractive and entertaining for the family. Succulent puzzles make many families stay away from their respective smartphones and extensively engage in challenging and exciting puzzle enthusiasm.

Adults should consider taking the 1000-piece puzzle. It offers an exciting and challenging puzzle fan. It mainly measures approximately 30 x 24 when fully packed. However, its entire pieces vary with size but typically, they measure about 1 x 1 ¼. They specifically suit both kids and adults.

As mentioned above, the company’s artists produce incredible artwork presented on a wide range of succulent puzzles.

Here are some of the top-notch succulent’s puzzles features and their details:

  • The company’s support services are friendly and even around the clock to solve their customers’ issues. Also, there is an ultimate period of approximately 365 days that gives the customer rest assured shopping experience.
  • Succulent puzzles are designed with top-quality wood that makes them more durable and more rigid. Furthermore, these materials are corrosion and even moisture resistant. Besides, they are tough to break and even bend, especially in humid conditions.
  • Most succulent puzzles are of quality materials and carefully cut by special precision equipment. Their pieces are precisely printed with top-quality paint as well as great pixel patterns. This perspective makes them more attractive and colorful.
  • In most scenarios, the company ensures that the 500 pieces size puzzle ranges between 20.5 x 14.9. On the other hand, the famous 1000 pieces size puzzle fully completes ranges around 29.5 x19.7. Generally, the thickness of a coin resembles the pieces of the puzzle.
  • Succulents’ puzzles are mainly built for adults and kids, accompanied by the stipulated guidelines needed on their patterns. Succulent puzzles happen to be the most challenging puzzle around the globe. If you get stuck in assembling them, you can comfortably arrange them in alphabetical order.        

New York Succulents


These plants are now a trend in many city homes. In the last year they’ve become the favorite of gardeners and interior designers. Social networks and public meeting sites are full of these beautiful plants that bear the name of succulents. This section will see how to treat these plants in the New York environment, give advice for their care, types of plants that can be grown in this environment, etc.

new york succulents
New York succulents @Pinterest

Knowing how to treat succulents in winter is one of the most important things we can learn in basic gardening matters. Even more so if we consider that in New York regions, thanks to the change of seasons, the conditions to which our plants are exposed can vary excessively. Caring for succulents in winter is not limited to protecting them only with plastic. Still, we must consider that there are a series of factors or variables that you must take into account to give them a good quality of life, and thus increase the lives of these plants. Therefore, it is recommended that before anything else, we must always keep in mind that it is important to know your succulents and know the environment of your region.

New York weather

In New York, summer, the summery times are hot and humid. On the other hand, winter is very cold and windy. It is wet and partly cloudy practically the whole year. During the course of the year, the temperature typically ranges from 28 ° F to 84 ° F and rarely drops below 14 ° F or rises above 90 ° F.

Succulents in winter

In order to take care of our succulents during the colder seasons, we must understand some of the basic differences between succulent species. Succulents are plants that are characterized by containing water reserves in some of their organs, mostly their leaves. In addition, there are thousands of species of these plants. Among these species, the mayaria originate from arid, desert areas with high temperatures. But there are also succulents native to humid and cold environments that can tolerate temperatures below 23 ° F.

In this way, we can say that succulents are divided into two large groups. Those not resistant to cold are also called delicate or tender succulents. These are made up of species that do not tolerate being exposed to low temperatures or snow contact. On the other hand, we have cold-resistant ones. Also called hard succulents, made up of species that tolerate the lowest temperatures and even frost.

Cold and frost resistant succulents

Since New York’s climate is average winter, it is important that we take into account which is cold and frost resistant succulents—focusing not only on those succulents that do not die when they are exposed to low temperatures, but also those that really manage to thrive even when the winters are very strong.


Probably the most cold-resistant succulents that we can find out there. Almost all the sempervivum genus is resistant to frost, many of which can tolerate temperatures down to -30 ° F. They also grow very well outdoors. They must be in full sun, and their only requirement regarding the soil is that it drains well.



Also called a frost plant or pink carpet, this succulent requires almost no maintenance. In general, it only needs moderate watering and good drainage, and it is attractive to bees and butterflies. It can withstand fairly low temperatures ranging from -15 ° F.



Among the thousands of species of sedum in the world, some of the best and most colorful specimens are found in winter succulents. Among the most cold tolerant sedums are sedum telephium and sedum reflexum. These succulents can withstand down to the minimum temperatures of -15 ° F.



Some varieties of nopal are quite resistant to winter weather. For example the Opuntia Santa Rita is one of them. It can withstand low temperatures down to -30 ° F.


Orostachys Iwarenge

This silver-colored monocarpic succulent is ideal as a plant in winter climates as it is easy to propagate and care for. These succulents require bright light and do not tolerate humid places. It can withstand temperatures down to -30 ° F.

orostachys iwarenge
Orostachys Iwarenge @Pinterest

Agave Parryi

Most agaves cannot stand the cold, but the agave parryi species can tolerate temperatures as low as -15 ° F (-26 ° C). Once planted in a place with direct sunlight, it requires practically no more than basic care.

agave parryi
Agave Parryi

Succulent problems in winter

Succulent problems in winter, especially in climates like New York, are caused by a combination of several factors: humidity, low temperatures, and frost. In winter, succulents are more prone to rot due to excess humidity and fungi, cold burns, hail injuries or heavy rain. However, the worst damage suffered by succulents in winter due to freezing temperatures is in their tissues.

General care of succulents in cold climates

The frequency of irrigation is gradually decreased. From the autumn, we must begin to have increasingly long lapses in the time between watering. With winter’s arrival, the duration of light and amount of daylight available to our plants also decreases. You need as much lighting as possible. It is advisable to change our succulents’ position by placing them in more illuminated places. Bear in mind that with low temperatures and lack of lighting, the substrate will take longer than usual to dry. In some environments where the winter humidity is too high, a simple mist can be enough to keep the succulents hydrated. Therefore there is no need for watering. We must also consider that succulents in the active growth stage during winter need much more watering than those in their hibernation stage. However, you must also be careful not to overdo it.

Is fertilization good for succulents?

During this wintertime, our succulents do not have the need to be fertilized, and, in fact, fertilizing can be harmful. Most succulents are in hibernation and do not need additional nutrients. In addition, fertilizing can alter their rest, and this can cause abnormal growth or, in some cases, burns due to excess nutrients. Humidity also facilitates the spread of pests. Therefore it is best to regularly check our plants to remove any type of dry leaves and check that there are no signs of pests on the succulent.

Where is the best place to keep succulents?

It is advisable to move our succulents and put them indoors for several reasons. In the first place, by placing them indoors, we are in total control of the plant. If we keep it outside, it could get wet with every drizzle. On the other hand, very heavy rains and hail that can fall in New York City can damage succulents. In addition to damaging their appearance, these types of wounds can make them susceptible to any kind of problems and infections. In case of having our succulents planted directly on the ground, we can take measures such as using transparent plastic to protect them during the coldest time of the year. Strong winds from storms and storms typical of all winter seasons can also cause collateral damage to succulents.

All the delicate succulents that cannot withstand the winter weather should be inside the house during this winter period. It is important to note that the transfer of said succulents to our home must be done before winter starts, preferably during the winter. The explanation for this is that it is much more advisable that they experience the gradual change in temperatures that occurs during the fall. Conveniently, we keep the temperature monitored before starting these times. When the temperature drops to 28 ° F it is time to shelter our plants.

Succulent Gift Basket

Succulent Gift Basket-SC
A Perfect Succulent Gift basket Image: IG@contrivecreations

Succulent gift baskets are beautiful and can be a perfect gift item for your family, friends, and colleagues who love plants.
Whether it is succulent plant pots for indoor or outdoor decoration you are looking for, you will always be overwhelmed by the tons of options available. For this reason, we have put together this detailed guide to help you make the best buying decision when it comes to succulent gift baskets.

Succulent Gift Basket-SC
Pexel @ Succulent Gift Basket

FairyLavie 3 Inch Ceramic Small Plant Pot

Succulent Gift Basket-FairyLavie 3 Inch Ceramic Small Plant Pot-SC
FairyLavie3 Inch Plant Pot

The FairyLavie 3 Inch Ceramic Small Plant Pot is an excellent idea for gifting your loved ones on special occasions such as housewarming, birthday, wedding, and Christmas. This pot’s stylish ceramics design makes it a great way to improve your home and office ambiance. You can grow your succulents, ferns, and herbs in this pot and give your patio, garden, bedroom, and living room a fresh look.

The set of 4 pots comes with a drainage hole, which helps avoid overwatering and allows your plants to thrive. The pots have a saucer base that holds excess water to prevent spills that may damage your floor.
What is more, each pot weighs only 0.5 pounds, so you will not have any hassle carrying them along when embarking on a trip.

The satisfaction of customers is the priority of FairyLavie. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the product, you just a call or email away from getting a replacement or full refund.


Indoor and outdoor use
Ideal gift for special occasions
100% money-back guarantee
Set of four pots

Succulent Gift Basket-ZOUTOG 3-inch Ceramic Mini Succulent Pots-SC
Zoutog Succulent Pots Image

ZOUTOG 3-inch Ceramic Mini Succulent Pots

ZOUTOG brings you close to nature and gives you a positive vibe all day long with its 3-inch Ceramic Mini Succulent Pots. This product comes with a set of 6 pots made of fine quality ceramics fitted with a smooth bamboo tray. The bamboo tray helps to hold water, so you do not have a messy environment after watering.
Also, your plants and pots are guaranteed adequate stability, thanks to the small ridge on the pot’s base. However, note that this product does not come with plants, so you will have to get your desired succulents separately.

ZOUTOG understands those succulent lovers should be able to carry their pots to any location without breaking a sweat, so these pots are relatively small in weight and size. It will be a perfect fit for baby succulents and tiny cacti.


Set of 6 mini succulent / flower planter
Mandala colorful ceramic design
Bamboo tray included

Succulent Gift Basket-WeeCosy Succulent Pots-SC
Succulent Gift Pots: IG@xysxh

WeeCosy Succulent Pots

If you search for premium quality succulent pots to gift your spouse, kids, and friends, look no further. The WeeCosy glazed succulent pots feature an elegant, patterned, and faded design that will complement the decoration of your living room, bookshelves, and office.
With the pack of 6 pots, you are getting a retail sale at a wholesale price. If you want to get the most value for your money, the WeeCosy succulent pots should be your go-to option.

What is more, these pots are built for long term use and require minimal maintenance. For these reasons, the WeeCosy succulent pots are perfect for homes with kids and pets. If the product does not meet your desire, your money has not gone down the drain. The money-back-guarantee WeeCosy provides for its products makes them risk-free for you.


Set of 6 glazed pots
Ideal for indoor use
3-inch measurement
Money-back guarantee

Succulent Gift Basket-T4U Resin Wall Planter-SC
t4u Wall succulents: IG@t4u_gardening

T4U Resin Wall Planter

T4U has been providing high-quality gardening supplies to customers for over four years, and it has no intention of stopping. The brand offers free shipping for all its products, so why not take advantage of it?
If you are keen on making the environment more sustainable, T4U should be your go-to brand for gardening supplies. The T4U Resin Wall Planter is made of eco-friendly plastic and reinforced with clay to make it more durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

When using your pots outdoors, you do not have to worry about excess rainwater, thanks to the pot’s drainage hole. Also, self-watering has become a whole lot easier with the detachable water-storage bottom plate.

Succulent Gift Basket-T4U Resin Wall Planter-SC
Wall Sucullent : IG@vegginwithmyveggies

Another excellent quality of the T4U Resin Wall Planter is that you can mount it on your wall, beyond the reach of your kids and pets. The wall mounting feature will help to increase the longevity of your pot.


Fitted with a detachable water-storage bottom plate
Pack of four pots
90-day return policy

Succulent Gift Basket-La Jolie Muse Ceramic Animal Succulent Plant Pots-SC
Animal Succulent Plant pots: IG@fatplantsbydan

La Jolie Muse Ceramic Animal Succulent Plant Pots

La Jolie Muse prides itself as a brand that goes above and beyond in creating elegant products to elevate any space’s ambiance. When it comes to the Ceramic Animal Succulent Plant Pots, La Jolie Muse does not disappoint. Plant lovers will be ecstatic if you give them these superior quality cow-shaped ceramic plant pots.
The pots were made using a blend of sand and ceramic to create the rough pottery effect that catches your eye as you enter your room.

Apart from the elegant design, the La Jolie Muse Ceramic Animal Succulent Plant Pots are also convenient. They come with a drainage hole and two plant mesh pads to ensure your environment is always free from water spills. The pots also get to serve you for a long time, thanks to their sturdy stand base.


Rustic ceramic finish
Comes with two plant mesh pads
Ideal for indoor use
Full refund and return guaranteed.

Succulent Gift Basket-Winemana 3-inch Ceramic Succulent Plant Pots-SC
Ceramic Succulent Tree Plant Pots: IG@forestinnpottery

Winemana 3-inch Ceramic Succulent Plant Pots

You can put a smile on the faces of your family and friends who love succulents by gifting them the Winemana 3-inch Ceramic Succulent Plant Pots. The wooden pattern design of these pots is simple and elegant at the same time. Getting these pots is a great way of adding a touch of class to your home and office.
The Winemana Plant Pots were baked in high temperatures and made of clay to make them sturdy and durable.

The six different kinds of succulent pots in this gift pack have a wide variety of uses. You can use some of the pots to decorate your bookshelf, living room, and dining table, while others can be used to organize note papers and paper clips

If the product does not meet your expectations, you do not have to worry. Reach out to the customer care representative of Winemana and request a refund or replacement.


Wide range of applications
Six different pots
Clay construction
Money-back guarantee available

Succulent Gift Basket-Conclusion-SC

Wrapping Up

Succulents plant pots are ideal gift choices for plant lovers for special occasions. We have provided you with some of the best succulent gift baskets you can find in the market. One of the great things about these products is that you can request a replacement or refund if they do not meet your expectations. But that is very unlikely considering their superior quality design and durability.

Succulent Centerpiece

Succulent Centerpiece-SC

Where sunshine and water interlink, the kingdom of plants thrive. Some are strong, and others are gentle. A mark, a secret meaning that we humans may discover, lies behind any plant, whether big or minuscule. Succulents symbolize eternal and everlasting love because their dense leaves and stems are tenacious plants that hold water.

By sustaining water and flourishing in very challenging conditions, they give us a hopeful example. This become a reminder that we are stronger than we know. The most demanding situations are not the end of the line.

Succulents are fantastic design options because they naturally include so many shapes you can work with and incorporate into your room’s look. A few succulents from our set are here.

What is a succulent centerpiece?

Centerpieces help tie together the decoration of the event and attract attention in a beautiful way to the tables. Depending on the type of event (wedding, corporate, charitable, social), there are several different centerpieces, and some you can even build yourself!

Succulents are going to conquer the world! Everyone’s insane about them! Why do they have such popularity? And, without any flowers, they look cute and don’t take much attention. So, why not use them at a wedding reception as a wedding centerpiece? 

There are several choices to choose from porcelain and wood planters, buckets, and glass terrariums. You may combine them with stones, moss, or cacti and place them in some colorful jars or containers. Your wedding will be trendy and very up-to-date with these centerpieces; let’s take a look at more tips to compose elegant succulent wedding centerpieces.

As they are really eye-catchy and super sweet, you can use your succulents alone, but you can also add something else to make the arrangement cooler. Rock succulents with cacti for a boho desert wedding, go for a fresh modern look for succulents and greenery, or insert succulents in floral and foliage arrangements, depending only on the theme design of the wedding you have picked. Pale green and purple succulents, yellow, burgundy, red, or violet look very much in contrast to colorful blooms so that you can get a bright and trendy decoration. 

Succulent Centerpiece-Where to use the succulent centerpiece-Wedding ceremony-SC

Where to use the succulent centerpiece


Centerpieces for weddings are valuable decorations that help spice up any reception hall. Although the process is a fun one, it is far more about selecting your arrangements than just mentioning your favorite wedding flowers. There are many things to remember before you start buying, from color schemes and wedding designs to candle holders and vessel decorations.

Succulent Centerpiece-Where to use the succulent centerpiece-Bridal shower Party-SC

Bridal shower 

Although roses or lilies are something for any event (especially wedding-related ones) that you seem to see all over the place, people often forget the beauty of succulent plants. In their look, treatment, and bloom, these magnificent plants are unique and friendly. Did you know that you can prepare a stunning bridal shower? A new, unique take on celebrating a bride-to-be is to build the party around the many kinds of lovely succulent plants!

The decor for a delicious bridal shower is entirely stunning. Succulents come in several shades, so you don’t just get stuck with green hues. From pink to purple, these lovely plants come in every hue! At your bridal shower case, you can use a different succulent in a beautiful pot for each guest table, along with larger succulent plants to adorn doorways and windows.

What is nice about a succulent theme is that it matches well with every other look if you want to blend with western or shabby chic décor. In the decorations, tossing in some cacti looks like a well in the form of bright cactus spring lights, adorable cactus banners spelling out congratulations to the bride to be, or burlap cactus table runners.

It can be just as fun to put together food for a succulent bridal shower as the décor, because who doesn’t love cute succulent cookies and chocolates?! In the subdued colors of the succulents you have selected for the gathering, have a multi-tiered shower cake and carry in food from the areas where succulents naturally grow: the desert! Infused drinks with coconut, aloe, cactus water, bison jerky, and sweet fruits like papaya are all delicious and go well with the party’s theme. The trick to good food for the bridal shower event is to blend easy-to-eat products with a heavy feeling.

Succulent Centerpiece-Where to use the succulent centerpiece-Baby Shower Party decoration-SC

Baby shower

Of course, for a baby shower party, you can’t miss the fantastic favors! It is a beautiful idea to have cute little succulent plants for the guests to go home. Another big go-to favor is the classic goodie bags full of gourmet treats. Cactus candles, wine charms, or personalized glasses may be unique gifts for visitors. With your succulent centerpiece, you can include activities for the baby shower guests by setting up a station where guests can paint their pots to take with them! This is a friendly, engaging experience that helps you and your guests create enduring memories from the shower.

Succulent Centerpiece-Where to use the succulent centerpiece-Baby Shower Party-SC
Image by: @luvnlett


Whether it’s roses or a basket of treats, such a nice treat is a special gift delivered right to your door. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the right people at Harry and David over the past several months, and I’ve tried some of their items, from the Fruit of the Month Club to a cookie basket, and now this stylish Succulent Holiday Centerpiece.

It is a live wreath, ensuring it will live well past the holidays, and for a while, it will be a bright green spot in the home of the recipient. Succulents are such a great plant for indoors, and it will be simple to keep it growing healthy with the minor care needed by this wreath.

Succulent Centerpiece-Where to use the succulent centerpiece-Christmas Party-SC
Image by: @arozona

Where to buy succulent centerpiece


Well, yeah, you didn’t expect this to be found here. Believe it or not, the Amazon trade-in fat plants are booming. It immediately becomes an excellent deal assuming you have Amazon Prime and are buying a Prime-eligible item.

You’re in luck (if not, here’s a 30-day free trial) if you already have Amazon Prime.

Particularly for plants, shipping can be a bit costly. To avoid any harm, they must be packed very carefully and tightly, and then shipped very quickly. On all orders, few online succulent shops offer free Delivery, and usually, you have first to purchase quite a few plants.

But at Amazon… yeah, you know how it’s going. Two-day Delivery for free! As quick as one day, sometimes! Take advantage of the Prime membership to get your succulents at some great prices.

It’s not like the alternatives are missing either. You can find several succulent sets, succulent accessories, and countless succulent seeds. Of course, the standard varies by seller, but the choices are infinite.

As with all Amazon purchases, when making your decision, read other customers’ feedback!

There are tons of succulent plants available by Prime, cuttings, accessories, and containers.

What’s better than to please Amazon’s sweet, sweet success spree? Oh, nothing. It’s when. Two-Day Delivery We are coming here!!

Succulent Centerpiece-Where to buy succulent centerpiece-Amazon-SC
Image: @amazon

Succulentcity shop

With a Succulentcity shop, buying succulents online is a complete breeze. Their generous free shipping and a 14-day guarantee of satisfaction make it an entirely risk-free choice.

Their plants are of impeccable quality, not that you need them. People seem to assume that low-quality means bulk, but that is not the case here. The only chance that you take is that you’ll become addicted!

Succulents’ centerpieces come in a plethora of shapes and shades, with tall leaves with a dark green hue in the viper’s bowstring hemp, whereas Echeveria Elegans reveal shorter, rounder mint shoots. You can also pick a burro’s tail, a lime cascading iteration, or a circular spiral aloe that develops. Remember that your centerpiece choice brings out the earthy texture and a touch of modernity to your case. Thus, you will notice from the images ahead.

Though succulents are not traditional wedding plants, they have been a favorite among brides and grooms for some time now. We can see why this greenery trend is still around-succulents are long-lasting, bright, and low maintenance-which is why your big day is a no-brainer accent. After all, they will undoubtedly make it through your parties or wedding if they can survive in an arid desert.

Another reason why this plant so embraces soon-to-be newlyweds? Their rich make-up. Feel free to use them as escort cards (they’re the ideal calligraphy base!), place card holders, and napkin rings, but you don’t have to worry about this flora falling apart, even if you incorporate them into your design landscape. 

They also make cute and durable cake toppers and confectionery decorations (as shown by this B.R. Sweets treat); their substantial weight means they won’t float away in a breeze. The bold structure of a succulent can also describe the form of a bouquet or centerpiece, making it the perfect plant for declaration.

Cutest Succulents: Living Stones (Lithops)

Cutest Succulents Living Stones Lithops

A touch of character with an element of surprise is what you can expect from living stones. These little succulents known as Lithops plants are small and absolutely adorable. Lithops is both a singular and a plural, so don’t go searching for a Lithop if you want one.

Typically, they grow to about an inch above the surface of the soil. The rest of the plant is underground. They appear unassuming, often split into a cloven shape. In fact, if you do not know what to look for, they will be easy to miss. Living stones have two leaves that are thick and padded. They are the masters of camouflage which is how they have earned their name. Numerous colors, spots, and little stripes can be found on the upper surface of the leaves. There are at least 145 different types to choose from. Their resemblance to stones is uncanny.

These cute succulents originate from South African deserts, where they can easily grow amidst sand and rocks. They do best in areas where the weather is exceptionally hot and needs very little water.

Cutest Succulents Living Stones Lithops
Surprising Item @maceplants

Unique Features of The Living Stones

It would be a challenge for anyone to kill this plant, even if one does not have a green thumb. It all comes down to nutrients and water, which this plant barely requires. Very little is lost from the surface area of this succulent as most of it is underground. Having only two leaves also minimizes the surface area of the plant. In fact, some Lithops can grow and stay alive with fog or mist being the primary source of moisture.

The Lithops have no stem, and the leaves are like storage tanks for the plant. It is the leaves that ensure that the plant can stay without water for months. When experiencing a drought, these plants are able to stay alive by shriveling and shrinking below the soil level. When the succulent seeds, these seeds can remain viable for months since they need minimal moisture.


Cutest Succulents Living Stones Lithops
Unique Characteristics of Living Stones @idrenpeachpoo

Growing Your Cute Succulents

The sandier the soil, the better if you want your Lithops to thrive. These plants are light lovers. Bright sunlight is ideal. Full-on exposure won’t damage them, though a little shade in the afternoon is advised. If you want to keep them indoors, you should make sure they are close to a south-facing window so that they can get the most light. Four to five hours of direct sunlight is what they need each day.

If you start out with your Living Stone succulent indoors, you should not transplant it to grow outdoors later. This is because being indoors makes them lose resistance to bright light. If you move them outdoors, the leaves of these cute succulents will burn, and they will die. During the winter, ensuring that these plants have adequate access to light should be a priority.

Check out this guide on “How to Successfully Grow Indoor Succulents” for a guide on growing your Living Stones indoors.

The most surprising and endearing feature of this plant is its flower. Flowering happens in autumn or in early winter. The flowers are in various colors including pale orange, yellow and white. They resemble daisies, looking like small clusters of perfect bouquets on the ground. The unique feature of these flowers, they are only open in the afternoon when it is sunny and hot. When it gets cooler, towards the late afternoon going into the evening, the flowers close up. With some varieties of these cute succulents, the flowers are scented. They come out from the space between the two leaves.

Once flowering has completed, a new phase of life begins for these succulents. They go through dormancy, where the old leaves are reabsorbed, and new leaves develop. In some cases, a new cluster will appear.

Enjoying learning about the Living Stones succulent? Be sure to also check out “7 Succulent Bouquets You Wish You Knew About” for a look at succulents you can use at your wedding! Check it out!

Cutest Succulents Living Stones Lithops
Grow Your Living Stones @succulents.ireland

Keeping Living Stones

When keeping them, ensuring that the conditions are as close as possible to their natural environment is what you should aim for.

Succulents typically require minimal watering, and only when their soil has dried out. These succulents require even less water. Between the fall and spring, they should not be watered at all as this is when they are dormant. They have a yearly cycle of growth.

This is one succulent that can stay within a family for generations, living up to 50 years if they are grown outdoors in ideal conditions. When indoors, they can be grown in the same pot for up to 20 years.

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Cutest Succulents Living Stones Lithops
The Natural Surroundings @im.juyoung

Some Interesting Facts On the Living Stones Succulent

Here are a few interesting facts about this plant.

  • When looking to purchase these plants, there are several names they go by. Look for flowering stones, mimicry plants or even pebble plants too.
  • There is a theory that they look like stones to protect themselves from being eaten by grazing animals in the wild.
  • They grow best in groups and surrounded by small pebbles.
  • Roots need room for growth, so pots should be at least five inches deep.
  • These plants are non-toxic, ideal to have around children and pets.
  • It can grow well without any fertilizer.
Cutest Succulents Living Stones Lithops
Lithops @nannileslie

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