Super Cute Bunny Succulents For Your Garden

Have you heard about Kawaii, the ‘cute item’ that went viral on Japanese Instagram about two years ago? Or maybe you have come across the endearing Easter themed, succulent centerpieces that Martha Stewart caused a rage with, alongside a spring-inspired floral arrangement. The plants are completely adorable, easy to look after, and can make a fascinating addition to your garden.

Super Cute Bunny Succulents For Your Garden
The Monilaria obconica is a delightful deciduous succulent @canalacultura

Potted Bunnies Are the New Craze

The Monilaria obconica is a delightful deciduous succulent that looks like bunny ears popping out of a pot. This seasonal plant is indigenously found in the Vanrhynsdorp and Vredendal districts of Western Cape in South Africa. The succulent has a fat stem that pops out of the ground resembling a ginger root with two types of leaves growing from the tip of the stem.

Thanks to its appearance like the furry ears of a rabbit, this succulent has earned the names Bunny Succulent, Bunny Ear Succulent, String of Pearls, Beaded Vygie, Bearded Ice Plant, and is natively known in Afrikaans as Knopiesvygie.

A Scientifically Special Succulent

The Bunny Succulent is a unique plant because it is a heterophyllous plant, meaning that it can grow more than one type of leaf on the same plant. It has a caudex form, bearing a swollen, above-ground trunk.

From the top of the root, the first set of leaves begins to form. These are usually tightly packed together and look like they have been symmetrically cut in half by a divine force. These first leaves are generally about 10 mm in diameter. The plants grow wholly fused and are covered by a sclerotic brown sheath.

As the plant grows older, the second set of leaves start to appear. These leaves are long and cylindrical, measuring about 10 to 15 cm long and 3.5 mm in diameter. The plants begin to sprout together at the base then spread out into two distinct leaves, taking the shape of bunny ears. These leaves are covered in small, crystalline cells that give them a furry look. These cells are specialized storage cells that are rich in sugars, helping the plant retain moisture for long periods.

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A Seasonal Deciduous Species

The Bunny Succulent mostly remains dormant during summer while its growth season starts in winter, between September to March. While the plant is in the resting period (dormant months), the plant may appear dead, but that is only because the segmented branches make the plant look like it has dried out.

During the spring, the Monilaria obconica produces white, rose-like flowers growing on solitary white, long stalks. These stalks grow to 35 to 40 mm in diameter, while the flowers carry filaments that may be white, purple, yellow, or orange.

This winter grower has its bunny ears maturing to a length of 8 inches (20 cm), and after a few months, the ears begin to give off a red hue, especially under the sun and curl under their weight giving the appearance of Bugs Bunny ears.

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Start Sprouting Your Very Own Bunnies

The Bunny Succulent can reproduce by cuttings or seeds. When propagating from a cutting, ensure that you are getting your cutting from a mature mother plant. The cutting should have one or more branches and should include a bit of the root. These succulents like to reside in areas with proper ventilation and can tolerate cold temperatures up to -2°C.

Bunny Succulents fancy soil with good drainage, and they prefer cactus or succulent potting mix. If the potting mix is not available, you could add some small pieces of gravel or horticultural sand to increase soil drainage and provide space for proper root development. These succulents like to grow in a tiny pot for as many years as possible. The plants do not flower well when placed in a relatively sizeable growing container, and the plants also do not like being repotted.

Monilaria obconica is different from most succulents as it is not a sun worshiper and should not be placed in direct sunlight. This succulent enjoys the right amount of shade, with movement into colder areas during the summer. Another fact that makes the Bunny Ears different from other succulents is that it requires regular watering during the winter months, especially after the new long leaves start to appear. During the summer, sporadic drinks of water will do just fine.


Super Cute Bunny Succulents For Your Garden
Bunny Succulent

Whether you were thinking of revamping your garden patio or you were looking for a small succulent to train little green thumbs, the Monilaria obconica or Bunny Succulent is the perfect, inconspicuous addition to your home or office. And think of all the fun you could have picking out the perfectly cute bunny container for your Bunny Succulent!

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Top 8 Succulent Terrariums – Succulent lovers Buying Guide

You don’t always have to keep your succulents in pots. Well, they are still beautiful that way – with all the colors and shapes. But you know what’s more breathtaking? Succulent Terrariums. You’ll find the following list of succulent terrariums a valuable resource.

That beauty holed up in a transparent container. If you’re looking to spruce up those interiors even further, then throwing in a few terrariums might just be a good option. Besides that, the terrarium is a new feather to your gardening hat. It presents an opportunity to explore new plant-care horizons – which can be exciting. Especially if it turns out to be successful.

Ready to take the jump? Or maybe you’ve already jumped so you’re looking for some more additions?

1. A Mini-House of Beauty

Terrariums come in a variety of shapes – just like succulents. And a house-shaped one is among the outstanding forms.

Most available options are just the right size for that limited space you might want to liven up – a windowsill, tabletop or a counter. Got some tiny succulents you want to show off?

The house-shaped terrarium offers a great way to set up a tiny garden – an outstanding one at that – right inside the house where you deem fit. Just plug those succulents in and watch them come to life.

Keeping the lid open (most have it) will go a long way in adding on that glow – and ensuring they don’t die.

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
A Mini-house of Beauty @dewdropgarden_yyc

2. Pentagon Terrarium – Eye-Candy Addition

Still, on shapes, a pentagonal terrarium is another great option. Well, this can be an astounding piece by itself. But then that would be a waste to a certain extent.

You can make use of that space by sticking in a few small succulents of your liking – of course, after introducing the ideal planting medium. By the way, some pieces come ready-made to grow small succulents as they allow water to pass through.

That means no long periods of sogginess. We all know what that does to your plants.

On the flip side, you’ll have to take your terrarium out (with the plants) when it’s watering time. You don’t want a mess on your otherwise chic tabletop or shelf.

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
Pentagon Terrarium @craftisan.decor

3. The Perfect Hanging Decoration

Regular hanging planters are ideal for trailing succulents – that’s for a larger part. What about hanging terrariums?

Just about anything succulent.

And as with above other terrariums, a hanging terrarium will be good with several types of tiny succulents. What’s more impressive is the fact that you hang more than one of these fairytale-like gardens. So as per your budget – and your preference – you can set as many floating gardens as possible, showcasing a lot more succulents.

That’s not all.

You can add more pomp by hanging the terrariums in groups of defined numbers – 2s, 3s, etc. – and at intervals. Beauty in the air.

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
Hanging succulent terrarium @localplantshop

4. Globular Terrarium

A globular terrarium brings the desert right into your interiors

The desert appeal here is just undeniable. A mix of cacti and aloe vera and the bare pebbles in between – a perfect mockup of the dry environment these beauties call home.

It’s easy to get caught up day-dreaming the drylands yonder. And that’s the beauty of it. You can easily mimic nature’s green with a few plants. But a whole terrain?

This is just one of the few instances where that is possible; thanks to the perfect fusion of succulents and the terrarium.

Check out this set of globe succulent terrariums we found!

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
Globular succulent terrarium @kimberlitedesign

5. The Two-in-One Setup

So far we’ve talked about lone terrariums. But single disjointed pieces aren’t the order of the day.

This pair with an S-shaped stand terrains does bring a whole new perspective to the scene. And you can use it in so many ways aside from displaying your precious succulents.

For instance, you can make a party centerpiece or propping up candles when the whole crowd is gone.

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
The two-in-one setup

6. You Don’t Have to Use That Many Succulents to Make an Impact

Succulents are so varied in terms of all the things that matter – types, shapes, sizes, and colors. Having a terrarium with a mix of all these bells and whistles is only natural – the blend can be heavenly.

But you’re mistaken to think this is the end all be all of appreciating the beauty of succulents. This single succulent terrarium comes out pretty strong in sprucing up your interiors.

Plus, it is way easier to look out for especially when you’re just starting out with houseplants.

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
Succulent Terrarium with many succulents inside @loved_bynature

7. Your Wall is Also a Perfect Display

We’ve seen tabletops, shelves, and windowsills as the perfect avenues to display your succulent terrariums. Additionally, you can suspend them as pointed out above.

Your wall is also just an ideal spot. But of course, you won’t be putting up any of the above on it. Is it even possible?

I doubt it.

That’s where these awesome wall-hanging types come in handy. They offer a great way for you to accessorize that wall with lots of plant life.


Top 8 Succulent Terrariums
Succulent Terrarium @home_is_where_the_garden_is

8. New Development – Bowls with Legs

Apparently, terrarium bowls could use a bit of propping up. You can stick on some wooden pegs to your bowels and observe the ensuing change.

They bring a certain kind of sophistication in your interiors that’s hard to come by if the bowls were sitting on their bases.

Some of the favorites here @SucculentCity

Last update on 2020-03-19 / Amazon

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6 Succulent Cakes You Wish You Tasted And cake Decorations

It is safe to say succulents have stolen the show as far as houseplants go. Know of any avid gardener without an idea of what succulents are? Thought so.

And now the same hardy lot is advancing to a new frontier – succulent cakes. We’re used to the toppings being in the shape of petals and bouquets. For how long has that been the case?

Not clear. Here’s what’s clear: the flowers are getting edged out by succulents. And honestly, they are far more drool-inducing than any bloom you can think of. Don’t believe it?

Have a sight feast with the following picks of succulent cakes.

1. A Cake With Nothing on (Except Succulent Toppings)

Naked cakes are favorites for several reasons – Naked cakes offer that rustic beauty so hard to achieve with frosting, can withstand the summer heat and, most importantly, easy to decorate.

And that last reason is what matters in our case. Take the bare cake, sprinkle on an assortment of your favorite succulent cakes designs and the end result is this minimalist edible piece of art.

6 Succulent Cakes You Wish You Tasted
Succulent Toppings @lacupella_ella

2. A Buttercream Wreath

Sure, that multi-colored succulent wreath is a sight to behold. But bringing it near your mouth isn’t something you’ve ever considered.

How about a deal to make it edible? Sounds good?

Here’s an inspiration. As you can see, there is a blend of several succulent plants that appeal to the eyes just as to taste buds. And, of course, the flowers just make it even more tasty-looking and stylish at the same time.

Be sure to check out “How to Make a Beautiful Succulent Wreath” for a guide on making a wreath out of succulents for your home decor.

6 Succulent Cakes You Wish You Tasted
Succulent Wreath @celebrations_by_penelope

3. Candy Succulent Cake

As the name suggests, the cake toppings are succulent leaves – but made of candy. Ever looked at the glossy leaves of your succulent and wished you could snack them up?

Well, here’s a dream come true. Prepare easily one and relish at the moment. You don’t need to be user-specific with the ingredients.

You can tailor those within reach to look like one of the numerous succulent plants.

6 Succulent Cakes You Wish You Tasted
Succulent Cake

4. A Cupcake With a Succulent Twist

A cupcake offers an opportunity for any desired additions – in small quantities. And, apparently, a succulent is also an option.

And doesn’t it look amazing? You’ll be excused for wanting to take it home with you and adding it to your collection.

Learn more about succulent crafts you can do at home by checking out “Did You Know There’s Beautiful Succulent Candles?“.

6 Succulent Cakes You Wish You Tasted
Succulent Twist @veronicaduguay

5. A Succulent Garden for Birthday

Who thought a cactus can be munched on straight-off from a garden? Or the potting medium?

Well, nobody until this beautiful masterpiece came along. Aside from the cactus which other succulents can you spot? There is no denying that this is such a tasty garden for any succulent lover.

And getting it on a birthday is sure to awaken a heaven-on-earth type of feeling. All you can hope for is the potting medium to be well-drained so that those babies don’t rot before they reach you.

6 Succulent Cakes You Wish You Tasted
Succulent Birthday @anamarsh

6. Trailers Being Trailers

Even on a cake, trailing succulents are still letting those stems hang freely. Or is it the baker’s making?

Either way, the blend here is magnificent – the cake and the flower and succulent toppings. They can be quite a treat when you venture in with some sharp scissors, or rather, a knife.

Take a look at “Why Succulent Plants Are So Popular” for a look at our reasons why succulents are so popular with people.


6 Succulent Cakes You Wish You Tasted
Succulent Cakes You Should Try @copperwhiskcakes

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8 Amazing Succulent Gift Ideas You Should Know

Here’s a guess: as a succulent lover, you probably have a couple of like-minded friends – the people in your circle who swear by these popular houseplants.

And being close to them, you want to at least surprise them one of these fine days. It’s only natural. And what better way of doing this than a gift that appeals to their favorite plant life?

Not to bore you though. Pick any of the following amazing succulent gift ideas the next time you want to surprise a that close friend who’s a succulent junkie.

8 Amazing Succulent Gift Ideas
Token of Sympathy @contrivecreations

1. Decor Elements

Succulent plants are a great addition to interior spaces. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have your friend take it a notch higher.

There are a few home accessories that are sure to make that room even chicer – throw pillows for instance. You can get a cover with drawings of succulent plants or, better, a pillow shaped in the form of cactus. Cactus crochet and succulent prints are other equally-appealing interiors additions.

And the decorations here don’t have to just be fixed on walls or the seats. Phone and laptop covers – dotted with succulents – are available too. 

2. Succulent Planters

We all know succulents (or any other houseplants for that matter) don’t grow just anywhere. You have to raise them in designated containers – A.K.A planters.

And your friend could use some. You never know – maybe he/she was just on the verge of shopping for a couple them. What a pleasant surprise when you swoop in with one.

What’s more, you can spice things up by going for unique shapes, sizes and makes.

Instead of the usual round pots, you can bring on owl-shaped and hexagonal planters. And instead of containers suitable only for sitting on horizontal surfaces, you can gift your friends some wall planters for those small succulents they may wish to show off. Check out these wall planters we found just for you.

Imagine the added aesthetic appeal – just breathtaking.

8 Amazing Succulent Gift Ideas
Pots for Your Desire @succulentsssss

3. Succulent Care Supplies

You can help your buddies keep those beauties glowing by gifting them care kits.

It could be that exceptional fertilizer you use but your friend isn’t aware of or a single tool you deem perfect. They’ll thank you, for the second time, when their babies throw out their most beautiful forms.

You can also go above and beyond with a toolset. Grab a collection of all the tools your friend can use to propagate, prune, water and plant succulents. Won’t that be amazing?

4. Succulent-Themed Personal Accessories

Got that friend obsessed with jewelry just as they are with succulents? Then giving them a succulent-themed piece can be an amazing idea.

There is serious variety here by the way when you consider all the jewel options out there. Think about earrings, rings, watches – name it. You’re sure to bump into a number of them bearing some referral to the succulent world.

5. Amazing Succulent Gift Ideas – Succulent Books, Garden Journal, Notecards

Succulent books and garden journals are handy in growing succulents. The books widen your friend’s knowledge scope. The journal, on the other hand, helps keep track of individual plants. A perfect combo to raise healthy plants.

Notecards are another proclamation of succulent love – just like the décor elements and personal accessories above. You can get a collection of them with succulent illustrations for your friend.

Be sure to check out our collection of ebooks as well as a potential gift. Take for example our ebook “Rare Succulents You Wish You Knew About” Surprise your friends with interesting succulents they’ve probably never heard of before.

8 Amazing Succulent Gift Ideas
Knowledge is Everything @queenofsucculents

6. Apparel

Apparels have been used and are still being used to reflect beliefs and passions people hold so dear. So why not the same for succulent heads?

You won’t be short of a piece of clothing out there bearing a cactus or any other popular succulent. It could be a sweatshirt, a pair of socks or a T-shirt. They all present a perfect way for your succulent-obsessed friends to flaunt to the world (in a good way) their gardening quest.

Or you can hook them up with an apron, with succulents plastered on of course. It can come in handy when the friend is out there in the garden – stashing dead or fallen parts and having somewhere to carry tools. Plus, it helps maintain a clean look.

7. Succulent Plants

Of course, what else can your succulent-growing friend ask for than an addition to their collection? And as you know, the options here are infinite. You have a pool of 10, 000 plant types to choose from.

To make it really count, peek through their collection and see if you can bring on something new and unique. Or it could be that a member of the collection has died off due to maybe a disease, a pest attack or rot.

Show up with a replacement and you’ll be a hero to your friend. Check out the Jade Plant here and don’t think twice, this succulent is a perfect gift for any plant lover.

8. Succulent Wreath

This is no doubt a magnificent present option as a succulent gift idea. You can put together your very own piece or order one from an online store.

The good thing about a succulent wreath is the fact that it’s made up of succulents of course. And that means a lean caring regimen. So it’s not something that’s too imposing for that busy friend.

Learn how to make your own succulent wreath by checking out our piece “How to Make a Beautiful Succulent Wreath“. Learn today!


8 Amazing Succulent Gift Ideas
A Wonderful Choice @arozona

Thank you for reading with us today! Any of these gifts catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below.

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Cutest Succulents: Living Stones (Lithops)

A touch of character with an element of surprise is what you can expect from living stones. These little succulents known as Lithops plants are small and absolutely adorable. Lithops is both a singular and a plural, so don’t go searching for a Lithop if you want one.

Typically, they grow to about an inch above the surface of the soil. The rest of the plant is underground. They appear unassuming, often split into a cloven shape. In fact, if you do not know what to look for, they will be easy to miss. Living stones have two leaves that are thick and padded. They are the masters of camouflage which is how they have earned their name. Numerous colors, spots, and little stripes can be found on the upper surface of the leaves. There are at least 145 different types to choose from. Their resemblance to stones is uncanny.

These cute succulents originate from South African deserts, where they can easily grow amidst sand and rocks. They do best in areas where the weather is exceptionally hot and needs very little water.

Cutest Succulents Living Stones Lithops
Surprising Item @maceplants

Unique Features of The Living Stones

It would be a challenge for anyone to kill this plant, even if one does not have a green thumb. It all comes down to nutrients and water, which this plant barely requires. Very little is lost from the surface area of this succulent as most of it is underground. Having only two leaves also minimizes the surface area of the plant. In fact, some Lithops can grow and stay alive with fog or mist being the primary source of moisture.

The Lithops have no stem, and the leaves are like storage tanks for the plant. It is the leaves that ensure that the plant can stay without water for months. When experiencing a drought, these plants are able to stay alive by shriveling and shrinking below the soil level. When the succulent seeds, these seeds can remain viable for months since they need minimal moisture.


Cutest Succulents Living Stones Lithops
Unique Characteristics of Living Stones @idrenpeachpoo

Growing Your Cute Succulents

The sandier the soil, the better if you want your Lithops to thrive. These plants are light lovers. Bright sunlight is ideal. Full-on exposure won’t damage them, though a little shade in the afternoon is advised. If you want to keep them indoors, you should make sure they are close to a south-facing window so that they can get the most light. Four to five hours of direct sunlight is what they need each day.

If you start out with your Living Stone succulent indoors, you should not transplant it to grow outdoors later. This is because being indoors makes them lose resistance to bright light. If you move them outdoors, the leaves of these cute succulents will burn, and they will die. During the winter, ensuring that these plants have adequate access to light should be a priority.

Check out this guide on “How to Successfully Grow Indoor Succulents” for a guide on growing your Living Stones indoors.

The most surprising and endearing feature of this plant is its flower. Flowering happens in autumn or in early winter. The flowers are in various colors including pale orange, yellow and white. They resemble daisies, looking like small clusters of perfect bouquets on the ground. The unique feature of these flowers, they are only open in the afternoon when it is sunny and hot. When it gets cooler, towards the late afternoon going into the evening, the flowers close up. With some varieties of these cute succulents, the flowers are scented. They come out from the space between the two leaves.

Once flowering has completed, a new phase of life begins for these succulents. They go through dormancy, where the old leaves are reabsorbed, and new leaves develop. In some cases, a new cluster will appear.

Enjoying learning about the Living Stones succulent? Be sure to also check out “7 Succulent Bouquets You Wish You Knew About” for a look at succulents you can use at your wedding! Check it out!

Cutest Succulents Living Stones Lithops
Grow Your Living Stones @succulents.ireland

Keeping Living Stones

When keeping them, ensuring that the conditions are as close as possible to their natural environment is what you should aim for.

Succulents typically require minimal watering, and only when their soil has dried out. These succulents require even less water. Between the fall and spring, they should not be watered at all as this is when they are dormant. They have a yearly cycle of growth.

This is one succulent that can stay within a family for generations, living up to 50 years if they are grown outdoors in ideal conditions. When indoors, they can be grown in the same pot for up to 20 years.

Thinking of using grow lights for your succulents? Be sure to check out “Are Grow Lights Bad for My Succulents” and see if it’s safe to continue using these lights.

Cutest Succulents Living Stones Lithops
The Natural Surroundings @im.juyoung

Some Interesting Facts On the Living Stones Succulent

Here are a few interesting facts about this plant.

  • When looking to purchase these plants, there are several names they go by. Look for flowering stones, mimicry plants or even pebble plants too.
  • There is a theory that they look like stones to protect themselves from being eaten by grazing animals in the wild.
  • They grow best in groups and surrounded by small pebbles.
  • Roots need room for growth, so pots should be at least five inches deep.
  • These plants are non-toxic, ideal to have around children and pets.
  • It can grow well without any fertilizer.
Cutest Succulents Living Stones Lithops
Lithops @nannileslie

Thank you for reading with us today! Let us know in the comments below which kind of succulents you have laying around the house. Do you have the Living Stones succulent yet?

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