Choosing the Right Pot for Succulents (Guide)

Choosing the right pot for your succulents is not an easy task! With so many adorable planters in all shapes and sizes out there, how do you know which one to pick?

While picking a planter with a design you love is important, today we’re going to talk about the more practical things you have to consider when buying a succulent pot, like drainage and size.

Choosing a pot with proper drainage and sizing will ensure the health of your plant babies for years to come… so don’t just pick the prettiest planter on the shelf! (Although it’s fun to do this sometimes!) Make sure it fits these parameters too so it won’t damage your succulents.

Choosing the Right Pot for Your Succulents
Choosing the right pot for your succulents @judyluvs_succulents

Drainage for Your Succulent Plants

Drainage is the most important thing to consider when choosing the right pot for succulents. If your pot doesn’t have good drainage, your succulents are at risk of root rot and other symptoms of overwatering, like mushy, yellow leaves.

Your succulent can even die if it sits in too much water, so you have to give any excess water in the pot a place to go. Enter drainage holes! They’ll allow water to drain from your pot quickly so that your succulents don’t get waterlogged.

There are plenty of adorable pots with drainage holes, like this aqua sunburst planter. But if you have your heart set on a trendy planter without good drainage like a glass terrarium, you can make it work with some careful planning and skill, it might just take more work on your end.

If you want to plant your succulents in a glass terrarium, or any other succulent planter without drainage holes, you’ll have to water them sparingly. You want to pour enough water into the container to wet the soil, but not so much that it will pool in the bottom. If you do create a little puddle of water in the bottom of the container, your succulents could end up dying of root rot because there’s nowhere for the water to go.

So when you’re using a container without proper drainage, always steer on the side of under-watering. And make sure to plant your succulents in a porous succulent soil similar to this so that doesn’t retain too much water—it’ll help prevent your plants from rotting!

Check out our full article if you would like some tips on watering your succulents.

Choosing the Right Pot for Your Succulents
Choosing the right pot for your succulents

Best Materials Used for Succulent Planters

The best pot for succulents is one made out of terracotta (clay) or ceramic. Both of these materials are nice and breathable, so they’ll work in indoor areas that might not get a lot of airflow. Since they allow air to flow and water to escape, terracotta and ceramic pots reduce the chances of your succulents dying from overwatering or root rot. That’s why they’re such a great choice for new succulent owners and people with brown thumbs—they make hardy little succulents even harder to kill!

There’s plenty of beautiful ceramic and terracotta pots out there, so you should be able to find one that you love! We have very cute and tiny terracotta pots on one of the office window sills, if you want to check them out here’s where we got them.

For planters a little more on the rustic side, check out our article on how to make driftwood planters for your succulents!

Choosing the Right Pot for Your Succulents
Choosing the right pot for your succulents

Size of Your Pot Matters

When it comes to the right pot size, you may think bigger is better. You want to give your succulents plenty of room to grow, so planting them in a big pot is the way to do that… right?

Well actually, planting your succulents in a pot that’s too big for them can be detrimental to their growth and overall health! Planting your succulent in a properly sized pot, which should only have an inch or two of extra room around the sides at most, actually encourages it to grow. When your succulent’s roots reach the bottom and sides of the pot and don’t have a lot more room to spread out, your plant will produce new top growth above the soil instead, which is what you want to see! 

Putting your succulents in the right containers also has another positive effect—it reduces their chances of dying from root rot. Soil retains moisture, so big pots that have more of it will retain more moisture. This puts your succulents at risk of water damage and root rot. Bigger is not always better, so plant your succulents in a small enough pot to keep them healthy!

If you’re ever concerned about if your succulent’s health, take a look at our articles Why Your Succulents are Dying or How to Tell if Your Cactus is Dying. We’ve helped thousands of plant lovers save their succulents and cacti.


Choosing the Right Pot for Your Succulents
Choosing the right pot for your succulents

Repotting Succulents

OK, I know we were just talking about how pots that are too big are bad for your succulents. But on the flip side, pots that are too small aren’t good for your plant babies either. 

After a few years of living in the same pot, your succulent might outgrow it. It might become top heavy and start falling over in its container, or shooting out roots through the drainage holes of the pot because it’s trying to grow, but has no more room. In those situations, it’s a good idea to repot your succulent into a slightly larger container, because the small pot is likely stunting its growth. Here’s the best soil to use for your succulents for optimal growth in your favorite planter.

Succulents should be transplanted into containers that are an inch or two larger than their original container about once every two or three years. The beginning of your succulent’s growing season is the best time to repot. After transplanting your plant baby into a cute new container, wait a few days before you water it to give it a chance to root and acclimate to its new surroundings.

Choosing the Right Pot for Your Succulents
Choosing the right pot for your succulents

Now that you know how to choose the right pot for your succulents, are you going to repot some of your plant babies? Let us know in the comments section below! For some inspiration on how to design your own succulent garden, check out our Pinterest and Instagram for daily content! Or swing on over to our exclusive Facebook group, Succulent City Plant Lounge, where you can learn additional tips and tricks from fellow succulent lovers.

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Top Terrariums for Air Plants- Different Types Of Planters

You just got home from the nursery with a bunch of beautiful Tillandsias. You handpicked the best air plants that the nursery had to offer, and you’re stoked to display them in your home.

But where are you going to put them?

You can plant Tillandsia on pieces of driftwood, in hanging metal planters, and even in sea urchin shells! But our favorite place to plant them is in a glass terrarium, so today we thought we’d share our favorite ones with you. You can’t go wrong with any of the terrariums on this list—they’re all gorgeous!

Without further ado, here are the top terrariums for air plants!

Geometric Copper Terrarium

Tillandsia plant looks great in modern, geometric planters like this one! All of the edges of this glass terrarium are outlined in rose gold or copper metal depending on which design you choose. Either one is gorgeous, so you really can’t go wrong!

Terrarium has a big opening, so your air plant is sure to get enough circulation in this terrarium. The size of the terrarium opening also makes it super easy for you to water your plant without removing it from their little home. Just grab a spray bottle, like this one we use in the office from time to time, and mist them regularly to keep them nice and hydrated.

This Terrarium planter comes in two sizes—small or medium. Bigger is better, so we say go for the medium size. The terrarium gives you a great excuse to get more air plants if you don’t have enough to fill it!

Light Bulb Terrariums

We think this light bulb terrarium is such a bright idea! It’s not really light bulbs, but it looks just like them and gives the same cool effect. Check them out, here!

The terrarium comes with jute strings that you can use to hang them from the ceiling, and they have openings in the middle that allow any plants you put in them to get enough circulation.

They’re a lot more functional than a real, repurposed light bulb would be, so it’s worth spending the $11.99 to get them! They come in a pack of three, so we think they’re a great value. This brand also has another variety that includes a light bulb with two hole- openings— giving your air plants some extra room to grow! Check those out here.

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Hanging Glass Terrarium Kit

We love this hanging terrarium! It comes with a beautiful metal stand that has some nice scroll details. The scrolls make this terrarium look extra pretty and whimsical. It would be the perfect vehicle for a little fairy garden full of adorable plants and accessories like these!

This terrarium also comes with two Tillandsia plants and some black and silver rocks, so it has everything you need to get your mini garden started! It’s a great value at $28.00 considering you get air plants and rocks, too.

For more inspiring hanging plants for your air plants and other succulents, check out our top 5 choices here!

Tabletop Glass Plant Terrarium

These tabletop terrariums are modern, classic and simple, which is just the way we like our planters! They’ll go with pretty much any decor because they have such a streamlined, minimalist design. They’ll really let your air plants shine, too, because they don’t have many details that will take attention away from them. Take a look, here!

These terrariums come in a set of three. They all have the same round shape and an opening at the top that lets air in, which is great for air plants. They derive some of their nutrients from the air, so they definitely need the good airflow that these terrariums provide!

At just $12.20, this set is a great deal—you’re only paying $4 for each terrarium!

Tall Geometric Tabletop Terrarium

The shape of this tall, geometric glass terrarium kind of reminds us of geodes, like this, (which would look great in your terrarium by the way)! It has an organic, irregular shape that looks super modern and cool.

It comes in three sizes-small, medium, and large. Definitely go for the large size, though! It’s 9.8 inches tall, which makes it a much more striking and beautiful centerpiece than the smaller sized terrariums. It would look gorgeous in your dining room or living room table with a bunch of votive candles around it!

This terrarium for air plants also comes in two different finishes. You can get it with either matte black metal or gold metal if you want a nice shiny finish.

It’s only $29.99 for the large size, which we think is a great deal. It has tons of space for your air plants and will become a real focal point of whatever room you put it in, so it’s worth splurging on!

Teardrop Terrarium Set

We love terrariums that have unique, interesting shapes, like these! In this set, there are two teardrop-shaped and one globe-shaped terrarium for air plants. They’re all a nice size—the teardrop terrariums are 7 by 4 and the globe is 5 by 5, so you’ll be able to fit plenty of air plants in them! They have a nice, big opening that allows plenty of air to get to your Tillandsia plant, too.

They all come with long pieces of twine that you can use to hang them. Two of them have flat bottoms, so you could also set them on your end table or coffee table and they’d look just as nice!

Terrarium Display End Table

We saved the best terrarium for air plants for last! This end table doubles as a terrarium, and it’s just about the coolest thing we’ve ever seen! The terrarium is where the drawer would usually go, and it’s made entirely of glass, so you can see your air plants from pretty much any angle.

The drawer is pretty deep, so you can fit a lot of Tillandsia and rocks in there! Surprisingly, the drawer also has air holes on the sides that will provide air circulation for your plants. We thought for sure that this type of terrarium would be closed, but the genius people who designed this managed to work some air holes into it!

This end table has gold legs and some metal accents, but otherwise it’s made almost entirely of glass. The almost- fully- glass design gives it a really elegant and delicate look. It would be a beautiful showpiece in almost any room in the house. We could see this table being used as a nightstand in a bedroom, or sitting next to a couch or chair as a side table. Wherever you keep it, it’s sure to be a conversation starter.


Those are the top terrariums for air plants according to us here at Succulent City! Which ones are your favorites?

We’re in love with that terrarium end table and it’s definitely going in our cart, we’re hoping it comes this weekend! Let us know which ones you’re going to buy in the comments section below!

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Happy planting! ?

12 Stunning Minimalist Succulent Planters

Minimalist designs have become increasingly trendy in recent years, and no plants are more minimalist in nature than succulents.

As Elle Decor describes, minimalism is a return to the basics. Homes with minimalist aesthetics are free of clutter and have simple color schemes. They’re open and airy with simple black and white tones.

Like minimalist homes, succulents are rather minimalist plants that require little work. Many of them are small with muted tones and their looks aren’t overbearing, making them perfect accent pieces to other simple decor.

Of course, no matter what types of succulents you prefer, they need a home of their own. Check out these stunning minimalist succulent planters that’ll flawlessly match your aesthetic.

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1. Mid-Century Modern Planter

Mid Century Modern Planter
Photo: Succulent City

These planters are just about as simple and clean as it gets! Coming in two sizes, these simple ceramic planters are the perfect addition to your home. Plus, the wooden stand adds a splash of tasteful color.

Mid-Century Modern Planter,, Succulent City

2. Round Planter Bowl with Wood Stand

In a similar fashion, this planter bowl replicates the mid-century modern look, wooden stand and all. However, it’s ideal for those looking for more of a centerpiece than single planter. The large 10-inch wide bowl is ideal for holding many different types of succulents at once.

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Mid Century Large Round Succulent Planter Bowl,

3. Two-Toned Textured Planter

two toned textured planter
Photo: Succulent City

If you’re looking for a little texture, these stone planters bring the quirk. At 3 inches deep they’re great for those small desktop succulents. And though they have some color (these planters come in green and beige), the colors are muted enough to blend in seamlessly with their simple, minimalist surroundings.

Two Toned Textured Concrete Planter, Succulent City

4. Ceramic Cone-Shaped Planter with Brass Stand

Into the texture but not quite the colors? Go a bit simpler with this textured, cone-shaped planter. The small brass stand adds a modern feel to the otherwise super minimalist design.

Modern Design White Ceramic Cone Shape Succulent Planter Pot with Brass Base Stand, Amazon

5. Ceramic Glaze Planter

At only about 2×2 inches, these cute planters are minimalistic by nature. The ceramic planters come in five different glazes, but the colors are soft enough so that they’ll complement any room in your house instead of overtake it.

SUN-E 5 in Set 2.2 Inch Container Planter

6. Ceramic Hexagon Planter

If you’re trying to keep it super simple, these small ceramic planters are exactly what you’re looking for. The included bamboo trays (along with your beautiful succulents, of course!) add just a tiny pop of color to the otherwise clean design.

T4U 2.75″ White Ceramic Hexagon Succulent Cactus Planter

7. Brass and Glass Geometric Terrarium

The only thing more minimalistic than all white? All glass! This terrarium allows you to check out your succulents from all angles. Plus, the brass edges add just the right amount of oomph.

NYCP Brass Glass Pentagon Regular Dodecahedron Geometric Terrarium

8. Geometric Hanging Planter

Are your walls looking a little bare? Instead of putting up another photo or painting, why not hang these geometric planters. Fill them with succulents like air plants for a simple, easy-to-maintain look. Or, for a more dramatic addition, the draping burro’s tail succulent would look absolutely stunning in these wall planters.

Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase & Geometric Wall Decor

9. Unglazed Cement Planter

For a truly earthy look, these unglazed cement planters are the way to go. Nothing is more minimalist than pure cement. Plus, it’s really making a design comeback, so you’ll be right on trend with this decor.

Set of 2 Modern 4-Inch Gray Unglazed Cement Succulent Planters

10. Set of 3 Cement Planters with Wood Stand

If you’re into the cement look, this set of three succulent planters complete with matching wood stand will help bring succulent plant life into your home. Simple yet attractive, this set will help keep your succulents organized in style.

Nattol Wooden Succulent Planter

11. Concrete Skull Planter

concrete skull planter
Photo: Succulent City

You can go minimalist while still adding a bit of flair. These cute cement skull planters bring some unexpected life (or death?) to your aesthetic. Plant your succulent and you have yourself a minimalist chia pet.

Concrete Skull Planter Succulent City

12. Black Matte Ceramic Planter

There’s not denying that at its core, minimalist design favors black and white tones. Go back to basics with these simple, black matte planters. The geometric design comes in a few different shapes — and you get all three! And if you love the design but aren’t sure about the black, there are three other colors to choose from.

Modern Geometric Ceramic Succulent Cactus Planter Pot (Set of 3)


Did any of these planters spark your interest, and now you’re ready to buy every single succulent to fill them? We have a solution for you! Have you heard of Succulents Box? They offer more than 200 varieties of succulents, that are organically grown in California, along with monthly subscription boxes of fresh succulents and air plants! Starting at just $5/month, you could be on your way to creating a beautiful succulent garden, all from the comfort of shopping at home! Click this link to learn more about Succulents Box and start your subscription today!

Check out our article on the 6 Best Marble Planters for Succulents if you want some more inspiration! And to help you decide which succulents would look fabulous in your new planters, check out our additional articles on 7 Best Succulents for Low Light Environments, 5 Succulents with Red Flowers, or Everything About Dolphin Succulents.

Thanks for reading and learning with us. If you have any other awe-worthy planters that you’d love to share, head over to our exclusive Facebook group, Succulent City Plant Lounge, and display them!

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