8 Beautiful Succulents for Indoors/Outdoors

8 Beautiful Succulents That Flower

Do you want to add a tinge of amazingness in your succulent farm? Whether indoors or outdoors, having a beautiful botanic garden is a dream come true to all succulents lovers. That’s why you need succulents plants that flower. Succulents are exhilarating plants. They come in different shapes and sizes making a place look magical. The sight of them is breathtaking.

They not only attract humans but insects too, thus resulting in pollination. Succulents that flower come in different shades from pale green, to purple, and pink. To find out more about plants that flower, read on for the exclusive details.

1. Stapelia

Stapelia has different species. The plant was first discovered in South Africa. Sometimes it’s referred to as carrion flower. They have a strong scent resembling rotten meat. Unfortunately, this doesn’t attract humans but only insects. Instead of leaves, they possess thick spikes which are quite harmless. Also, their flowers are magnificent and attractive. Some of its species are red, while others have purplish tips.

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8 Beautiful Succulents That Flower
Born in South Africa @flowers.cactus

2. Huernia

Huernia is closely related to stapelia and is also sometimes referred to as carrion flowers. Initially, it was cooked and used as food. Huernia has sharp-looking thorns but they are soft and won’t harm your skin. Since they don’t have leaves, they use their thick stems, which are pale green for photosynthesis. The red species has a foul smell that attracts insects for pollination. Lastly, they can survive in hostile conditions like extended periods of drought.


8 Beautiful Succulents That Flower
Survival of The Fittest @succulentaerialyogi

3. Portulaca

Portulaca is a brightly colored succulent. The sight of this plant just screams life. It has fleshy stems, and the plants flowers come in different shades like lavender, pink, yellow red and even orange. Apart from being vibrant, you can easily maintain them, and they require little water for them to flourish. For the best results, you should plant them in shallow containers. They also thrive in rock gardens.

Portulaca has shallow spreading roots which help to prevent soil erosion. Additionally, it has numerous species, for instance; sun jewel which grows fast. “Magic Carpet” and “Sunkist” are annual species that cannot survive in winter.

Be sure to check out our guide on “How to Care for Succulents in the Winter” to see how you can take care of your succulents plants during the winter weather.

8 Beautiful Succulents That Flower
Flowers of Various Colors @georgualdoni

4. Epiphyllum

Epiphyllum is also known as orchid cactus. You can easily term it as ugly, pathetic, or disgusting before it blossoms. But when it does, you would definitely regret using nasty words on epiphyllum. What’s more enthralling about them is their dinner plate’s size like flowers. Behold! They are something out of this world. And, they possess different colors like white, bright red, purple, and palest cream, hot pink, and pale shell pink.

They start blooming around the end of September and the begging of the spring. But different varieties can be grown at different periods of the year. Lastly, this succulent can cross-breed easily, and their cuttings also grow easily.

8 Beautiful Succulents That Flower
Hideous and Horrible @blkgirl_plantstagram

5. Adenium

Adenium is an interesting succulent. You will automatically fall in love with it its woody stem, green leaves, and their hot pink flowers turning white towards the center. It comes in different varieties, but the most common one is adenium obesum. Adenium is delicate and requires lots of care. The type of soil in which they thrive and the amount of water they get is essential. You shouldn’t overwater, and you should plant them in soil that has good drainage.

The plant often loses its leaves during winter, and they need to be kept in cold or winter temperatures. During summer, they need to receive maximum sunlight, at least 6 hours of sunshine per day.

Learn to also take care of your succulents in low light environments, check out “7 Best Succulents for Low Light Environments” for more.

8 Beautiful Succulents That Flower
Fall in Love in Adenium @adenium_vladikavkaz

6. Bromeliads

Bromeliads are famous for their jawbreaking and colorful nature. Their flowers bloom when you least expect them. The leaves are long and slender with a solid green color. The plants can be a mystery, and it can take some time to unfold. Their leaves can be confused as flowers. What’s more surprising is that these leaves or bracts change their colors like a chameleon. Amazing, right?

Are your succulents changing colors? Check here to find out what it means

The actual flowers of that succulent which are tiny and purple are usually inside the cistern. Bromeliads can survive in dry conditions, as carry their water. Bromeliads are a must-have in your garden.

8 Beautiful Succulents That Flower
Color of Nature @pvplantguy

7. Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus succulent is a beautiful gift for your loved one or a friend. It has flowers of a different shade of red, pink and purple, white or orange, which will make you warm up to them. Their colorful nature is excellent for your interior decor. Christmas cactus needs a lot of care to bloom from one year to the next. You need to water the plant sparingly. Too much water can destroy it. Also, you should avoid moving the plant from one location to the next as its buds and flowers are fragile.

Lastly, keep the plant slightly root-bound. Don’t worry; even if it doesn’t bloom as often as you love. That’s their nature.

8 Beautiful Succulents That Flower
You Can Call Christmas Cactus @hannahlockard

8. Ruby Ball

Tired of a dull office desk? Or you do want to make your table at home stunning? Then, a ruby ball succulent is the perfect match. Ruby ball is also called red cap cactus and has a colorful red top. This succulent lack chlorophyll hence the name albino plant. They don’t have any hair or spikes. You should place them in a place full of light as they love being exposed. Ruby ball has a variant of 15 different colors. Some of which are neon, yellow, purple, orange, pink, and red.

Be sure to learn all about the cacti species by checking out our piece “What Is Special About A Cactus?“.

8 Beautiful Succulents That Flower
Variant Color Ruby @photosbyamelinda

You need the right succulents that flowers to get your garden as colourful as you love. With the above types, you are good to go!

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10 Beautiful Flowering Succulents You Need for the Summer

10 Beautiful Flowering Succulents You Need for the Summer

For just a few months through the year, succulents will flower in the summer. The rest of the time, most of these desert plants are appreciated for their beautiful leaves. Well, when it comes to succulents, their blooms are worth the wait. They appear in a burst of color, different shapes and sizes, completely transforming what may have appeared to be a basic garden. If you want your garden to be a sight to behold during the summer and in some cases other times in the year, here are 10 succulents that you should nurture.

Aloe Vera

Most succulents are native to Mexico (see more here), though this succulent with abundant healing properties is native to Africa and the Mediterranean. The leaves grow long, slender and upright through the year. Then in early spring, spikes with bright yellow or orange flowers shoot out of the plants. They offer a delectable feast for hummingbirds, adding even more beauty to your garden. Aloe Vera comes in numerous flowering varieties, so choose a plant that matches your style.

Learn more about the Aloe Vera

10 Beautiful Flowering Succulents You Need for the Summer
Aloe Vera plant all the way from Mexico @mosullivannyc

Christmas Cactus

Also known as the Schlumbergera, the Christmas Cactus sprouts lots of flowers when in bloom. These come in a large number of colors including bright pink, red, yellow, and orange. Where most succulents flower at the beginning of spring, these will flower closer to the end of autumn. This explains why they are called the Christmas Cactus. They have one other characteristic that makes them worth keeping, and that is that they will often bloom more than once in the year. If they stay in a cool and dark place, then you will see more flowers out of them.

Orchid Cactus

There are many ways to enjoy succulents, and this is one flower that looks stunning when the plant is grown in a hanging basket. The stems of the succulent are long, serrated, and broad. The flowers are wide and bright and come in a wide range of colors. These include shades of orange, yellow, red, purple, pink, and white. There are also some flowers that have more than one color if your indecisive and would prefer getting more for less effort.

Purple Ice Plant

This succulent is also known as the Delosperma cooperi. The leaves of the succulent are thick and needle-shaped. Throughout the summer, bright purple flowers that resemble daisies blossom from this plant. They normally shoot out at least four inches from the base of the plant creating what appears to be a purple flower carpet on the ground.

10 Beautiful Flowering Succulents You Need for the Summer
Known as the Delosperma Cooperi @lethal.red

Carrion Flower

Also known as the lifesaver cactus. This is a flower that is all about character, as it looks cool and funky. The flower has two colors a light yellow and brown. On one part of the flower, there are stripes, and in the middle of the flower, there are spots. There is only one feature of this plant that you need to be aware of, and that is their smell. They are meant to attract flies, and that they do. Thankfully, the smell is not too strong, so no need to invest in a gag for your gardening. A brilliant flower to keep indoors.

See more popular indoor succulents.

Peanut Cactus

Large and vibrant, the flowers of this plant will stop you in your trucks. They come in two colors, orange or white and are quite large compared to the cactus plant itself. It is ideal to keep this plant flowering indoors as it has smooth spines, which makes them safe for children as well as pets.

Night Blooming Cereus

For a touch of adventure, you should get your hands on this succulent. While others flower during the day, you will need to stay up late to catch this succulents’ flowers opening up after dark. The flowers are white, abundant and thick. There are so many flowers that you may find it hard to see the stalks of the succulent when the plant is in full bloom.

10 Beautiful Flowering Succulents You Need for the Summer
Night blooming Cereus succulent plant.

The Desert Rose

With a delicate name like Desert Rose, you can look forward to a stunning offering from this plant. The flowers come in various shades of red and pink, as well as white. This succulent features a fat trunk and can grow to an astonishing 10 feet tall over a long period of time. In the spring and summer in cold areas, the flowers will blossom. If you happen to be nurturing this plant in a warm climate, then you can look forward to enjoying the flowers all year round.

Ruby Ball

Not all flowers need to have delicate petals. There are some which are bright statement pieces with a totally unique look. That is what you can expect from the Ruby Ball. The flower actually looks like a bright cactus atop a stem. There are at least 15 different colors available including yellow, white, red and purple.


10 Beautiful Flowering Succulents You Need for the Summer
Pieces With a Distinctive Look @kaiaplaca

Prickly Pear Cactus

The Prickly Pear Cactus, seen in homes around the world, as well as celebrated by Baloo the bear in Jungle Book, this common cactus has brilliant, bright flowers. They come in several colors and grow at the tips of the paddle-shaped stems of the succulent. The colors include orange, yellow, red, and pink. These flowers give more than just beauty. They turn into a fruit that is sweet and can be used to make juice, jam, or sweets.

Whether you like rose-shaped flowers, the pretty petals of a daisy, or even the delicate bell shape of honeysuckle, you will find a succulent with a flower to match your preference. You can decide which flower you want based on whether you are keeping your plants indoors or outdoors. The beauty of these succulents is that even though most flowers in the summer, there are some which you can care for which will flower all year round. Don’t rush to pluck them and put them into a vase just yet. They look their best when they are left to blossom on the plant.

Do You Know Any Other Flowering Succulents?

Let us know some of your most favorite succulents that bloom beautiful flowers too! Go ahead and comment it down below, or better yet, show it to us with a picture here at the Succulent Plant Lounge.

Also, before we end off this article. How would you answer this question, are you having trouble with growing your succulents? If you answered yes to this you might be a victim to the common issues and mistakes that beginners make. Learn more about these mistakes and how you can easily fix them step by step, just click here for the ebook!

9 Flowering Succulents to Keep Indoors

9 Flowering Succulents for Indoors

Having a couple of succulents is in itself aesthetically pleasing. I mean, all those colors, unique shapes, and varied sizes do great in breaking the monotony in your artificial jungle – be it outdoors or indoors.

You’ll think that’s enough sauce for succulents to offer, but no. The hardy living jewels have another addition to their show-stopper décor paraphernalia – flowers. Further, who doesn’t want a few blooms popping up in their already spruced up indoor spaces? If anything, they only add to the appeal.

Are you at a loss as to where to start with nurturing flowering indoor succulents? Well, you’re in for a treat. By the end of this post, you’ll have yourself a list of 10 cute mini succulents for indoors to choose from (or maybe just go with everything?).

9 Flowering Succulents for Indoors
Colorful flowering succulents @amylynnw66

Crown of thorns (Euphorbia milii)

Other common names of this heavy bloomer include Christ plant and Christ thorn.

Native to Madagascar, it can grow to a height of 5ft with stems covered by spines for a larger part. Flowers are small and surrounded by showy bracts of red, pink, or white pigmentation.

If you are living in a warm climate, then having the crown of thorns will mean enjoying blooms for the whole year. But don’t fret it if your climate is somehow cold. You will still get to enjoy those flowers as soon as warm seasons set in.

Beware, though – the crown of thorns’ sap is poisonous. Take care when you decide to have it grace your indoors. Read how you can take care of your crown of thorns succulent the best way here.

9 Flowering Succulents for Indoors
Crown of thorns flowering plant @kobata_growers

Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii)

We all love decorations during the festive season. Most importantly that’s just what the Christmas cactus is here for. At the tips of its numerous flat branches, it bears blooms just as the holiday season kicks in. The flowers appear in shades of pink, yellow, red, white, and purple.

Due to the fact it is native to coastal Brazil, you’ll have to break a few rules common with other succulents. For instance, leaving it without water for too long might just be the precursor to its demise.

But then again, it doesn’t mean you drawn it in water every other day. Just make sure the top part of the potting mix is dry before you water again.

9 Flowering Succulents for Indoors
Beautiful Christmas cactus plant @flowers.cactus

Pincushion cactus (Mammillaria crinite)

Reaching just six inches in height, as a result, the pincushion cactus is one of the teeniest plants you’ll ever encounter. But what it lacks in size is well-compensated for in beauty (we think).

The entire surface of its barrel-shaped stem is covered with white spines, which are hooked by the way. So watch out when handling this cactus. The purple blooms at near the top of the stem blend in nicely with the spines giving it a remarkable look.

Ooh, and being endemic to the dryer parts of Mexico means you won’t need to give it too much attention for it to thrive. Take care of your pin cushion cactus the correct way here.


9 Flowering Succulents for Indoors
Pincushion cactus @prestonarizona

Flaming Katy (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana)

This Madagascan native would have been just remarkable with its ovate dark green foliage – it’s pleasing to the eye. But it also blooms which makes it even more irresistible.

The flowers come in autumn and late winter and bear showy colors – red, golden, or white (flaming indeed). Want to see more of those flower buds? Easy – make a point of giving your plant 8 hours or so of light every day.

Take a look at our post”Everything You Need to Know About Flaming Katy – Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana

9 Flowering Succulents for Indoors
Flaming katy succulent plant @minde_photo

Orchid cactus (Epiphyllum hybrids)

You’re in for some fun time if you prefer showy blooms – because this is what the orchid cactus will treat you with. The flowers are huge, cup-shaped, and can either be purple, yellow, pink, red, or white.

Want more buds? Do the following

  • Give plenty of indirect light all year-round.
  • Water it sparingly and completely withdraw fertilizer during winter
  • In early spring to fall, feed it with high potassium fertilizer.
9 Flowering Succulents for Indoors
Orchid Cactus @blooming_botanist

Jade plant (Crassula ovata)

The jade plant is one of the easiest plants to grow. You should grab it ASAP if you’re just getting started with houseplants stuff.

Native to South Africa, it can go grow as tall as 4 feet and has oval glossy leaves that are dark green. Select varieties of the jade plant have a red pigmentation near the tips of leaves. Flowers are star-shaped and can be either pink or white.

If you’re interested in the Jade Plant, you must read this guide

9 Flowering Succulents for Indoors
Jade plant in tea cup planter @myterrariumworld

Ruby ball cactus (Gymnocalycium mihanovichi)

This is a perfect option if you’re looking to add some plant life on that office desk or table. Despite being a grafted specimen, the ruby ball cactus still plays by the rules of your everyday cactus when it comes to growing conditions.

So the soil must be well-draining, the watering sessions far in between and just enough light. But remember to protect the plant from direct sun rays if you want those colors to show – and ruby ball cacti have plenty of those colors to show. You have 15 of those to choose from.

Learn more about this fantastic cactus here.

9 Flowering Succulents for Indoors
Ruby call cactus @addytude

Peanut cactus (Echinopsis chamaecereus)

You can have this one out there in your garden but keeping it indoors is just as good. In addition, it’s a great way to glimpse its full beauty seeing as it is such a tiny thing. Just make sure they are getting enough sunlight daily.

Certainly, like the majority of cacti, it bears spines on its stems. Only that these are tender meaning you can rest easy even you have kids around.

It blooms in spring and summer, bringing forth numerous showy orange flowers.

9 Flowering Succulents for Indoors
Peanut Cactus @mybasicgarden

Easter cactus (Hatiora gaertneri)

Similarly, the Easter cactus is a close relative of the Christmas cactus above. That means you’ll have to treat them similarly in providing the best growing conditions.

Further, a few additional care tips are:

  • provide shelter against direct sunlight
  • if you can, provide temperatures of between 45 and 55o F in the evening to promote blooming

The flowers come in March and April.

9 Flowering Succulents for Indoors
Easter cactus @insucculentlove

What are your flowering succulents for indoor gardens? Let us know in the comments below! Share with us some of your succulent gardens here at our exclusive Facebook group the Succulent Plant Lounge. The members here help each other grow their succulent gardens with the best tricks and tips!

We’ll see you there!