Super Cute Bear Paw Succulent (Cotyledon Tomentosa)

Super Cute Bear Paw Succulent Cotyledon Tomentosa

The world of succulents is always fun as you get to understand it better. This time around, it is the Super Cute Bear Paw Succulent (Cotyledon Tomentosa) raising the questions.

True to its name, the plant is amazingly cute like a puppy, and it even has feelings. Yes, it turns the color of its paw-like tips to a reddish one when growing under the right conditions.

Think about a kitten getting its paws out when playing. Too much love, right?

Here is the fantastic Cotyledon Tomentosa. Read on to unravel some of the most exciting facts about this chubby looking succulent.

Super Cute Bear Paw Succulent Cotyledon Tomentosa
Potted succulent held in hand @tokkiyflower

An Introduction to Cotyledon Tomentosa

The African heat, coupled with the sunshine-filled days, makes the super cute bear paw plant thrive in its native home. You will find the plant growing on well-drained soil areas like on top of cliffs and rocky areas. Well, every cactus will seriously need proper drainage for the sake of preventing the roots from rotting due to too much water.

The appearance of the succulent gives it its lovely names that all point in one direction- it adds beauty to its environment where it is grown. That explains why succulent lovers will want to have the plant under their roofs.

However, there is more to than plant just its beauty.

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Super Cute Bear Paw Succulent Cotyledon Tomentosa
A large succulent plant growing in a planter @bitkidunyasix_

How to Grow a Super Cute Bear Paw Succulent

Do you want to make your fuzzy succulent plant happy enough to make its paws red? No worries, turn these conditions into a reality.

1. Sunlight

What do you think of a succulent plant whose native home is in Africa?

The plant tolerates an average of 6 hours of sunshine a day and is considered to also thrive in a partial shed. If you live in the Northern hemisphere, consider having your plant next to a window facing south for maximum sunlight.

The succulent does well in areas with temperatures above 30° F (-1° C). Anything below this or winter seasons, staying with your plant indoors will ensure its survival from the chills outside. There is no winter in Africa, its homeland.

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2. Watering

The rule of thumb when it comes to watering succulents is to ensure all the water drains from the growing medium. When looking for the best pot to grow your plants, consider one with a drainage hole at the bottom. Soak all the soil and let the excess water run out through the hole. Ensure that the soil is dry enough before you begin your next watering. You can stick a stick two inches deep into the growing medium to determine if the soil is dry.

A well-draining growing medium will compound the watering routines for your happy plant.

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3. Propagation of the succulent

One amazing fact about these succulents is that they can are easy to propagate in several ways. It will not go unmentioned that they are a budding succulent grower’s perfect option.

So how do you propagate the super cute bear paw succulent?


Probably the most challenging way of propagating this plant is using its leaves. Well, the leaves of a succulent plant hold lots of water, which makes it hard to propagate them. If you chose to go with this propagation method, be generous enough when giving room to failure.

Going to how it is done, only extract your cuttings as clean cuts using sharp and sterile cutting edges. Leave the extracted leaves to be callous for a couple of days before dipping in well-drained growing soil. 


Propagating using seeds is pretty much easier than using leaves. You will only need to sow your seeds in your grow medium. If the outdoor weather suits the plant (in terms of temperature and sunlight), propagation can be done there. Indoor propagation might need the assistance of grow lights.


Stems are another easy way of propagating this super cute succulent. Use a sharp and sterile nice to make a clean cut of your stem, which should have some leaves attached. Just like in the case of leaves, be patient with your cutting for it to be callous at its tip before planting it in well-drained soil.

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Super Cute Bear Paw Succulent Cotyledon Tomentosa
A plant growing in a pot @illdependent

The Growing Phases of the Cotyledon Tomentosa

Did you have a successful propagation? Well, you should be looking forward to a beautiful plant growing out of your soil through these stages.

1. The growing stage

Super cute bear paw succulent grows during spring and fall Seasons. Expect to see little to no growth during winter and dormancy during summer. Apply fertilizer during the growth periods and stop when dormancy sets in. This is the same case with watering.

2. The vegetative stage

You’ll see the plum leaves of this succulent in no time after a successful propagation. The fleshy leaves have hair-like growing on them, and paw-like structures at the tips.

It is during the onset of spring that you will see the beautiful flowers of this succulent. The brightly colored petals are either pink, yellow, orange, or red. There are blends of these colors, which make the plant even more appealing.

3. Mature cotyledon tomentosa

When growing in a hardy environment outdoors, the plant will turn into a cute little shrub. This is one definitive feature of a mature super cute bear paw succulent.

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Super Cute Bear Paw Succulent Cotyledon Tomentosa
Bear Paw in a planter @prunus.vivero

Thinking about getting a cute little succulent, the super cute bear paw succulent (cotyledon tomentosa) has got your back. With its most outstanding features being easy to grow, bright spring flowers, and its kitten reddish paws, you will never go wrong with propagating this succulent. Any cute succulent lover will love the super cute bear paw anytime.

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Happy Planting! ?