Succulents With Yellow Flowers That You May Want To Have

Succulents With Yellow Flowers

Yellow is just one of those colors that instantly cheers you up when you see it! It represents happiness and positivity in pretty much every culture, so it’s a great color to surround yourself with.

We like to keep at least a few succulents that produce yellow flowers in our home and garden (or office). Their vibrant yellow blooms make us smile and compliment the rest of the plants in our succulent collection beautifully!

If you love the color yellow as much as we do, then keep reading to learn all about these six succulents with yellow flowers!

Aloe Vera

Succulents With Yellow Flowers

Aloe plants have some of the most beautiful flowers around! Their bright yellow flowers have a beautiful, unique cone shape. They grow on tall stems that tower above the rest of the plant, striking them.

Aloes haven’t just pretty blooms—they have tons of medicinal uses too! They’ve been used to treat wounds and skin conditions for centuries. Some people even drink aloe juice to improve their digestion and get their daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Read our full article on how it helps you here, this is for those that very much care about beauty!

Because of all of the ailments they treat, Aloes are super valuable plants to grow around! They’ll soothe your sunburns and upset stomachs and make your garden look beautiful. What other plants can do that?

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Prickly Pear Cactus

Succulents With Yellow Flowers

This cactus has beautiful, delicate flowers that remind us of peonies. Yes the very famous peonies. Some species of Prickly Pear have red or purple flowers, but we prefer the ones that have yellow blooms. Our favorite species is Opuntia Humifusa, also known as Low Prickly Pear. It has those vibrant yellow flowers that we’re after!

This species also produces edible fruit and has green, fleshy pads covered with thorns that can be eaten, too. You can grill, sautee, boil, pickle, or fry them. You can even eat them raw and serve them up in salads. Just make sure that you clean off the spines first! We made an article listing the best cactus gloves for your garden activities!



Succulents With Yellow Flowers

Not all species of Echeveria have yellow flowers, but the ones that do sure are beautiful!

Echeveria ‘Dondo’ and Echeveria Pulidonis both produce yellow flowers in the spring. The former has flowers with a beautiful orange tint while the latter produces blooms in a bright, sunshine yellow color.

Even when these two species aren’t flowering, they’re super pretty! They both have green rosettes that are eye-catching in their own right. They’ll look gorgeous sitting on your windowsill soaking up the sun in a pot like this!

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Several species of Sedum have bright yellow flowers. Our favorite one is Sedum Acre—it has star-shaped, buttery yellow flowers that really pop against its dark green leaves!

It’s not just pretty—it’s a hardy little plant, too! It can survive in harsh conditions like below freezing temperatures, rock crevices, and full sun. It grows fast, even in less than ideal places, so it makes great ground-cover for gardens.

Florist Kalanchoe

Florist Kalanchoe

This kind of Kalanchoe is known for its big, beautiful flowers! The plant comes in colors like red, white, pink, orange, and of course, yellow. Florist Kalanchoes are readily available in grocery stores and garden centers partially or fully in bloom, so you’ll be able to pick one out in your favorite color!

This plant may grow and bloom on its own in the spring or late fall. But some plants are a little finicky and don’t bloom more than once unless you force them to.

We hope you get a plant that can bloom on its own, but if not, you can keep it in a dark room for 12 to 14 hours a day. After a few weeks, blooms should appear. Then you can move it out of the dark room and back into the light so you can enjoy many flowers! Maybe use a grow light if you don’t have enough light, we know some places like Sweden stay dark for a very long time during the winter months!

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus got its name because it blooms right around Christmas time. With its bright flowers, this plant brings some cheer to dark, dreary winters! It’s also less toxic to dogs, cats, and kids than popular holiday plants like mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias, so it’s the perfect family-friendly decoration.

A few varieties of this plant have golden yellow flowers. A variety called Christmas Gold has golden yellow flowers with pink centers and purple stamens. Another variety, called Gold Charm, has golden flowers without the pretty pink and purple accents, but it’s still beautiful!

The Christmas Cactus makes a great houseplant. If you put it near a sunny window in your home, it’ll thrive and bloom for you for years to come!

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Happy planting!

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