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Succulents’ beauty doesn’t just rely on their leaves or stems. Like other plants, their flowers also play a significant role in the fundamental physical characteristics of each succulent. For this article, we will get to know succulents with white flowers. These classic-looking succulents will surely add a personal touch to your space.

10 Succulents With White Flowers

#1. Crassula Ovata ‘Jade Plant’

Crassula Ovata is native to South Africa and typically seen in open fields and forests. It has smooth and rounded dark green leaves that grow opposite each other. It is one of the most common succulents with white flowers. This succulent is called Jade Plant, Money Plant, or Lucky Plant.

#2. Crassula Perforata ‘String of Buttons’

It has sprawling stems and leaves stacked on each other. This succulent is among the popular succulents with white flowers due to its low maintenance care requirement and aesthetic physical characteristics. Crassula perforata is native to South Africa and thrives on rocky slopes, shrubs, and bushes. The blooming season of this succulent is every spring season. After its blooming season, it is typical to prune or behead your Crassula Perforata as the plant might appear dry or dead.

#3. Calandiva White Kalanchoe

Despite its beautiful appearance, this succulent is poisonous to animals and humans. It produces trumpet-shaped white flowers from mid-winter to early spring. Calandiva White Kalanchoe is commonly seen as a houseplant and in succulent gardens. This succulent is native to Madagascar and thrives in incredible plateaus.

#4. Rhodiola Pachyclados

This plant is a low-growing succulent that is native to Pakistan and Afghanistan. It has curly leaves that form gray to bluish gray small tight rosettes. Due to its color, this succulent is also commonly known as the ‘Gray Stonecrop’ Rhodiola Pachyclados produces white flowers during summer.

#5. Senecio Serpens

This succulent is known as ‘Blue Chalksticks’ due to its cylindrical blue-green leaves. It is a semi-trailing succulent that belongs to the Asteraceae family. Senecio Serpens produces white flowers during the summer season. It is native to South Africa and thrives on rocky sandstone slopes.

#6. Crassula Congesta

Among the succulents with white flowers, Crassula Congesta is among the most interesting. It is a monocarpic biennial succulent, meaning it only lives for two years and usually dies after flowering. This succulent can grow up to 10 centimeters tall.

#7. White Trailing Ice Plant

White Trailing Ice Plant is native to South Africa and thrives in sheltered desert gardens and on slopes. This succulent is low growing that can grow up to 12 inches tall and spread around 2 feet. Miniatures have triangular dull green leaves and produce white flowers during spring. The white flowers look like small daisies and are known to attract bees.

#8. Crassula rupestris

This succulent is also commonly known as ‘Rosary Vines.’ It is a low-growing succulent that is native to South Africa. It has triangular, almost oval, thick leaves perfectly arranged opposite each other. The stems are thin that look like vines holding the beads of leaves.

#9. Ghost Plant

This succulent is covered with a powdery white coating giving it a ghostly look. It has fleshy and pointed leaves that form rosettes and trailing stems. The leaves are often grayish blue but can turn yellow and pink under the bright sun. The ghost Plant is native to the mountainous areas of Mexico and is even known as a popular medicinal plant and landscape ornament. Due to these functions, this plant is among the most common succulents with white flowers.

#10. Living Stone

This succulent is also called ‘Lithops.’ The name ‘Living Stone’ comes from the plant’s appearance, which resembles tiny stones. As a survival adaptation so herbivores won’t consume them, they intend to look like stones with their gray-white leaves and brown markings. Due to its unique appearance, it is not surprising to know that this plant is among the succulents with white flowers that are mostly sought after by succulent lovers. This succulent is native to South Africa.

Final Words

We can’t wait to see your succulents with white flowers soon. Succulents are generally beautiful, low maintenance, and easy to grow. We hope that through this article, you can choose a succulent with white flowers that are perfect for you.


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