5 Beautiful Succulents With Red Flowers

Beautiful Succulents With Red Flowers

Red is such a beautiful, powerful color! In America, red represents love and desire; in China, it’s associated with happiness, luck, and prosperity. That’s why plants, especially succulents with red flowers, make great gifts for yourself and others—they convey a lot of positive meaning and brighten up every room!

So treat yourself to some of these gorgeous succulents with red flowers! All five of these succulents have bright red blooms that’ll knock your succulent- socks off, so keep reading if you want some new plants to add to your wishlist.

5 Succulents with Red Flowers
Let’s grow some red succulents @succulent_crazy_sisters

Christmas Cactus

We have to start this post with the Christmas Cactus! This succulent is known for its extensive, beautiful blooms that appear right around Christmas. The succulents come in various bright colors, including vibrant red flowers, lasting anywhere from one to eight weeks.

Unlike many other cacti, the Christmas Cactus is native to a tropical environment. It comes from Brazil, so its red flowers like humidity and a more frequent watering schedule than other cacti.

Watering this cactus properly is essential if you want it to bloom! You should water your plant once a week during the spring and summer. But you should cut back on that watering schedule during the fall and winter to encourage your plant to flower. We like to water ours once every two weeks.

Check out this article for a more in-depth conversation about watering- care for your succulents.

You should also keep your plant in the darkroom. This succulent needs about 12 to 14 hours of darkness to produce buds.

A Christmas Cactus kept in a warm environment, above 50 or 55 degrees Fahrenheit, will need a few extra hours of darkness. If you don’t want to turn off your heater and freeze your butt off, ensure your plant gets around 15 or 16 hours of total darkness!

You’ll want to start cutting back on the water and sunlight in the middle of October. If you’re doing everything right, your plant should produce buds in six to eight weeks. Then you should place it next to a bright window and wait for the magic to happen!

5 Succulents with Red Flowers
Christmas Cactus @irl_gardenfairy

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‘Flaming Katy’ Kalanchoe

They call this succulent Flaming Katy for nothing! The succulent has fiery red flowers that will bring a ton of color and life into your home. It probably produces the most vibrant blooms out of all of these succulents with red flowers!

This Kalanchoe is even beautiful when it’s not blooming. This succulent has leaves similar to jade plants—they’re thick, waxy, and green and have pretty scalloped edges!

This plant blooms in the winter and is sometimes called Christmas Kalanchoe. It’s a great plant to have around if you feel a little blue during the winter!

Flaming Katy does bloom on its own. But after the first bloom, it blooms inconsistently, so some growers like to put it in a dark room, just like the Christmas Cactus. Keep it in the darkroom for around 14 hours for a few weeks in October to encourage flowering.

5 Succulents with Red Flowers
Flaming Katy @succulents_4_es

Crown of Thorns Euphorbia

This is one of the prettiest plants with red flowers we’ve ever seen! We think this small and bright succulent with red flowers looks like cute little buttons, and we can’t get enough of them!

This plant is native to Madagascar, so if you like tropical plants with red flowers, this is the one for you! The succulent thrives in warm temperatures, so it does well as an outdoor plant in hotter parts of the country and an indoor plant in colder parts.

If you want to see this plant bloom, give it plenty of sunlight! Put it near your home’s brightest, sunniest window to get the best blooms.


5 Succulents with Red Flowers
Crown of Thorns @colaplantstyle

Burro’s Tail

Did you know that Burro’s Tail blooms? It doesn’t happen often, but this plant does produce pink or red flowers every once in a while. The pink or red flowers appear at the end of this plant’s stems during the summertime.

You can encourage these rare red flowers to appear by giving your plant plenty of sunlight. It blooms more readily when it gets full sun, so move your plant outdoors when the temperatures start warming up to experience its beautiful pinkish-red flowers.

Even if you can’t get this succulent with red flowers to bloom, it’s still gorgeous! The succulent has long trailing stems in a beautiful pale green color. The colors make the succulent look great in hanging planters like these because they show off its long, delicate tendrils.

Check out this article for more details about this fantastic succulent.

5 Succulents with Red Flowers
Blooming Burro’s Tail @olivra.cactusucculents

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Barrel Cactus

If you’re looking for a succulent with red flowers that you can keep outdoors, this is it! The Barrel Cactus does best in warm climates—think California and Arizona. It can survive indoors if you give it plenty of light, but it prefers to be outdoors, soaking up tons of sun!

This ribbed, cylindrical cactus looks like a big ball or globe. If you take care of it, it produces beautiful red or yellow flowers in early summer!

Your Barrel Cactus should be planted in soil that drains well not to get waterlogged. It should be watered more frequently during the spring and summer heat—around once a week or less, depending on how much rainfall there is. During the winter, when it goes dormant, you may not need to water it at all if it gets some rainwater. You can also consider raised bed gardens to control the quality of soil and water drainage.

This type of cactus can live to be over 100 years old, so you can enjoy its blooms for years if you take care of it!

Here are 5 more succulents that will flourish outdoors!

5 Succulents with Red Flowers
Barrel Cactus @karenrobertsgeorge

Final Words

Those were our five favorite succulents with red flowers. We love the Christmas Cactus because its blooms are so big and bright! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Happy planting!

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