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If you are looking for an eye-catching plant, succulents with purple flowers suit you. Succulents’ have their charm, so it is not surprising that plant lovers are eager to take good care of these plants. Succulents with purple flowers are pretty rare and will elevate your succulent collection. We hope to familiarize you with some succulents with purple flowers through this article.

10 Succulents With Purple Flowers

#1. Cooper’s Ice Plant

This succulent’s scientific name is Delosperma Cooperi. It is a low-growing succulent with bright green leaves. Cooper’s Ice Plant produces neon purple flowers during the summer season. The flowers are daisy-like and range from red and pink to purple. This succulent is native to South Africa and thrives in arid, hot, and even rocky terrains.

#2. Engelmann’s Hedgehog Cactus

This plant is one of the most known succulents with purple flowers. It has cylindrical stems that can grow on its own or in clusters. The plant is covered with long spines, giving it a shaggy look. Engelmann’s Hedgehog Cactus produces magenta-purple flowers during the spring season. This succulent is native to the desert areas of the Southwestern United States and Mexico and thrives in deserts.

#3. Calandrinia Grandiflora

This succulent is also known as ‘Rock Purslane.’ It has oval, .’eshy, and silver-green leaves. Calandrinia Gran The purple flowers are poppy-like and have long stems. Calandrinia Grandiflora is known to produce robust flowers from May to the end of November. s native to Argentina, Chile, Western North America, Australia, and Ecuador.

#4. Ancistrocactus Uncinatus

Due to its spine, This succulent can grow up to 4 cent meters long and 3 centimeters in diameter. Due to its spines’ physical appearance, this succulent is also known as the ‘Cat’s Claw’. It produces dark purple flowers during the spring season. Ancistrocactus may also produce dry red fruits. It is native to Mexico and Texas and thrives on chalky and rocky slopes.

#5. Sempervivum ‘Raspberry Ice’

It is one of the perennial succulents with purple flowers. The leaves are pointy and green in the center with purple tips. In some cases, the leaves are also burgundy in color. It is also covered with silvery hairs making it look frosted. Sempervivum ‘Raspberry Ice’ produces flowers during the summer season.

#6. Tradescantia Pallida

The Latin term ‘pallida’ means ‘pale.’ This translated to the origin of Tradescantia Pallida purplish leaves. It is also commonly known as the ‘Purple Heart’ The leaves appear to be washed out purple, pointed, and resemble a heart. Tradescantia Pallida also produces light purple to pinkish flowers during the fall season. It also has trailing stems, making it a versatile plant option for hanging pots and containers. It is native to Eastern Mexico and thrives in tropical to subtropical regions.

#7. Echeveria Black Prince

This succulent is known for its dark purple to black leaves with a green center. It also produces beautiful bell-shaped purple flowers with yellow star-shaped mini flowers inside. Echeveria Black Prince leaves form rosettes and can reach a diameter of up to 3 centimeters. It is a hybrid between Echeveria Affinis and Echeveria Shaviana. Echeveria Black Prince thrives in dry and rocky environments.

#8. Mammillaria Cacti

It is native to Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, and the United States. This succulent is short and cylindrical. Due to these physical characteristics, it is also commonly known as the ‘Lady Finger.’ The plant blooms tiny purple flowers with tiny purple tips during a good year. The flowers’ formation resembles a crown. Mammillaria Cacti thrives in the low desert, cold forests, and tropical regions.

#9. Echeveria Purple Pearl

This plant is one of the eye-catching succulents with purple flowers. It has evergreen fleshy leaves with rose-pink to purple tips or edges. The leaves form a large rosette that can reach up to 12 inches in diameter. The color of the leaves intensifies under bright sunlight. It produces purple flowers during the summer season. The flowers were attached through long spikes or thin stems in the middle of the rosette.

#10. Opuntia Basilaris

Being one of the exciting succulents with purple flowers, Opuntia Basilaris has pad-like grayish to purple-green leaves. The leaves are typically 17 centimeters long and have a wedge shape. Due to its shape, the plant is often called ‘Beaver Tail.’ You can expect reddish-purple flowers to bloom on top of each leaf from spring to summer. After the flowering season, typically, this plant will also produce prickly pear fruits. This succulent is native to Southwest USA and thrives in well-draining sand, gravel, and cobble.

Final Words

Succulents with purple flowers are a magnificent addition to your garden. If you particularly like purple, having purple flowers in your gardens will add character to your space. We hope that through this article, you’ll be able to know some of the succulents with purple flowers that you might consider. There are still a variety of succulents available for you, and we can’t wait to see your growing collection. 


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