My List Of Succulents With Pink Flowers :)

succulents with pink flowers

Any space deserves a pop of color. Plant lovers couldn’t agree more on how a succulent instantly brighten a room or a garden. If you want to add a twist to your typical lushes of greens, you might want to consider getting succulents with pink flowers. Explore the world of succulents and learn about the different succulents with pink flowers you can choose from.

My Collection Of 10 Succulents With Pink Flowers

#1. Aptenia Cordifolia Variegata

This plant is a fast-growing succulent. It has fleshy heart-shaped dark green leaves with white edges. The flowers look like mini asters, and color pops out from the glossy clusters of leaves. During the spring and summer seasons, pink flowers bloom. This succulent is native to Cape Province and South Africa.

#2. Crown of Thorns ‘Pink Charm’

This plant is undoubtedly one of the most exciting succulents with pink flowers. There’s a belief that those who care for Crown of Thorns will experience good luck. Due to its physical characteristics, it resembles the crown of Jesus. It has spiny stems and long dark green leaves. The succulents bloom pink and white flowers during the spring and summer seasons. It is native to Madagascar.

#3. Kalanchoe Fedtschenkoi

Due to the shape of its leaves, Kalanchoe Fedtschenkoi is also commonly known as ‘Lavender Scallops.’ it is a popular low-maintenance shrubby succulent. This plant has distinctive oval-shaped blue-gray leaves that appear dusty due to its white powdery coating. Under bright sunlight, the edges of the leaves might turn pink or reddish. Clusters of beautiful pink flowers bloom during the spring to the summer season. This succulent is native to the United States and thrives in semi-desert areas.

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#4. Rebutia Pink Sensation

Rebutia Pink Sensation is native to South America and thrives in mountainous regions. This succulent is a low-growing plant with a clumping habit. Due to this, Rebutia Pink Sensation can be easily propagated through offsets. This succulent is cylindrical and can grow up to 4 centimeters tall. It only produces flowers once per year, lasting two to three weeks. Typically, this succulent blooms during the summer season.

#5. Rock Purslane

The scientific name of this succulent is Cistanthe Grandiflora. It can grow up to 1 foot tall and 4 feet in diameter. Rock Purslane has gray-green leaves and long thin stems that will produce pink-magenta flowers. Flowers are often compared to poppies. This succulent is native to Australia, Central America, and Western South/ North America. Rock Purslane thrives in sandy and grassy areas.

#6. Pink Kalanchoe

This succulent hybrid of Mother of Thousands and Mother of Millions. Pink Kalanchoe is native to Madagascar and Southeast Coast Africa. It has large waxy scalloped edge leaves. These succulent bloom pink flowers once a year during winter and spring. 

#7. Christmas Cactus

This succulent is also known as Schlumbergera Bridgesii. It has flat stems that are segmented or connected through joints. Christmas Cactus is a perfect holiday plant as they bloom tubular pink flowers during the ber months. This succulent is native to Southeastern Brazil and thrives in high-altitude moist forests.

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#8. Sedum sieboldii

Sedum Sieboldii is native to Japan and thrives in rocky outcrops. It has semi-perennial rounded blue-green leaves with red and purple margins. This succulent blooms star-shaped pink flowers during the fall season.

#9. Desert Rose Plant

It is also called Adenium Obesum. This succulent has dark green shiny leaves. The pink flowers form thick clusters. Desert Rose Plant can grow up to 16 feet tall and is known for its twisted trunk. It is native to Eastern and Southwestern Africa and thrives in tropical areas.

#10. Aylostera Cactus

This plant is one of the known small succulents with pink flowers that appear silvery. It is also covered in brown aeroles and short white spines. Aylostera Cactus is native to South America and thrives in high, dry, and rocky slopes.

Final Words

We hope that you were able to find succulents with pink flowers that suit your style. Succulents with pink flowers will surely add some color to your space. We can’t wait to see a variety of succulents in your gardens.

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