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The addition of greenery to one’s workplace cannot be overemphasized, as it not only improves the scenery of one’s office but also has many health benefits. According to various reports, the addition of biodiversity to work environments has resulted in a higher level of satisfaction among employees than those without such features. Thus, investing in plants for one’s office is one of the several ways to improve productivity amongst employees. This article details information about Types of Succulents for the office.

However, not all plants are suited for the office. When one is searching for plants that can thrive in any work environment, the aim is to get plants that: can survive for weeks without water, thrive in an area with little to no light, do not need to be replanted often, Et cetera.

These conditions are what succulents were specially designed to fulfill!

Succulents are unique plants that allow water to be stored in their leaves. This causes the leaves to be thick, although some species tend to have thicker plates than others.  Succulents are made to flourish in dry climates and are averse to humidity. When too much water surrounds the roots of succulents, the roots start to decay and eventually die. However, this does not negate the fact that (as with every other plant) succulents need to be catered for to ensure healthy-looking plants.

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Various Types of Succulents that can be used to beautify the office

Various types of succulents can be used to beautify one’s office. The variations are hinged on several factors, including the size of the plants. For this article’s purpose, we will identify a few of the various indoor plants that can be used to beautify the office based on their sizes.


These types of succulents are best suited for desks and places with little space, such as shelves. The essence of these types of succulents is not to clutter the workspace while beautifying simultaneously. These types of succulents include:

Golden Bird’s Nest:

Also known as the ‘Good Luck Plant’ is botanically called ‘Sansevieria Trifasciata.’ This indoor plant grows between six to seven inches and has a cacti-like appearance that suits workspaces perfectly. The additional fact that it is low maintenance, compact rosette of dark green leaves that only need fluorescent lights makes it perfectly suited for one’s workspace.

Succulents for the office-Types of Succulents used to beautify the office-Small Succulents-Golden Bird’s Nest-SC
Golden Bird’s Nest Plant for office: IG@intotheplants

Dwarf Jade Plant:

Botanically known as the ‘Portulacaria Afra,’ this succulent –also nicknamed the ‘Elephant Bush’-   is the most preferred office succulent. This is because it is appropriate for any office scenery. However, contrary to other succulents that are inexpensive, the Dwarf Jade Plant is reasonably priced. This is due to the ease and speed with which it takes to grow the tree into bonsai shapes.

This plant has leaves that are padded to the touch and are lustrous. Its stems are burgundy red and are maintained with indirect sunlight.

Succulents for the office-Types of Succulents used to beautify the office-Small Succulents-Dwarf Jade Plant-SC
Dwarf Jade Plant: IG@jacklinbonsai

Lace Aloe:

Finally, the ‘Aloe Aristata’ is a uniquely small aloe with leaves adorned with small, white spots. Since it can be left uncared for and still thrive, it is a perfect plant for offices. This indoor plant of six inches needs direct sunlight; hence should be placed beside a window or underneath bright lights, as it does not do well in low-light environments.

Succulents for the office-Types of Succulents used to beautify the office-Small Succulents-Lace Aloe-SC
Lace Aloe Plant: IG@infinite_botanique


These plants can be placed anywhere in the office. They include:

Dwarf Century Plant:

The ‘Agave Desmettiana’ –nicknamed the ‘Golden Moments’- is a beautiful agave that fits anywhere, be it at home or in the office. Its spear-shaped, blue-green leaves are striped with golden yellow, hence the nickname. It is a quick-growing plant that reaches two to three feet and can easily be taken care of.

The dwarf century plant is better maintained where there is direct light that pours in from the window or placed underneath bright lights in the office.

Succulents for the office-Types of Succulents used to beautify the office-Medium Succulents-Dwarf Century Plant-SC
Dwarf Century Plant: IG@a1asodsandandsoil

Variegated Paddle Plant:

Conclusively, the Kalanchoe ‘Fantastic’ is a succulent whose leaves are gray-green, with a touch of cream and white and a dash of red around the edges. The sublime mix of colors makes this succulent a must-have in any office because its colors bring such a work to life.

This succulent is only two feet and can be adequately maintained in either bright areas or otherwise.

Succulents for the office-Types of Succulents used to beautify the office-Medium Succulents-Variegated Paddle Plant-SC
Kalanchoe: IG@worldofsucculents


These indoor plants can be placed in larger office areas, such as hallways, large windows, and Et cetera. However, it should be noted that the larger ones may need to be occasionally trimmed, unlike smaller succulents. These succulents include:

Snake Plant:

Nicknamed the “Mother-in-laws’ Tongue,” this succulent is botanically known as “Sansevieria Trifasciata.” It is amongst one of the easiest plants to maintain in a work environment. It reaches three to four feet and is known to rid the air of certain toxins, such as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, Et cetera.

Succulents for the office-Types of Succulents used to beautify the office-Large Succulents-Snake Plant-SC
Snake Plant: IG@dorringtonr

Striped Dracaena:

The “Dracaena Fragrans” has been nicknamed the “striped dracaena” due to its interspersed leaves that are green and white. These leaves are lustrous and can survive in low-light environments. This four-foot succulent is also known to rid the air of toxins that can affect productivity at work.

dracaena fragrans

Ponitail Palm:

For starters, it is not an actual palm. It is part of the lily family that is also a succulent. This is a perfect plant for indoor environments, although they can eventually grow to a height of 18 feet. When they have gotten too large to be placed indoors, they should be placed outside. Finally, the growth of the plant is determined by the size of the pot. So, if a large pot is used, the succulent grows into a large plant and otherwise.

Succulents for the office-Types of Succulents used to beautify the office-Large Succulents-Ponitail Palm-SC
Ponitail Palm Plant: IG@greemeet_ins


Improves Air Quality:

As earlier stated, there are various benefits to having succulents in one’s workplace. First off, the presence of succulents in the office improves air quality. This is because the leaves store water and release oxygen. While most plants stop the process of releasing oxygen at night, succulents possess the ability to release oxygen throughout the night, dispelling the toxins that may becloud the atmosphere. This enables one’s employees to breathe better and stay focused.

Through reports published by the American Society for Horticultural Science, it was observed that indoor plants’ presence removed about 80% of formaldehyde in only four hours. The presence of formaldehyde –a toxic gas- is known to cause common illnesses, such as headaches, asthma, Et cetera. Thus, succulents ensure a proper breathing environment.

Check Humidity Level:

Secondly, succulents ensure a healthy workplace by keeping the humidity in check. Humidity in the office can cause common illnesses, such as sore throat, cough, Et cetera. In a large workplace, indoor plants such as succulents help curb the spread of sicknesses. A research study conducted by an environmental psychologist- Tina Bringslimark- observed that fewer sick days are taken by those that see plants at their desks than those that do not. Thus, it can be said the presence of indoor plants in one’s workplace boosts the overall performance and morale of employees.

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Finally, concentration is fundamental to the performance of such a workplace. Various research into indoor plants has shown that they –succulents- have been known to reduce stress and improve overall productivity by 12 percent. Thus, indoor plants, such as succulents, can increase the concentration of the employees in general.

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