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“We’re addicted to succulents, so writing this blog is so much fun for us!”

Greetings, my fellow succulent lovers! 

Are you an amateur gardener in need of succulents for sale, excited to plant your first succulent garden? 

Or are you a more experienced, long-term succulent enthusiast looking to expand your much beloved succulent collection?

No matter the case, don’t you worry. You’re on the right track! Our resident botanical expert is more than grateful to keep you up to date with all the tips-&-tricks we wish someone taught us when we started growing succulents.

succulents for sale
Succulents for sale @Pinterest

First of all, succulents are perfect for any occasion and any location. Millions worldwide use succulents for business as income generators, gifts, personal hobbies, interior decoration, or even succulent outdoor landscaping. We also tend to favor succulents for their low maintenance – able to thrive with minimal care required.

Well then, I did say that succulents are everywhere. You can find them in supermarkets, farmers’ markets, swap meets, yard sales, or at your local gardening store. 

However, due to the COVID pandemic and countrywide lock-down, we advise you to opt for online shopping instead of leaving your quarantine station to visit a brick & mortar store in person. 

Not only is online shopping more accessible, but it also saves you time and money. We welcome you to join us as we take a tour of our top 5 online shops from which you can buy your succulents.

Succulents for Sale – Succulent City

“We have to admit we love our Succulents.” – The opening sentence on their website’s About Us section says it all. They are succulent lovers at heart.

Our go-to store for anything succulent related, Succulent City stands out among its peers. Some of their bestsellers include:

Aloe Vera Plants – 5″ – from $12.95

Mini Leaf Jade Plant – 4″ – from $7.95

6pc Succulent Gardening Tool Set  – $6.95

(E-Book) All the Types of Succulents for Indoor & Outdoor – $9.95

Concrete Skull Planter – $24.95

Founded in 2018, not only do they stock a wide array of succulent plants, but they also have dozens of succulent reviews, succulent growing guides, and a collection of informative e-books featuring some of the most requested topics. 

We love Succulent City’s niche focus on connecting with its readers through online forums, chat rooms, and social media. Examples include:

  • You can join the Succulent City Instagram page and introduce the world to photos of your lovely succulent collection.  
  • Browse and share EVEN MORE pictures on their Pinterest page.
  • Relax and interact with your fellow succulent enthusiasts at the Succulent City Plant Lounge. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you are always welcomed with open arms. 

When you shop with Succulent City, you become part of a family. You are no longer “just a customer.” You can ask questions and swap care tips with a worldwide community of succulent lovers. 

Did we mention their affordable prices? If you’re on a budget, then this one’s for you. Shop at Succulent City and take advantage of their fantastic offers!

Succulents for Sale – Succulent Box

“Not everyone can do great things, but we can all do small things with great love.” Succulent Box is known for its outstanding support to different foundations that benefit many people through their growing community of organically grown succulents. 

They offer 300+ varieties of succulents that you will love at affordable prices, but it’s their gift boxes that are the talk of the town.

Their Beginner Kit Gift Box ($49.85), for example, consists of  

1 Random succulent, 

2” or 4” Clay Pot, 

Watering Bottle 500 ML, 

Wooden Gardening Tools or 

Blue or Pink Tool Sets, 

Detailed Care Instruction Card, 

Bag of Soil, 

Bag of Brown Wood Pebbles or Polished White Pebbles, 

Dust Blower, 

Greeting Card,

Decorative shredded paper.

If you’re after a shop that offers a one-stop-shopping experience regarding succulents, then Succulent Box is your answer. 

Other notable offers and collections include:

  • Succulents Subscription Boxes
  • Customizable Gift Boxes & Cards
  • Succulent Packs & Kits 
  • Outdoor & Indoor Succulents
  • Pet-friendly Succulents
  • Trailing/Hanging, Miniature, Rosette-shaped, Rare & Weirdo Succulents
  • Topdressings for succulents, Airplant accessories, & Heat packs
  • Succulent-designed Jewelry
  • Blog corner with succulent-related topics

Succulents for Sale – Leaf & Clay

With over 3000 5-star customer reviews, fast service, and hundreds of healthy succulents, Leaf & Clay is next on our list. 

If you enjoy geeking out over rare succulents and cacti, succulent accessories, pots, macrame, and succulents, you need to check this one out.

Sure they have great prices, but you will also be pleased by their vast array of eye-catching succulents for sale available at your fingertips.

Moreover, if you’re interested in beautiful original handcrafted succulent pots for your home decor, you need to visit Leaf & Clay’s pot section. Some of our favorites include:

Ashbury Pot – $12.00

Caspian Pot – $18.00

Ezzie Pot – $36.00

With Leaf & Clay’s elegant and premium vibe, check out these fantastic offers:

Succulents for Sale – Lula’s Garden

“Happiness grows here.”

With exquisite and high-end collections, Lula’s Garden welcomes you to the art of gifting re-imagined. 

A succulent gifting company, they create one-of-a-kind memorable gifts with their Garden Collections – succulents and cacti hand-picked and planted in sophisticated looking designs in sophisticated looking planters.

First, you pick and customize your preferred garden size (shown above) & which succulents you want. 

They will deliver your customized “garden” to a recipient of your choice in a classy, expensive-looking, ready-to-display planter. 

Express your love with an eco-friendly succulent gift box guaranteed to make the recipient get a warm feeling from head to toe. 

With that, check out these fantastic offers and collections:

  • Easter & Corporate Gifts 
  • Garden Collections: Petite, Original, Deluxe Premium
  • Customizable Garden Gifts
  • Gift Cards

Succulents for Sale – The Succulent Source

Are your events getting a little repetitive? Succulent Source greets you with its diverse collections of succulents and cacti that are perfect for your home and event decorations. 

A self-confessed one-stop-shop, the Succulent Source is a family-run succulent nursery that has been sharing its passion for succulents by selling their gorgeous, unique, and varied plants. 

From cuttings to variety packs, come check out these fantastic offers and collections at affordable prices: 

Check out their featured articles: 

CBS8: Growing a Family and a Business during COVID-19

NBC: Rooted in Family, trying New Ways to Grow business

Finally, with all these fantastic shops, here are some TIPS FOR BUYING SUCCULENTS ONLINE. 

There are certainly pros and cons with online shopping for plants, given that you are unable to check the plants’ conditions on hand. That said, here are some tips that will help keep your online shopping experience breezy.

  • Look for high-quality reviews; You can never go wrong with the customer’s reviews and feedbacks. For a good guarantee, read through detailed reviews before checking out your orders.
  • Carefully read the products’ descriptions to avoid situations where you’re in a hurry and mistakenly order the wrong product.
  • Replant as soon as you receive it. There are many issues your plant can face while it is in transit. Sometimes, the roots are not adequately spread out in the soil, leaving your succulent vulnerable to damaged roots. Replanting it will help the plant breathe and grow more.

Before you leave, 

We all know the risk of buying something online, constantly worrying about the condition of the product as it gets shipped to us. 

But fear not, ordering plants may be a little problematic as they see it through the delivery process, but it’s all worth it when you get your hands on that little beauty and replant it. 

Succulents are hardy survival-oriented plants and are quick to recover as long as you give them the primary care required. Moreover, these succulent shops have already earned an excellent reputation among online plant shops, so breathe a little and believe!

Now that you’ve already checked the list of shops and tips we shared, have you found your new favorite succulent shop? With all these succulents and cacti varieties, go ahead and explore different options, mix & match them to suit your unique style. 

Happy Planting!

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