Ideas for Beautiful Succulent Wall Hangers

Succulents can have many uses, but they are mainly decorative. Few methods of use give you a better appearance than wall hangers. Now, these succulents need to be arranged like every other decorative plant. It takes creativity for you to get the best from your succulents. Hanging them on the wall is one of the best ways to bring out their beauty. There is virtually no end to the number of ways you can arrange your succulents on a wall. We provide you with a few ideas to inspire your creativity. The following are some of the ideas for succulent wall hangers.

#1.Using Wall Planter Hooks As Succulent Wall Hangers

Plants that look so good on hanging baskets, such as the goldfish plant, are typically planted on pots and baskets hanging from the rafters or specially made horizontal bars. Many decorators and plant parents are hung up on these horizontal bars, limiting how much one can do with such plants.

Enter the wall planter hook! This hook works as a shelf bracket. It has a base of a flat piece of metal with holes through which screws can pass. The front end of the holder looks like a basketball hoop. You place your pot and the potted plant in this hoop. These hooks need to be of different sizes to hold various pot sizes, so you should choose the one that best fits the size of pot you want to have. Of course, different plants grow to different sizes, and they, therefore, need different pot sizes at various stages of growth.

One of the advantages of using wall planter hooks is that it allows you to have plants in sections of your house you may not have been able to keep. The bedroom, for example, would ordinarily have just a few plants on some corners or on top of the bedside table. With these hooks, you can turn an entire wall into a garden.

The other advantage with the hooks is that you can move the plant when you need to, maybe so that it can enjoy some sunlight and bring it back. One of the challenges you would face with this plant is that you would need to replace them when you repot the plant into a bigger pot. This is necessary because every pot must fit the hook strictly for the hook to be able to hold it in place.

#2.Hanging Baskets Directly From the Walls

Hanging baskets are probably the most popular wall hangers for succulent plants in the market today. Traditionally, these baskets hang from horizontal bars. However, you can have them hung from nails on the wall so that your wall will be a combination of hanging plants. This is a simple idea since all you need is to hammer nails on the wall and hand the plants as appropriate.

You can use this hanging method indoors or outdoors, and it will work just the same. The one thing you must be careful about is the selection of plants. Grow the plants that do well under indirect sunlight on the inner walls and those that prefer direct sunlight on the outer doors. It is also advisable to choose climbers in this planting method. Such plants overflow on the pot and basket, making them much more attractive in this setting than plants that grow vertically.

#3.Hanging Planters As Succulent Wall Hangers

Hanging planters usually involve a bar on the wall like a curtain rod. The rod runs parallel to the wall, but other lines proceed from it downward. The downward projections usually have hoops in which you fix the pots. One bar can hold any number of hoops for pots, depending on its length and the bar. Some of the hoops can be shorter than others either to create enough space for various plants or also to create a pattern. You can get plants of different types on different levels or alternate them at different levels to create a pattern.

You can use this method on an exterior wall, but it is best used on the interior wall. It has the advantage of making it possible to quickly move your succulents in their pots, either outdoors or indoors. You might be moving them outdoors to enjoy some sunlight or indoors to keep them from extreme temperatures.

#4.Large Rings on the Wall

You can use this method to create a vertical garden on a budget. It involves making large rings and positioning them so that one open end stands against the wall. Tie a rope to hang the ring while it is in that position and hang it from a nail on the wall.

Next, you should position potted succulents horizontally inside the ring. You should be careful when fitting the plants to ensure that they won’t spill out and find ways of securing them. Planting the succulents in lightweight pots makes it easy for the pots to remain in place due to less weight.

Succulents planted on these rings have the potential to make your wall even more beautiful because they create a white motif on the wall if you have several of them. You can have a variety of succulents of different colors inside each ring. Keeping the rings relatively small, the maximum diameter of one and a half feet would do nicely.


#5.Ladles and Other Improvisations

One of the most interesting ideas for succulent wall hangers we have ever had was some old ladles used as pots, etc., and then nailed on the walls. You look for several old soup ladles and paint them, ensure the paint you use isn’t poisonous to the plant. Puncture some drainage holes on the ladle to ensure the substrate on which you plant the succulent doesn’t get waterlogged.

The ladles and the succulents you grow on them become a beautiful mosaic of color and patterns. The challenge with these ladles is that you can’t grow large or fast-growing plants. Moving the succulents is also a challenge unless you are moving to fix them on another wall.

#6.Water Propagation Stations As Succulent Wall Hangers

It is possible to root many succulents in water for propagation. You can do this type of propagation using leaves or stem cuttings. Seeing such cuttings root is one of the most magnificent sights. Putting this phenomenon on display can have significant decorative effects on your wall and home.

You can achieve this by making a hanging planter, much like the one we discussed earlier. However, instead of making hoops big enough to hold pots, the hoops should hold transparent bottles. When you root the plantings in the vessels, they will look great. You need to replace the water in these bottles regularly. Changing the water regularly keeps the plant healthy and the station attractive. Dirty water can hardly be termed as attractive.

In the case of this wall hanger propagation, you will need to keep propagating once you move plantings that have rooted to a more permanent place. It is also impossible to use the hoops in the station to hold anything more significant than propagation bottles, thus the need to keep propagation going. Also, it would help if you were careful where you position the station since the conditions can be ideal for rooting.

#7.A Mini Stone Garden on a Ring

The shape of the ring you use for this arrangement is the same as the large rings we discussed earlier. However, if you don’t fit the pots horizontally inside the ring, you put some substrate and then plant a few succulents in the pottage. You can make patterns on the ring using rocks and pebbles of different colors. You shouldn’t make the ring too big to ensure its stability.

Final Thought

Concluding this article doesn’t by any means indicate that we have concluded this discussion. Your imagination can only limit the type of succulent wall hangers you use. Use the above ideas or combine a number of them. Let your mind go wild and develop something that works for you.


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