Are You Looking For Some Succulent Wall Decor Ideas?

Succulent Wall Decor Ideas

Succulent plants are becoming increasingly popular to decorate a space indoors or out. Apart from appealing to the eye, this type of decor can infuse a room or any home decor with much-needed freshness. Succulent plants can be showcased in various ways, which are pretty unusual. Still, the succulent wall garden – a vertical garden that can be hung on the wall – is probably the most popular and eye-catching.

Succulents can be planted individually and hung on the wall, but they can also be put in a wall planter, large or small, depending on which floor area you want to decorate significantly to the rest of the room. Succulents are incredibly adaptable and look incredibly stunning when planted vertically due to their unusual appearance.

Let us show you how to combine these unique plants into your living space if you have fallen in love with them.

Why Does a Vertical Succulent Wall Planter Make for a Stunning Decoration?

Succulent plants are thick-leaved, tiny plants that store water. The name “succulent” is derived from the “sucus,” which is a Latin word and means “sap” or “juice.” Succulents have thick, fleshy leaves that allow them to store water during periods of prolonged drought.

Succulent Plants are Widely Used as Houseplants

Well, primarily because they are adamant, and once they have absorbed all of the water, they can store it for a long time, requiring minimal maintenance. These plants, after all, are desert dwellers who are known to live on cracks, rock cavities, and cliff edges.

Succulents also do not like to stay in soaking wet soil because it can cause rotting, so you should keep it moist or dry at all times.

Photo by Yousef Espanioly on Unsplash

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Recommend Plants for Your Succulent Wall Decor

Before we start with the details and show you how to make your vertical succulent wall step by step, let’s look at how to choose the appropriate succulents for the job.

Succulent plants are incredibly adaptable, allowing you to be creative when creating your succulent wall. However, you should note and select smaller and rosette-like plants so that they do not bulge from your display.

Succulent plants come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, making them an excellent centerpiece for creating a more versatile look for your succulent wall garden, and these are the most adaptable.

  • Golden Glow succulent
  • Moon Silver succulent
  • Chocolate Soldier succulent
  • Blue Giant succulent
  • Graptoveria Blue Pearl

How you want to arrange your vertical succulents is entirely up to you.

Many of these succulents work well together in a succulent wall garden, but whatever you do, keep in mind the type of planter you are using for this purpose and your overall interior decor.

Aside from the visual impact, you can always integrate succulents from the same genus to create a homogeneous form or do the opposite and fuse succulents with completely different dispositions. Succulents in clusters can also be aligned based on their fading nuances and color.

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Succulent Vertical Wall Garden Design – Step by Step

Before we get to the details of making your succulent wall garden, let us take a look at the materials you will need.

Succulent Wall Garden Decoration Materials

  • Obviously, the Succulents – Choose your favorite ones. Pick out at least approximately 35-40 succulents for the 11×14 frame.
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun – You will need the staple gun for securing the wire mesh onto the shadow box.
  • Wire mesh – Needed to fix the soil in place, so it does not scatter.
  • Moss – Moss must keep the succulent plants fresh by filling in the shadow box.
  • Glue gun
  • Plastic for landscaping – To protect the shadowbox from the soil and the water draining from the frame.
  • Shadowbox frame – The depth of the box should be enough to allow for the addition of soil and the planting of succulents. To decide what size you should get, think about where you want to hang your vertical succulent garden. Let us get right to the point and start building the succulent wall!

Cover the Shadow Box in Landscaping Plastic

After choosing the right size for your shadow box, you will need to layer it with landscaping plastic. Cut suitable plastic to extend outside the box, place it inside, and use the glue gun to secure the edges. After that, cut away the excess with the scissor.

Add Moss

Sphagnum moss should be evenly distributed throughout the box. The moss has a fantastic ability to retain water, so your succulents will have just the right amount of moisture.

Make the Frame Out of Wire Mesh

First, cut the metal mesh and then layer it onto the box frame. Check that it fits appropriately before extending it to the edges. Finally, staple the edges together with the staple gun.

Before Repotting, Prune the Roots of Your Succulents

To ensure that your succulent garden wall grows and prospers, prune the succulents you have chosen before repotting. Remove them from the soil with your hands, and then prune them carefully.

It is Time to Plant!

Use your fingertips to make room for the plants after pruning them before pressing them into the moss. Press them into the moss after placing them in the proper position. Repeat this process with each plant until you have achieved the desired look. Always take a step back to assess whether you are happy with the outcome and, if necessary, rearrange the items.

Admire Your Handy Work by Hanging Your Succulent Wall Garden

Ensure all plants are safely rooted before hanging your newly created succulent wall garden on the wall, which should take between four and twelve weeks.

When choosing the ideal location for your succulent garden, make sure it receives moderate to bright sunlight, and do not worry if it gets hot – succulents thrive in the desert.

Photo by Shiebi AL on Unsplash

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How Do You Care for Your Succulent Wall Decor?

Succulent gardens require roughly the same amount of care as the succulents in pots, but you should know how to take care of them properly.

Apart from giving them just the right amount of sunlight, be careful not to overwater them because you do not want to drench your brand new succulent wall, which is easy to do since there are no drainage holes. You may wish to use a wooden stick to test the wetness of the soil to see if you have gone overboard.

A great idea for re-decorating your old bricks by u/JanFranSwan

Once a month, water your succulent wall by laying it flat first and then thoroughly moistening the soil. After that, leave the “wall” down for an hour or so to ensure the frame is dry before rehanging it.

The moss will need to be nourished, so mist it once a week as needed.

Succulent wall gardens are not only a stunning display of greenery, but they are also a new design element. They are becoming increasingly popular in various living and working environments, such as indoor landscaping and recreational settings such as gym design.

Overall, a succulent wall garden is an excellent place to start when it comes to incorporating natural interior design into your home or someone else’s house if you are up for a little DIY project.

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