Succulent Potting Mix DIY

succulent potting mix diy

It might seem a great idea to rush to the nearest garden center and buy yourself a ready succulent soil mix whenever you seek the best soil for planting succulents.  If you want to plant a few succulents, this may probably work. Regardless, if you’re dealing with certain succulents, including Aloes, Agaves, and sansevieria, it’s best to go for a garden center potting mix.

What is the best method for delivering an excellent succulent potting mix in a Do-it-Yourself fashion? Here’s a simple process to use when preparing a home-grown succulent mix:

First, Identify the Best Soil for Growing Healthy Succulents

Succulent Potting Mix DIY-First, Identify the Best Soil for Growing Healthy Succulents-SC
Gritty Soil Mix: IG@akstevenson124

You’ll find it easy to prepare your own succulent soil mix. You only need to remember that the type of soil useful as a succulent mix should always be fast draining. Moreover, the best soil for growing healthy succulents is the gritty mix soil.

When selecting your potting soils, avoid the type that has ingredients or products that could support water retention. These include water-draining beads and vermiculite. Most indoor potting mixes are usually fine.

Avoid soil that contains peat moss since it’s notorious for holding too much water. Ensure the chosen potting soil is both light and dry. Do everything to make the soil succulent-friendly. Avoid using garden soil or cheap succulent potting mixes. These are dense and heavy and may not work well with succulents.

Succulent Potting Mix DIY
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Next, Choose the Best Tools for Preparing Excellent DIY Succulent Soils

Succulent Potting Mix DIY-Next, Choose the Best Tools for Preparing Excellent DIY Succulent Soils-SC
Tote Container for Succulents: IG@happysusie888

Choose containers with the capacity to hold all the succulents. Ensure the containers leave adequate space to toss around whenever necessary. Use a large tote equipped with a lid. It’s an excellent succulent potting mix.

Mix up your soil with a garden fork or trowel. You may also use your bare hands. To avoid skin-dryness and irritation, wear long rubber gloves.

How to Mix Up the Ingredients in Ideal Proportions

After gathering the ingredients, mix them up precisely. Here’s the ideal proportion:

  • Use 1/2 potting soil.
  • The other half should comprise 1/3 perlite or pumice and 2/3 coarse sand.
  • Ensure this portion of the succulent soil mixture (2/3) comprises turface or poultry grit. This works well with the perlite and pumice in the previous 1/3 portion.

Keep in mind that succulent soil mixes are as precise as cooking recipes. Thus, doing this is an art that, as a gardener, you’ll perfect gradually.

You may also use the following mix for succulents and cactus successfully:

  • Use ¼ packaged soil.
  • ¼ sand.
  • ¼ leaf mold or peat moss.
  • 1/4 gravel, perlite, pumice, or tiny pieces of broken pots.
  • Add a pint of bone meal for each bushel of soil. However, this depends on the amount of succulent you wish to make.
Succulent Potting Mix DIY-How to Mix Up the Ingredients in Ideal Proportions-SC

When making new succulent plants or rooting soil mix, you can use this simple soil mix:

  • Use 1 Part of bagged soil (as indicated above).
  • 2 Parts perlite.
  • Ensure your succulent soil recipe is fast draining and retaining little water.
  • Always use pots with drainage holes.

Yes, anyone can learn the best ways to prepare a succulent soil potting mix. Use this easy DIY guide as an excellent succulent soil recipe.

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