Succulent Obsessed Poachers Steal Rare Succulent Leaves

Succulent poachers steal rare succulents

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Three South Korean men stole over $600,000 worth of rare succulents from California state parks. They planned to export this 664pound haul of succulents to China and South Korea and sell them to other succulent lovers on the black market. We didn’t even know that there was a black market for succulents…learn something new every day!

Authorities say the crime was driven by profit, but we know better! Succulent lovers will go to great lengths to get their hands on some rare succulents.

These guys caught the succulent fever and went a little bit overboard in their quest for rare succulents leaves. They committed two crimes, including conspiracy to knowingly export plants that had been taken in violation of state law.

What Succulent was Involved?

One of the succulents they committed a crime over is the beautiful Dudleya plant. It looks similar to the Echeveria plant and has pointed leaves and tight rosettes. Dudleya plants are typically blue, grey, or green, though we’ve seen some that flush copper when exposed to bright sunlight. They’re sought after in Asia because of their unique leaf shape and bright, interesting colors.

Apparently, these three Korean nationals weren’t the first guys to try to bring some Dudleya plants home. Succulent leaves obsessed poachers have been stealing Dudleya leaves plant from the California coast since 2017.

Authorities say these succulents leaves wouldn’t have lasted long if they had been successfully exported to Korea. They expected them to be dead within six months to a year because the climate is so different in Asia.

Looks like the authorities don’t know much about succulents and need some succulent care tips! With enough knowledge and planning, you can keep succulents from any growing zone alive in your home. We hope the authorities don’t accidentally kill them during the recovery and replanting process!


That’s the scoop! What do you think of this news story? Are these guys profit-driven criminals, or are they just misguided succulent plant addicts?

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