6 Best Succulent Marble Planters – Why You Should Plant Succulent On Marble Planters

Best marble planters for succulents

Marble was all the rage in 2017 and still is today, and we totally understand why! Marble countertops and floors are to die for (not though).

They’re modern, elegant, and luxurious… we can’t wait until we can afford to tile our whole house with marble!

But for now, we’re celebrating our love of marble by writing this post about our favorite marble succulent planters. We’re even going to show you a cool DIY planter as a bonus so that you can make it at home if you’re on a budget. It’s made with marble contact paper just to give you a slight preview.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the post!

Geometric Marbled Ceramic Pots & Planters

Geometric marble ceramic pots and planters

These faux marble planters have a geometric diamond pattern that stands out! The texture of these planters, combined with their faux marble design, makes them look a lot like rocks.

We love the earthy, natural vibe of these planters, and the unique colors they come in. Many planters on this list were designed to mimic white carrara marble, but marble comes in a lot of other colors, too. These four planters incorporate some of those other colors, like brown, grey, and green.

These pots have drainage holes, which make them perfect for succulents. Succulents pretty much need to be put in pots that have drainage holes because they’re so sensitive to overwatering. If they sit in water, their roots will rot and die. That won’t happen with these planters, though, so you can rest easy!

They come in a set of four and are available for just $17.99, which is a fantastic deal! 

Colorful Ceramic Succulent Planters

Green and blue marble planters

If you like color, then these are the succulent planters for you! You’ll get four marbled planters if you buy this set—one green, one blue, one pink, and one grey. The bright colors will really compliment your colored succulents!

These planters are about two inches tall and three inches wide, so they’re the perfect petite planters for arrangements of small succulents like Echeverias and Haworthias, too.

Each planter has a drainage hole, so you won’t worry about your plants sitting in water. They also come with nice wooden trays that will keep any water that drains out of your pots contained. The trays are a big plus because they’ll prevent your furniture from getting water stains!

These planters are so cute that we don’t blame you if you buy more than one set—like we did! These are the perfect planters for a windowsill garden and are one of our preferred sets for giving succulents as gifts. Each set of six is only $13.99!

La Jolíe Muse Succulent Planter Pots – Cute Ceramic Animal Set

We cannot get over this set of faux marble planters! First of all, they are a set of animals! They have an adorable black and white marble design with a splash of color that makes them look super cute! Who could resist these?

This set contains a cat, cow, elephant, fox, and an owl which makes it great for a growing succulent collection. These cute little planters will bring a smile to your face every time you see them!

We love how the glossy ceramic marble looks with the raised textures of the animals. These animal planters are made from high-quality ceramic. They are glazed on the outside and inside and come with a drainage hole, and rubber plugs. This set of ceramic pots is just $27.99. Don’t let the price scare you. These are made with high-quality ceramic and hand-painted individually.

Ball Shaped Faux Marble Planter

We think that this planter is one of the most striking ones on the list! It almost looks like a ball or a globe with its tall, curved ceramic sides. It has a beautiful faux marble finish. The marbled design streaks up and down the sides of the pot and emphasizes its curvy shape.

We think that this stunning contemporary pot would make a beautiful centerpiece for your coffee or dining room table. It’s one of the most giant pots on this list, so it will fit a few succulents. Load it up with your favorite plants, and put a few colored succulents in there, too. They’ll pop against the white ceramic sides of this pot!

Potey Ceramic Faux Marble Planter

We are in love with Potey pots! They are attractive, striking, and classy without upstaging our glorious succulents. They are well made and come in perfect condition, fully packaged in styrofoam. We absolutely love that no power tools are required! We didn’t have to drill a drainage hole (thank God we didn’t have to worry about chipping the pot), and it comes with a saucer to catch excess water! 

Beautiful and high-quality pots! We love the sleek and modern look of these and they look great with all of our succulents! The marble looks expensive and the saucers add a pop of pizzazz! They are matte black with lovely and realistic white marble veining throughout. The gold drainage container actually adds to both the aesthetic feel of the pots, as well as the functionality! 

They are made from high-quality ceramic material and are a surprisingly good weight. There is even a drainage hole and two small mesh screens that come with the planters. The pots we ordered were 4-inch and 5-inch garden pots, with an outer diameter of 4.3inches, an inside diameter of 3.8inches, and a height of 4.3 inches. The saucer had a diameter of 4.6inches.

Did we say that we love these elegant ceramic pots? They make any space look classy. 

DIY Marble Planter

Here’s that DIY recipe that we promised you! You can turn pots you already have into marble masterpieces by picking up some marble contact paper. Contact paper is super easy to apply to tin cans or any other round object that you want to turn into a gorgeous faux marble planter!

You don’t even need glue to make this! The only supplies you’ll need are a craft knife, a tape measure, a tin can, and of course, marble contact paper. When cutting this marble contact paper, we found that the best option is to use this x-acto knife to get the best clean cut possible, plus it’s not expensive at all.

Measure the length and width of your can using flexible measuring tape to know exactly how much contact paper to cut. Then, use the craft knife to cut the contact paper according to your measurements. Use a straightedge while you’re cutting to ensure that you get the cleanest lines.

Wrap the contact paper you just cut around your whole tin can. Make sure that you wrap the contact paper tightly to prevent air bubbles from forming. Use a handy credit card or gift card in order to get that air bubbles out.

You’re all done! Wasn’t that easy? Now fill your beautiful, brand-new pot with plants!

Still, feeling crafty? Read our article on How to Easily Create Driftwood Planters at Home!


Final Words

We know that you probably can’t pick, but which one of these fantastic pots is your favorite? We love the set of four geometric planters the most! Let us know which one you will buy in the comments section below.

If you do end up making a purchase, snap a picture of it and share it with us on social media @succulentcity! We can’t wait to see all of the beautiful succulent arrangements you create in your fabulous faux marble planters. Happy planting!

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Happy planting!


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