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It is not surprising to find different plant collections in every home. Different types of plants require different types of sunlight, temperature, water, and soil requirements. Some plant lovers prefer an orchid, an aerial plant, or a pot plant, while others prefer a succulent dish garden. Having a dish garden at home is typically straightforward and carefree to maintain. Aside from easily surviving almost any environment, a succulent dish garden is very pleasing to the eyes. It holds a variety of beautiful succulents. Continue reading this article and learn more about different succulent dish garden ideas. Get to know if a dish garden is a perfect set-up for your own home.

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What Is A Succulent Dish Garden?

A dish garden is a pleasing and carefully selected arrangement of several different plants in a single container. The dish or container can be of any shape, size, and type. This type of planting gained popularity because it can easily be placed at various locations inside your home. The succulent garden dish is typically seen on tables, mantles, pedestals, or windowsills. Different succulents survive this environment if you pay attention to your plant groupings, amount of sunlight, and water.

How To Start Your Own Succulent Dish Garden

  • Select a proper container. Ensure your container is at least 3 inches deep but not deeper than 6 inches deep.
  • If you use a metal container, don’t forget to line your container.
  • Add the necessary draining components to your succulent dish garden. You may add charcoal, gravel, or crushed clay pots
  • An ideal succulent dish garden should have at least ¾ to 1 inch deep draining components
  • In choosing plants to add to your succulent dish garden, ensure you opt for plants with the exact growing requirements. For example, your low-light, high-moisture plants should be in one container, while low-moisture plants with the plenty need of light can be grouped together
  • For plant groupings, also take note of the leaf textures, colors, and growth habits of each plant
  • While trying out different plant groupings in one container, make sure that you also avoid often re-potting to avoid stressing out your succulents
  • For symmetrical planting arrangement, feature a tall plant in the center with shorter on their side
  • For an asymmetrical planting arrangement, place the tallest off-center, balance by lowering plants on the opposite side
  • Once you are decided on your plant groupings, add ½ to ¾ inch of soil on top of the gravel, and you may now remove the plants from their original pots then place them on your selected container
  • Make sure that you don’t place your plants more profound than they were in their original pots
  • Firm the soil and water thoroughly, and avoid soaking your plants in water. That is why your selected container must have holes
  • Make sure that you regularly check on your succulent dish garden by watering according to the plants’ requirements, thinning overgrown plants, and insect control


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Succulent Dish Garden Ideas

  • Prefer number of plants – You may opt for three to six plants, depending on the size of your container
  • Soil – Use potting soil or a mixture of sand or perlite, one part soil, and one part peat moss. Don’t forget to add a teaspoon of fertilizer for every six-inch pot of soil added
  • Container –  The shape of the container does not really matter; you can use a round, square, or oval container. However, it would help if you lined cooper, bronze, or iron containers. Keep in mind to consider that your container is not less than 3 inches deep
  • Drainage – You may use coarse material such as gravel or broken flowerpots. Charcoal might also be mixed into your soil to provide oxygen

Best Planters For Succulent Dish Garden


kimisty succulent dish ceramic white planter

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This type of container has a modern mid-century design. This container is round, white, and made of ceramic. It is not just your typical container but also a design piece that infuses minimalism and functionality. This container is perfect as a centerpiece as it has a warm and lived-in sense for your living room. The wood plant stand makes the perfect match with the white ceramic container. It is a stylish and spacious planter, giving your plants enough space to be beautifully arranged. This container is very functional as it has a lot of holes to avoid overwatering.

Kimisty container is intelligent design and quality craftsmanship, evident in its heavy and robust ceramic with glossy finished. This type A container can last long and is very durable. Due to its aesthetic design, the Kimisty container is also a perfect gift to your succulent lover friends. Just add white decorative decors and three to six compatible plants; it is a top choice for those thinking of having a succulent dish garden at home. Kimisty container added a contemporary vibe to your space.


fivepot large terracota succulent dish garden planter

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This is a 10 inches wide, round clay and terracotta container. It is available in terracotta and black color and a tabletop mounting type. Its planter bowl size is perfect for planting succulents, herbs, cactus, aloes, and snake plants.

The Fivepot container has a drainage hole that easily helps your plants breathe and drain water. This comes with an artificial bamboo tray to avoid damaging your desk or table. With its appearance, you can see that it is made of high-quality terracotta, suitable for water absorption, and durable. The Fivepot container also has an exciting and intricate design with its black glaze element. This type of container will level up your modern-looking space.

Enchanted Talavera

enchanted talavera colorful succulent dish garden planter

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This ceramic container has an oval shape. It has a painted finish with a sunflower painting. This is small in size and very perfect for new succulent lovers. Depending on the type and actual plant size, you may fit 3 to 4 succulents. It comes with a matching saucer giving the container an edgy vibe. What is interesting in all the Enchanted Talavera pieces is that it is hand made and painted by very talented artisans, making each piece one of a kind. It also has a pre-drilled drainage hole, allowing water to flow easily to avoid overwatering.

Aside from its gorgeous designs and colors, Enchanted Talavera pieces are certified 100% lead-free ceramic. This container might be perfect for your space if you want a design piece or are interested in art and plants.

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Final Words

All in all, we hope that you are now very excited to get your first new dish garden. It is a perfect set-up for all succulent lovers who don’t have enough space to start having a plant in their home. We hope you can get succulent dish garden ideas by reading this article. Depending on sizes, shapes, materials, or designs, various containers are available in the market. It is essential because it provides comfort and allows growth in your succulents. We hope that you’ll be able to appreciate succulent dish gardens more after reading this article. We are excited to see your succulent dish garden!

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