Learn How To Make Succulent Christmas Tree Yourself

Succulent Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is primus inter pares among the building blocks of Christmas cheer. The lack of a Christmas tree can dampen the Christmas mood and sometimes get you bewildered stares from disapproving neighbors. Doesn’t this fellow believe in Christmas?

It doesn’t matter what else you have done to prepare for Christmas. It will always seem incomplete without the tree.

Unfortunately, whether you will have a Christmas tree or not is usually not a matter of choice. Several factors beyond your control come into play. One of these factors is space. People who live in small spaces such as apartments usually cannot accommodate the traditional pine during Christmas.

Don’t fret if you are in this predicament. Succulents can come to your aid. You wouldn’t be alone in having this kind of Christmas tree as the trend has been catching on with increased demand in the recent past.

Other Christmas Trees

There are other small Christmas trees that you can use in your small space, but none of them is like a succulent Christmas tree. These trees are among the value-added products of these house plants.

Their standard height is typically between six and twelve, and they came with all the adornments you will find on a traditional pine Christmas tree.

The trees are usually made from a combination of different succulents. Thus, in the same tree, you have a combination of rosettes, beautifully shaped exotic leaves, mermaid tails, and other succulents in different colors and shapes.

These trees’ original intent was to meet the needs of the owners of small homes owners during Christmas but are still cute enough to have in a big house. You can also decide to make or buy the trees and keep them around even in other seasons.

Succulent Christmas Tree

Succulent Christmas trees are alive for longer, which is one of their advantages. You don’t have to toss them out after spending money on them. Repot the cuttings to form individual succulents that you can use to decorate your home all year round.

You can buy a succulent Christmas tree online from one of the dealers. Do a careful search online and visit succulent sellers and landscapers before deciding which one to buy.

Read the rest of the article first, please, because it will help you choose a good tree and maintain the one you have.

You need various supplies if you decide to make your own succulent Christmas tree as follows.

  1. A conical frame the size of the Christmas tree you want to make. The most common option is one made of chicken wire mesh.
  2. Sphagnum moss
  3. Breathable liner
  4. Succulent cuttings of different sized


  1. Take the conical frame and line it with the breathable liner.
  2. Dip the sphagnum moss soak it in a bucket of clean water, and stuff it into the now-lined conical frame.
  3. Put the conical frame in a pot with the broader end sitting in the pot.
  4. Fill the remaining gaps in the pot with potting mix.
  5. Cut some holes on the liner and stick the succulent cuttings into sphagnum moss, starting with the biggest and medium-sized ones. Fill in the remaining gaps with the smaller cuttings to form your desired patterns.
  6. Add Christmas decorations accordingly.  

The process of making these Christmas trees is relatively straightforward, but you need to consider the types of succulents whose cuttings you will use to make the tree. Check to see if the seller has used the right ones if you want to buy.  

Echeveria Elegans 

echeveria elegans
Echeveria Elegans @Amazon

Also known as the Mexican snowball. It has rosettes, and it does well indoors when it is exposed to enough light. It is one of the ‘hen and chicks’ succulents.

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Crassula Ovata 

crassula ovata
Crassula Ovata @Amazon

This succulent is commonly known as a jade plant or money tree. They look like trees, and this makes them suitable for filling up your Christmas tree.

Graptopetalum paraguayense

graptopetalum paraguayense
Graptopetalum paraguayense @Amazon

It is commonly known as a ‘ghost plant’ or the mother of pearls. Its pinkish grey leaves are an excellent addition to your succulent Christmas tree.



This is succulent also falls into the ‘hen and chicks’ variety, and its common name is ‘live forever.’ It forms beautiful rosettes, which then add an extraordinary appearance to your succulent Christmas tree. Many plants fall under the name sempervivum, and all of them are an excellent addition to your tree.


Aeonium @Amazon

This succulent is commonly known as the tree houseleek, and about thirty trees fall under this category. One can add it to the succulent Christmas tree as one of the rosettes.


crassula ovata
Crassula Ovata @Amazon

It is commonly known as Crassula Moon Glow. Crassula is a genus of succulents. These succulents fall under succulent shrubs and would be a fine addition to your Christmas tree.

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Sedum @Amazon

Various plants fall under sedum, including Clavatum, Treleasei, Hernandezii, Alfredii, and others. All of these succulents fall under the common name stone plant.

All these succulents can be used on a Christmas tree but don’t use all of them at once. Remember, the tree is only about twelve inches tall. Using seven different trees on one would make a veritable clown’s outfit.

You need to observe specific care protocols to keep your succulent Christmas tree healthy until the end of the Christmas season. Succulents can quickly become a soggy mess due to fungal rot, which develops when the plant is exposed to too much water. Check the sphagnum moss and only water when it is dry.

You must occasionally put water in the moss to keep the tree fresh. Ensure you put just enough water, as excess water would cause root rot. Don’t put water on the succulent leaves if you have some rosettes on the Christmas tree. Rosettes retain water inside the cupped leaves, predisposing them to fungal rot.

The care of your succulent Christmas tree is much easier than that of a growing succulent. You can use tap water for the Christmas tree but not for living succulents.

Final Word

Succulent Christmas trees are taking their pride in place in the mainstream Christmas decorations. Their beauty is that they retain their freshness for a long since their stems are designed to store water. Due to this, the plant remains a good decoration for the entire Christmas season. It would help if you were looking for poisonous succulents and avoided using them to make the Christmas trees. Toxic plants can be problematic during plant decoration and other activities.

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