6 Succulent Cakes Ideas For Different Occasions

6 Succulent Cakes You Wish You Tasted

It is safe to say succulents have stolen the show as far as houseplants go. Know of any avid gardener without an idea of what succulents are? Thought so.

And now the same hardy lot is advancing to a new frontier – succulent cakes. We’re used to the toppings being in the shape of petals and bouquets. For how long has that been the case?

Not clear. Here’s what’s clear: the flowers are getting edged out by succulents. And honestly, they are far more drool-inducing than any bloom you can think of. Don’t believe it?

Have a sight feast with the following picks of succulent cakes.

1. A Cake With Nothing on (Except Succulent Toppings)

Naked cakes are favorites for several reasons – Naked cakes offer that rustic beauty so hard to achieve with frosting, can withstand the summer heat and, most importantly, easy to decorate.

And that last reason is what matters in our case. Take the bare cake, sprinkle on an assortment of your favorite succulent cakes designs and the end result is this minimalist edible piece of art.

6 Succulent Cakes You Wish You Tasted
Succulent Toppings @lacupella_ella

2. A Buttercream Wreath

Sure, that multi-colored succulent wreath is a sight to behold. But bringing it near your mouth isn’t something you’ve ever considered.

How about a deal to make it edible? Sounds good?

Here’s an inspiration. As you can see, there is a blend of several succulent plants that appeal to the eyes just as to taste buds. And, of course, the flowers just make it even more tasty-looking and stylish at the same time.

Be sure to check out “How to Make a Beautiful Succulent Wreath” for a guide on making a wreath out of succulents for your home decor.

6 Succulent Cakes You Wish You Tasted
Succulent Wreath @celebrations_by_penelope

3. Candy Succulent Cake

As the name suggests, the cake toppings are succulent leaves – but made of candy. Ever looked at the glossy leaves of your succulent and wished you could snack them up?

Well, here’s a dream come true. Prepare easily one and relish at the moment. You don’t need to be user-specific with the ingredients.

You can tailor those within reach to look like one of the numerous succulent plants.

6 Succulent Cakes You Wish You Tasted
Succulent Cake

4. A Cupcake With a Succulent Twist

A cupcake offers an opportunity for any desired additions – in small quantities. And, apparently, a succulent is also an option.

And doesn’t it look amazing? You’ll be excused for wanting to take it home with you and adding it to your collection.

Learn more about succulent crafts you can do at home by checking out “Did You Know There’s Beautiful Succulent Candles?“.

6 Succulent Cakes You Wish You Tasted
Succulent Twist @veronicaduguay

5. A Succulent Garden for Birthday

Who thought a cactus can be munched on straight-off from a garden? Or the potting medium?

Well, nobody until this beautiful masterpiece came along. Aside from the cactus which other succulents can you spot? There is no denying that this is such a tasty garden for any succulent lover.

And getting it on a birthday is sure to awaken a heaven-on-earth type of feeling. All you can hope for is the potting medium to be well-drained so that those babies don’t rot before they reach you.

6 Succulent Cakes You Wish You Tasted
Succulent Birthday @anamarsh

6. Trailers Being Trailers

Even on a cake, trailing succulents are still letting those stems hang freely. Or is it the baker’s making?

Either way, the blend here is magnificent – the cake and the flower and succulent toppings. They can be quite a treat when you venture in with some sharp scissors, or rather, a knife.

Take a look at “Why Succulent Plants Are So Popular” for a look at our reasons why succulents are so popular with people.


6 Succulent Cakes You Wish You Tasted
Succulent Cakes You Should Try @copperwhiskcakes

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Happy Planting!


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