Your Complete Handbook About Succulent Bouquets (With DIY Guide)

Succulent Bouquet

When you think of wedding bouquets, bright, colorful, and lush flowers, not succulents, immediately pop into your mind. Succulents are plants that grow low to the ground in harsh conditions. They flower, some once a year, others a little more. However, creating wedding bouquets out of succulent flowers has never been an objective for succulent growers.

Now, boho-chic enthusiasts and modern event organizers use succulents to create stunning bouquets. They make great table toppers and look stunning in the arms of a blushing bride. These use more than flowers; the delicately arranged succulent leaves are the critical appeal. Here are 7 succulent bouquets you wish you knew about!

Perks Of A Succulent Bouquet

7 Succulent Bouquets You Wish You Knew About
Succulent bouquets for weddings from

One of the best things about succulents is that you do not have to keep an eye on them. The desert flora is chubby, happy-go-lucky plants that remain vibrant for days without water. They survive on water stored in the fleshy leaves. They will not wilt until you neglect them.

A succulent bridal bouquet can dramatically offset expenses by using commonly grown succulent plants such as PachyveriaEcheveria, and Sedum. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the added cost of preserving a bridal bouquet made of succulents. As a bonus, you can create an everlasting memento of your succulent bouquet by rooting it in the garden.

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Let’s Take A Look At These 7 Beautiful Succulent Bouquets For Wedding

Before we dive into the DIY guide on how to make succulent bouquets, here are a few ideas of already made succulent bouquets that I want us to take a look at:

#1. The Echeveria Violet Queen and Lily wedding Bouquet

With the classic rosette shape that Echeveria is appreciated for, these succulents feature lots of leaves and a beautiful shape. Take three to four rosettes, each around 2.5 inches wide. Create a bouquet with Calla Lilies and Baby’s Breath. Calla Lilies are available in a wide range of colors including white, yellow, pink, blue, red, and more that you can choose from.

7 Succulent Bouquets You Wish You Knew About
The Echeveria Violet Queen @sirenofsucculents

#2. The All Greenovia Wedding Bouquet

Greenovias have the benefit of looking like tightly packed budding roses all year round. These are rare and exotic succulents. You will find them in various colors, so you could create a bouquet that is all Greenovia. The Greenovia Aurea succulent plant can be found in green and purple. Greenovia Dodentralis is available in jade, and the mountain rose variety has a delicate pink tinge to it. Perfect for a multicolor bouquet.

7 Succulent Bouquets You Wish You Knew About
Greenovia @patchisangma

#3. All-in-all Succulent Bouquet

For a unique, one-of-a-kind wedding bouquet, you can put together a range of different plants. Create a wedding bouquet that includes various types of Echeverias, with at least four being used. Crassula Ovata, the Jade Plant, can add some height, as well as some color.  Sedums add character to the creation.

Finally, Senecio Rowleyanus are hanging succulents which make this bouquet stunning to view from all directions. This collection of succulents would be ideal to use for a wedding bouquet.

7 Succulent Bouquets You Wish You Knew About
Senecio rowleyanus “String of Pearls” @instacacti

#4. The Cactus Wedding Bouquet

Though Cacti may not seem like an ideal bouquet choice, they can create a fabulous aesthetic. Not to worry, with the proper arrangement you will not prick your fingers. Start with a Moon Cactus as there is a range of colors to choose from. To these, you can also add some Hatiora Salicornioides. When they are in flower, they also add in a burst of color. To add some more character, Blue Thistle is a stunning flower that embodies the elements of a cactus.

Looking for a creative DIY project? You’ll love our guide on How to Make a Succulent Corsage!

7 Succulent Bouquets You Wish You Knew About
Moon cactus @iris.gardens

#5. The ‘Bright and Happy’ Succulent Bouquet

A succulent bouquet can brighten up any day. For one that is light and bright, combine succulents with flowers that are linked to joy. One excellent option is putting together some Sempervivums and accentuating their features with daisies or small sunflowers. White Daisies are an excellent option, and if you prefer, they are available in many other colors as well.

7 Succulent Bouquets You Wish You Knew About
Sempervivums @cloudysucculents

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#6. ‘A Touch of Unusual’ Bouquet

For a real conversation starter, a succulent bouquet that is a little unusual is ideal. Instead of using the rosette-shaped succulents that do so well in these bouquets, zebra plants can take center stage. These add an element of height and can serve as an excellent backdrop for the back of the bouquet. The front can feature some shorter succulents or a collection of brightly colored seasonal flowers.

Check out our list of the 7 Best Succulents for Wedding Arrangements, here!

7 Succulent Bouquets You Wish You Knew About
Haworthia Fasciata @plantyourdreams_garden

#7. The Single Succulent Bouquet

For a romantic and memorable bouquet, you can make a succulent the focal point of all the flowers. This allows for a personalized creation, that can combine one’s favorite flowers, with their favorite succulent.

Echeveria is ideal for use in a single bouquet as they can grow up to four inches in width. Surrounding flowers should ideally all be one color so that the succulent can really pop. Peonies and roses are exquisite flowers to have in a single succulent bouquet.

7 Succulent Bouquets You Wish You Knew About
Echeveria Blue Bird @succulustbalcony

DIY Succulent Bouquet

Choosing Your Flowers

Remember, succulents are not fans of water, so the bouquet that you prepare may not be suited to having in a vase at home. Instead, those that are used for the day, such as wedding bouquets may be more ideal. With this in mind, here are some of the flowers that you can use to create a DIY succulent bouquet.

1. White Roses: These provide height and colorful petals or blooms which add to the overall beauty of the bouquet.

2. Alyssum: These are tiny filler flowers that can be used to cover up any gaps within the bouquets.

3. Echeveria Succulents: There are several variants to choose from, as well as sizes. With their rosette formations, the Echeveria can be at the center of the succulent bouquet.

4. Graptopetalum Bella (or similar flowering succulent): This succulent features stunning bright pink flowers that add character to the bouquet.

5. String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) Succulents: These succulents add a focal point to the bouquet, giving it increased length while not interfering with the beauty of the flowers on the top.

Putting Together the Right Elements

Once you have chosen the flowers, you need to put them together into a bouquet. For this, there are some other items that you need. These include the following:

1. Satin ribbon

Get two different thicknesses, and you can also choose two colors. The colors can be based on the flowers in the bouquet, with this example needing pink and white ribbons.

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2. Floral wire

This is required to strengthen the stems of all the flowers within the bouquet. It also helps with keeping the flowers in place as they can be manipulated more easily.

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3. Floral tape

You will need these to create the stems for the succulents.

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4. Flower shears

These will be required to cut the stems to the preferred sizes within the bouquet.

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5. Pins

These are necessary for holding the ribbon in place once you are ready to place it around the stem.

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Build Your Succulent Bouquets

Now that you have all the elements in place, you can begin creating your bouquet. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1 – Get the succulents: Remove your succulents from the pots and shake off the loose dirt around them. In some cases, you may also need to cut off their roots – you can use the flower shears to do so.

Step 2 – Make stems for the succulents: To do this, you need to carefully find the stem of the succulent and attach the wire through this stem. Do this very carefully so that the succulent does not break at the stem. Wrap the wire around the succulent stems.

Step 3 – Cover them with floral tape: This should be done from the leaves’ base down to the wire’s end. It will thin out as you lower down, and the short stem finishes. Where thin, you can wrap the tape around two or three times.

Step 4 – Prepare your roses: Take the stems and cut off the leaves at the bottom of the blooms. If you do need to retain any of the leaves, they should be within two inches of the flower.

Step 5 – Strengthen the stems: This can be done with the flower wire. Take the stems of the roses and wrap the wire from the base of the bloom to halfway down the stem.

Step 6 – Cover up the wiring for the roses: This can be done with floral tape. Starting from the base of the bloom, pull out the roll of tape and secure the end at the base, and then twist the flower until you get to the end of the wire. This will also ensure that the wire does not uncoil.

Step 7 – Arrange your flowers into a bouquet: Remember to arrange the hanging succulents strategically. Put them together, and you will then have all the stems to hold in your hand. Around these stems, wrap the floral wire to keep everything in place.

Step 8 – Wrap the ribbon around the stems: This will ensure that the wire cannot be seen. Then, you can pin the ribbon in place. Make sure that the sharp parts of the pins are not poking out so that you do not cut yourself.

Step 9 – Trimming: For the final piece of the puzzle, trim it. Whatever parts of the stem are poking out to your preferred length so that all is even. Use the flower shears for this.


You may have been wondering how to put your bouquet together before; now, it has all been simplified. The beauty of putting together a bouquet is that you can use any flowers you like. If you have the fundamentals, you can let your imagination go wild.

Why Succulent Bouquets Are Becoming More Popular

  • Brilliant Contrasts of Textures, Colors, and Structure: With succulents, what traditionally would have been a beautiful bouquet, can turn into a sculptural masterpiece. The key is to use different shapes and sizes for a unique result.
  • Long-lasting: Propagating succulents is the easiest way to grow them; all you need is a single leaf. One can pick up their bouquet and create a whole garden to remember a particular day. Moreover, a succulent bouquet will last the entire day without wilting or drying out.
  • Cost-Effective: Unlike exotic flowers, common succulents are inexpensive. A brilliant bouquet could cost you around $50 only.

How Long Will Succulents Last In A Bouquet?

Succulents are quite happy in a warm, brightly lit room. Even though the stems have been cut, succulents will maintain their sparkle for well over a week in the right conditions.

Remember always to use a clean cutting tool that will not crush the stem when slicing rosettes from various succulent varieties.

When trying to preserve your succulent bouquet, do not put it in the fridge ‘to stay fresh’. The temperature change will damage the succulents.

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Making Your Succulent Bouquet Last Forever

Take off the ribbon wrapped around the bouquet and cut through the floral tape to reveal the wires and stems holding the succulents together. Carefully remove all the wires and stems without damaging the succulents. If your bouquet has incorporated typical flowers like lilies or orchids, you can separate them from the succulents.

Have a look around the base of the succulents for any dead leaves and remove them. This will encourage the plants to pull off roots and prevent rot later on. Let the succulents dry for 2-3 days until the raw ends harden.

Prepare your growing area with a well-draining, cactus, or succulent mix. You can prepare the plot in a shady spot for a garden using sandy soil. Place the succulents with the hardened end in the soil. Give your succulent a small drink once a week until the roots begin to appear. You can dress up your succulent pots with bone, ash, or lava rock as they grow.

For air plants, place the hardened stem just above the surface of a glass of water. They are sun worshipers and would appreciate the time basking by sprouting roots that reach for the water.

Most important tip: Succulents do not have long stems, so a fake stem is a solution. This can easily be achieved with some floral wire and floral tape. The amount that you use will depend on the weight of the succulent. Rule of thumb, the larger the succulent, the more tape and wire you will need.

7 Succulent Bouquets You Wish You Knew About
Succulent Bouquet @inspiration_floristics

Final Words

If you are looking to purchase a ready-made succulent bouquet, you will find that they have different names. The names they are given will differ based on the seller. So, you have two options. Either you identify the plants you want in your bouquet and create it yourself. Or, you give the florist a general theme for your succulent bouquet. Whichever path you choose, you will find a stunning bouquet to enjoy!

We were so excited to learn about succulent bouquets, and are even more excited to see what creations you design! Be sure to tag us on Instagram or share your photos in our exclusive Facebook Group.

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Happy planting!

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