Best Succulent Arrangements You Never Want To Miss

Best Succulent Arrangements You Have to See

The journey to succulent gardening will typically begin with one succulent. Before long, one experiences a little itch and gets another succulent. Soon, you want a range of different succulents to create rockeries, succulent gardens, or perfect home displays. There is an art to finding the best succulent arrangement, and then designing your own.

The Colorful Succulent Arrangements

Succulents provide beautiful plants with leaves in a range of colors. Seeking out colorful succulents with beautiful leaves can help with a great arrangement. The first step is to decide on a color that you want to focus on for the arrangement, for example, pink or blue. Then, consider the filler plants to include in various shades of green. The range of plants to choose from thus becomes less overwhelming. There are even succulents you can find with yellow flowers or maybe orange is more your type.

A popular starting point is to create a pink arrangement. You can start with some Graptopetalum Paraguayense, also known as Ghost Plant. This hardy succulent has leaves that have a light pink or purple tint to them. To bring this color out, it is best to plant this succulent where it will get plenty of direct sunlight.

Around these plants, you will need a filler plant that grows low to the soil. Sempervivum is a good option, as they have amazing symmetry and tightly packed rosettes. Colorful varieties include Strawberry Fields, Rose Queen, and Blood Tip. These are mainly green with hints of pinkish-red shades.

Pink shades can also be introduced with the Sedum Pachyphyllum, also known as the Jellybean Succulent. This plant features small thick leaves and grows vertically on a stem. In addition to color, it also adds some height.

Best Succulent Arrangements You Have to See
Assorted succulents growing in a pot @urbanspikes

The Trailing Succulent Arrangement

A hanging basket can be transformed in moments with a trailing succulent arrangement. For the best results, these baskets need to be layered. Layering requires getting plants of multiple height levels to give the viewer something new to experience each time they look at the arrangement. The trailing succulents need to be grown close to the edge of the planting container, to enable them to hang over the edge. The String of Pearls is a great succulent to start with. Another unique succulent that you can add on is the String of Hearts, also known as Ceropegia Woodii Variegata. It adds a pop of color with leaves that are green white and pink. 

Next, add some Echeveria, and there is a large variety to choose from. An ideal way to pick them is to select around four different types, which have different sizes. You can have a total of 8 plants. Arrange the smaller ones close to the trailing succulents with the larger ones at the back. Some varieties you can choose from including Echeveria Sedeveria Blue Elf, Echeveria Violet Queen, Echeveria Agavoides Lipstick, and Echeveria Golden Glow.

Another feature succulent that makes for a stunning arrangement would include Crassula Muscosa, also known as Watch Chain. It has leaves that are small and tightly compacted, giving it the appearance of a small bush.

Take a look at Crassula Perforata – String of buttons for another great addition to your trailing succulent arrangement.

Best Succulent Arrangements You Have to See
Trailing succulents in a hanging basket @rootedbycara

The Multi-Textured Succulent Arrangement

Putting together different textures can create a unique and stunning succulent arrangement. Within this type of arrangement, here are some of the succulents you can include: –

Zebra Cactus – In addition to the intricate pattern on these plants, they also have a touch of character with their outward slightly curling spines. The Zebra Cactus is perfect for putting in the center of an arrangement due to its height. It does not grow very tall but will normally be too tall to put at the sides or front of the arrangement. The darker green shade also offers an exciting contrast to the arrangements.

Crinkle-Leaf Plant – Also known as the Adromischus Cristatus, this plant features unique leaves that crinkle up at the edges. It is best grown towards the back of the arrangement as over time its leaves may elongate.

Jade Plant – The Crassula Ovata is a smooth plant, adding a distinction to the other textures within this arrangement. The leaves also have a glossy look to them.

Tigers Jaw – This would be an excellent alternative to an Echeveria, though it must be noted that it can grow quite large. It stays low to the ground and has leaves that have edges to them. These edges resemble teeth shapes. They grow in a rosette shape.

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Best Succulent Arrangements You Have to See
Spiky potted succulents @theplantfairies

The High Impact Arrangement

Create a succulent arrangement that is a showstopper by having a focused theme when creating your arrangement. It helps to create a focal point, building your arrangement from this point. An ideal plant to place at the center is a small Agave succulent. These are excellent as they are vertical growing, adding an element of height to the arrangement. Try out Agave Ovatifolia for a centerpiece to your garden or arrangement that’ll turn heads.

Next, you can grow other succulents around the focal point, creating an arrangement that has a circular appearance. Echeveria ‘Black Prince’ is an excellent medium-sized succulent that can form the first border around the focal point. Additional Echeveria can then be grown around in rows.

Around the borders, you can plant different types of Lithops Helmutii (Living Stones). These little succulents are available in numerous colors and resemble small stones. They burst into life when flowering, with flowers that resemble daisies.

Best Succulent Arrangements You Have to See
Assorted succulents in a red planter @derek_and_thedominos

The Perfect Outdoor Arrangement

The best succulent arrangements for outdoors feature a wide variety of plants, especially those that take up a considerable amount of space. The Aichryson Laxum is excellent for an outdoor arrangement and it grows into a small tree. Under the tree, succulents that grow close to the ground and need minimal sunlight can be grown.

Another succulent that would be great for this arrangement is the Euphorbia tirucalli, also known as Fire Sticks. It can grow quite tall, and the bright red tips of its stems add visual appeal. Other succulents that can be added include Aloe Vera, Panda Plant (Kalanchoe Tomentosa), and even the Ladyfinger Cactus. The perfect outdoor arrangements can be focused on plants with height.


Best Succulent Arrangements You Have to See
Potted succulents placed outdoors @brooklynssuccs

Final Words

Succulent arrangements are incredibly personal, and that is what makes them so unique. It all comes down to the preferences of the gardener. With the examples in this article, you can create your arrangements with succulents that you love.

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Happy planting!

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