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The genus belongs to the family Menispermaceae, originally from eastern and western Asia and Australia and sprinkles around the world. There are approximately 60 species in this genus. The genus comprises vining herbs whose stems and roots proceed from a large tuber.

Its stems branch at the ground, and each branch can grow in the genus and attain a maximum of four meters. Some are shorter than this, but the rest of the features are more or less similar. The leaves of these plants grow spirally on the stem and attach by a petiole. The position of the leaf vis a vis the stem is more or less parallel. Thus, the leaves are said to be ‘peltate.’ The petiole is usually attached close to the center of the leaf.

 Anthers in its flowers are arranged like crowns, thus the name Stephania which is Greek for the crown. Besides being used for decoration, plants are used for medicinal purposes. It is an essential ingredient in Chinese medicine. It is known as ‘han fang ji’ or ‘Chinese fang ji’. It has alkaloids and is thus poisonous to grazing animals.

Stephania Plants On Succulent City

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Stephania Venosa


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