“Stenocereus” Genus

Stenocereus Genus Image

Stenocereus comes from the Greek term “stenos,” meaning “narrow.” It is composed of giant, shrubby, or tree-like columnar cacti. Stenocereus plants have cylindrical stems and numerous ribs slightly notched at the areoles with needle-like spines. This genus is native to the Southern United States, Metral America, the Caribbean, and Northern South America.

Stenocereus Plants On Succulent City

Stenocereus Thurberi Image
Stenocereus Thurberi
Stenocereus Pruinosus Image
Stenocereus Pruinosus
Stenocereus Beneckei Image
Stenocereus Beneckei
Stenocereus Griseus Image
Stenocereus Griseus
Stenocereus Eruca Image
Stenocereus Eruca
Stenocereus Hollianus Cristata Image
Stenocereus Hollianus Cristata
Stenocereus Gummosus Image
Stenocereus Gummosus
Stenocereus Stellatus Image
Stenocereus Stellatus


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