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This is a hybrid genus, a cross between Sedum and Echeveria. It belongs to the family Crassulaceae. It has some characteristics from both its parents, especially its love for direct sunlight and aversion to waterlogging and unbreathable pottage. Cultivating plants in this genus is easy because the original plants are also relatively easy to manage. The species have fleshy stems, and their leaves form beautiful, well-arranged rosettes of leaves. A rosette in this genus can achieve a diameter of up to ten centimeters.

The leaves that form these rosettes are at different levels of fleshiness. They come in shades of green and sometimes blue. They may also be spotted. Leaves are generally triangular, but tips can be rounded or sharp depending on the species. This genus is grown primarily as an ornamental plant, and its leaves are the main point of interest. It is possible to have two completely different leaf colors on the leaves in one plant, thus forming intriguing patterns.

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