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Schlumbergera Kautskyi is one of the popular succulents that is easy to grow and maintain. It is a decorative plant that can serve as your holiday plant due to its physical characteristics. Schlumbergera Kautskyi is endemic to the coastal mountains of South-Eastern Brazil. This type of succulent thrives in rocky areas.

Scientific Name:Schlumbergera Kautskyi.
Other Names:Christmas Cactus, Thanksgiving Cactus.
Growth Season:Summer and Spring Season.
Preferred Temperature:60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
Hardiness Zone:USDA Hardiness Zone 10 to 11.
Average Mature Height & Width:15 to 30 cm tall and 22 to 30 cm in diameter.
Dormancy:Fall and Winter Season.
Schlumbergera Kautskyi Summary

Schlumbergera Kautskyi’s Physical Characteristics

This only has a few leaves per stem. In most cases, it is leafless, as the stem is often confused with the leaves because of its appearance. This succulent’s stems are interestingly flat or pod-like. The stems are connected like stacked thin leaves with spikes on their margins.

Schlumbergera Kautskyi is known for its beautiful flowers, which have a variety of colors, such as pink, red, purple, and even white. The flowers also smell good with their sweet and floral scent. Generally, seed cultivation for Schlumbergera Kautskyi is difficult. You’ll have to allow its fruit to ripen or overripe before harvesting the seeds. 

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Schlumbergera Kautskyi Care

Generally, this succulent is easy to grow and maintain. It doesn’t need much watering to survive. Overwatering might do more harm to your plant than less watering. Check if the soil is arid before watering to avoid root rot.

Schlumbergera Kautskyi needs bright indirect sunlight to thrive. In case placed indoors, it is essential to put this succulent by the window wherein it can receive enough sunlight. Please pay attention to your succulent. It has no leaves turning yellow or brown, as is the usual sign that it is not getting enough sunlight.

To bloom properly, Schlumbergera Kautskyi requires at least 6 hours of nightly rest. Naturally, Schlumbergera Kautskyi grows in other plants or trees as it is epiphytic. However, the soil for this type of plant should still be well-draining and full of minerals. You may create your mixture by combining two parts peat moss and one part perlite or sand.

Regarding feeding, the same with watering. It doesn’t need much. Too much fertilizer might do more harm to your succulent. Use a low-nitrogen, high-phosphorus fertilizer for your Schlumbergera Kautskyi. 

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Schlumbergera Kautskyi Growth

This succulent can be propagated through stem or leaf cuttings. Use a clean garden knife for both methods and choose a healthy mother plant. Don’t forget to use a well-draining soil mixture and provide a warm environment with bright indirect sunlight for your newly planted Schlumbergera Kautskyi.

Pruning your succulent might be beneficial to keep its appearance neat and encourage new growth. Make sure that you are only removing dying or dead leaves or stems. Cut up to ⅓ of your succulent’s overall size to keep your plant healthy and thriving.

The perfect time to repot your Schlumbergera Kautskyi is during spring, right after it bloomed. Avoid damaging the flowers of your succulent when repotting. You may repot your Schlumbergera Kautskyi every two to three years. This type of succulent is not prone to pests.

Just be mindful of root rot and mealybugs. You can avoid having pests on your Schlumbergera Kautskyi by avoiding overwatering.

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